English is one of the world's most spoken and communicated languages, with many different accents and dialects. Each dialect and accent give diversity to our community and a particular flavor to our personalities.

People use different tools like Irish accent text to speech to communicate in their dialect or have fun online. This article will explore how you can use Irish accent generators for the best results.

Part 1: Where to Get Irish Accent Generator

In the first section of this Irish TTS, we will discuss the best Irish accent text to speech generator and app options for regular and professional users.

1. Voxbox – Best Irish Accent Voice Generator

VoxBox is a professional-grade Irish text to speech or TTS tool that can generate over 3200 voices in 46+ languages for many real-world scenarios.

voxbox change voice over language


No voice artists are needed, and no recording equipment is needed. You can easily convert your text to speech and voice using iMyFone VoxBox, the best Irish accent generator! Download it and try it out for free now!

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Key Features:

  • Generate voiceovers for Irish text to speech requirements and other 46+major languages.

  • 3200+ Voice types and voiceovers available used for a real-world scenario or just for fun.

  • Allows excellent functionality with their ability to easily edit, trim, and convert to other formats while allowing to import of already recorded voices or text files.

  • Popular Irish text to speech formats supported like WAV, AAC, and MP3.

  • One of the best tools for considering the privacy and security of your audio and text files.

voxbox language voices


yes One of the safest Irish language text to speech tools out there.

yes With their premium package, you get a massive list of voices you can use for Irish language text to speech requirement.

yesFastest TTS among its competitors.


noFor the moment only available on PC.

noA lot of great features aren't available in the free version.

Watch this video to learn more about the Best Irish TTS Tool iMyFone VoxBox:

voxbox youtube video

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2. Narakeet

Narakeet is a great online tool if you are looking for an Irish accent generator text to speech for your customers online or when teaching your classes.

Its support of many languages and other features has become an excellent product for Irish accent generator text to speech.

narakeet tts voice generator

Key Features:

  • AI allows the real voiceover life like Irish, without sounding robotic.

  • Supports over 300 voiceovers and up to sixty languages worldwide.

  • Different accents and dialects of multiple languages supported.

  • Can convert PowerPoint presentations into videos to enhance learning and presentation skills.

  • The tool can quickly help you to adjust the volume and speed of your resultant audio file.

  • Can convert PowerPoint presentations into videos to enhance learning and presentation skills.


yes You don’t need to be signed up to use their online tools.

yes Multiple language options mean you can communicate with others around the world.

yes You can easily save your output files on your computer or mobile devices.


noAs this is an online-only tool, you will need a stable internet connection.

noEven though it supports a lot of languages, voiceover types are limited as compared to other Irish accent-generator text-to-speech tools.

3. Listen2it

Listen2it is a fantastic Irish accent text to speech tool where you can use multiple types of Irish voiceovers to enhance your audio and video files to reach a much larger audience.

listen2it tts voice generator

Key Features:

  • It boasts excellent life-like Irish accent text to speech voiceovers plus a selection from 70 languages allowing excellent customization for your content.

  • Can generate Irish accent text to speech in seconds, enabling you to set up your content within minutes to start publishing.

  • Listen2it gives you performance and optimization analytics, giving you critical insights into your content, enhancing your experience with your user base.

  • Easy sharing facility you can use to post on major social media platforms with ease.

  • A lot of other valuable features other than Irish accent text to speech make it a one-stop shop for productivity.


yesA user-friendly interface and AI algorithm make it really easy to produce top-quality Irish accent text to speech voice covers.

yesYou can add it as an extension on any browser.


noYou can only use their voices for commercial purposes if you join their premium plans.

noHigh-end premium plans might deter new users.

4. Micmonster

What can be better than a tool used in the United Nations summits to translate real-time speeches or read transcripts in your native language? Works wonders for Irish speakers due to its excellent Irish text to speech compatibility.

micmonster ttes voice generator

Key Features:

  • Used by the United Nations for best Irish text to speech narration plus other languages.

  • This tool has a library of 500+ voices that you can use in over 100 languages.

  • Preview mode makes it easy to use the best Irish text to speech voice and add to your files or content.

  • The highest number of characters of 1,20,000 allowed on most websites at once.

  • You can use its inflections tool to normalize or clear up output voices to your requirement.


yesGreat Pricing within reach of regular users with stellar support to help you out making your content.

yesRegular updates.

yesEasy UI makes it easy to use, and excellent project support with money back guarantee.

yesCross-platform use allows you to edit your files on the go.


noLimited styles available at the moment.

5. Play.ht

This is the best tool for you if you are looking for an Irish language text to speech tool that changes the voiceover based on different life scenarios.

/playht tts voice generator

Key Features:

  • Best quality Irish language text to speech tool trusted by over 7000+ users and brand names such as Xerox, Verizon, etc.

  • More than one native speaker voiceover option for your Irish language text to speech needs.

  • Use text in English and convert TTS in any language from their list and vice versa.

  • Real-time text-to-voice editor.

  • Enhanced AI increases the lifelikeness of a lot of voiceovers.

  • Support for Podcast allowing you to use TTS and easily publish and distribute on all major platforms.

  • The website allows you to set up your RSS feeds and accounts for your podcast channel.


yesOne of the best tools for professional use of Irish accent generator text to speech.

yesMultiple options for pronunciations and accents to choose from.


noA lot of features may make it daunting for a new user to get grips on the tools.

6. Abair.ie

Abair is a tool that is primarily used and made to convert Irish accent generator text to speech and allows one to read from text or on screen.

This is a nonprofit endeavor by the Irish community Irish accent text to speech tool for their younger generation to learn their language. It has also been monumental in helping visually impaired Irish citizens in accessing text and social media.

abair.ie tts voice generator

Key Features:

  • Research supported by universities and the community to enhance the use of TTS for the Irish language.

  • It has many educational games that help students to learn the Irish language and accent with this Irish accent generator text to speech tool.

  • Fantastic tool for visually impaired born in Irish families to read and listen to text in the Irish language.

  • Easy switching to different dialects.

  • Allows to be used as a communication device.


yesOne of the most authentic apps/tools in the Irish language.

yesAllows easy conversion into many different dialects.

yesEasy control of audio speeds and change from male to female with a click of a button.

yesAvailable on Windows and Android.


noThe synthesizer is still limited and needs a lot of research to add more functionality.

Part 2: Price Comparison of Irish Accent Text to Speech

This section compares the five above-mentioned Irish Text to Speech tools in the following aspects.

Tool's NameOperating SystemPriceUser Rating
iMyFone Voxbox

· Windows

· Quarterly $14.95

· Yearly $39.95

· Lifetime $79.95


· Web-based Online Tool

· Multiple Pricing that changes per minute Pricing


· Web-based Online Tool

· Mini Starter $9/m

· Starter $19/m

· Lite $59/m

· Full $119/m


· Online tool

· Mobile App coming soon

· $19/quarterly

· $60/year

· $134 Lifetime


· Web-based tool

· Android

· Free of charge for access

· Permission required for commercial purposes


· Web-based tool

· Android

· Personal $14.25/m

· Professional $29.25/m

· Premium $74.25/m

Limited score available

Part 3: FAQs about Irish Accent Generator

1. How do you Sound with an Irish accent?

In Irish, even though similar to the English language, the speakers use the vowels softly in every word, not leaving any R unpronounced.

Irish pronounce consonants harder but tend to drop the ‘g’ sound at the end of each sentence. In general, Irish has a more musical note with outlandish slang but a nice ebb and flow.

2. Which is the best Irish Accent Voice Generator?

VoxBox is the best Irish language text to speech tool and generator, as it can successfully generate major Irish dialects from Text to Speech with many different voiceovers and templates.

3. How can I realize Irish accent text to speech?

Choose from the above tools, input your desired text, and obtain your results with just a click.


By using VoxBox and its amazing features, you can easily generate Irish accent text to speech whether you are using it in class as a teacher or communicating with Irish if your native language isn't English. Speaking of generating an Irish accent hasn't never been this easier.

Spanish or Japanese accents are also available in VoxBox. Come and have a free try to translate english to irish text to speech using iMyFone Voxbox from here!

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