Artificial Intelligence is serving people undeniably in every field of life. It has numerous benefits, and Image To Text Conversion is one of them. Due to the AI text converter, changing images to text has become a child' play. If you are also curious about the AI text converter and how to convert images into text, this article is for you. You will learn the top 3 ways to convert pictures to text AI. Moreover, we will also share the five best image-to-text AI tools for seamless conversions.

Part 1: 3 Ways To Convert Pictures To Text AI

1.1: Mobile App Conversion

There are multiple image-to-text AI-based mobile applications that are very easy to use for getting accurate text extractions. These mobile applications are considered the easiest way of converting images into text instantly. You can click images from the mobile camera and upload them quickly on the mobile app for text conversion. Various image-to-text converter mobile AI apps, like Office Lens, Camscanner, and Google Keep, can do your task in a few simple steps. All such applications follow a simple procedure: installation, uploading images, and converting images to text.

1.2: Online AI Tool Conversion

Like mobile applications, AI technology has also been incorporated into online tools for simple and quick image-to-text conversion. Such tools are designed to offer a very straightforward and user-friendly interface to minimize the technical steps for users. With a good internet connection, these tools show great speed and accuracy for image-to-text conversion on mobile and desktop. Due to the AI technology, these tools just demand you to upload and press a single button to get your done.

1.3: Automated OCR Software

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technology used to build software for precisely recognizing, managing, converting, translating, and displaying text characters from images. This software has the advantage of converting unlimited images to text as compared to the other methods. There is no limit to image conversions; that' why this method can be used on a professional scale with great perfection.

Part 2: Top 5 AI Image Reader

1. iMyFone VoxBox

iMyFone VoxBox is a professional software designed with powered AI-based technology. Its AI algorithm supports text extraction accurately using two features.

iMyFone VoxBox is a single canopy that offers multiple functions besides text extraction. The software is available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iPhone.

Here is the pathway that you need to follow for converting your input image file into text. Install VoxBox > upload image > convert image to speech >use the same speech > convert speech into text.

ai text converter

Key Features:

  • VoxBox goes beyond voice generation, offering features like speech-to-text, text-to-speech conversion, recording, and editing.

  • Overcome language barriers with VoxBox's extensive 77+ language and 3200+ voice options.

  • Natural-sounding voice clone satisfys all your needs.

  • Fine-tune your AI voice with adjustable settings for Speed, Pitch, Pause, and emotional characteristics.

  • VoxBox's intuitive interface ensures a user-friendly experience for beginners and experts alike.


yesUser-friendly interface

yesAvailable free of cost.

yesSimple and effective

yesFewer chances of mistakes

yesQuick and fast results

yesAvailable for Windows, Mac OS, iPhone, and Androids.


noOffers a bit lengthy conversion process

2: Nanonets Image To Text Converter

Nanonets is another excellent AI-based engine that can convert many images simultaneously, each up to 30 MBs in size. The software supports multiple image formats as an input file, resulting in an accurate text extraction with just a few clicks.

Besides the images, you can also use Nanonets for converting handwritten notes and scanned documents to get text files that can easily be downloaded free of cost.

picture to text ai



yesFast conversion

yesCompatible with multiple image formats

yesFree of cost

yesHigh accuracy rate


noShow little mistakes while reading handwritten notes.

3: is an AI online tool designed to offer the amazing art of image-to-text conversion within seconds while prioritizing the reliability rate. proves to be the best tool for converting all image-based visual data; majorly handwritten notes. Its ability to understand and manage different writing styles to create a perfect text file is mind-blowing. It offers multi-language support that serves everyone worldwide just by demanding a good internet source.

The conversion process offered by is very simple; just use the drag & drop method to add an image > select the language, and convert the image to text. Other than this, images from Dropbox, Drives, Computer files, and links can also be opened using this tool.

ai convert picture to text


yesMultiple language support

yesSupport Math expressions

yesThe output file can be copied or downloaded

yesAdds and deletes plan easily

yesNo daily limit

yesPerfect translation


noImage description is not supported.


IMG2TXT is another simple but powerful AI text converter that offers high-end, accurate, and user-friendly functions. This tool is available online and supports the image file conversion of multiple pages within 60 seconds.

It grants Optical Character Recognition on its own by using a simple procedure, including uploading the image > selecting the image text language > processing and conversion.

After conversion, the resultant text data can be saved in multiple forms like Openoffice (odf), MS Word (docx), Simple text (txt), and Adobe Acrobat (pdf). IMG2TXT claims to provide multiple advantages under a single tool for efficient and professional image-to-text conversion.

image to text ai tools


yes35+ languages support

yesEffective Image area recognition

yesNo registration needed

yesThe tool is multilingual; the interface can be used in multiple languages

yesQuick text recognition

yesHighly secure and safe

yesLinks can also be used to upload images


noMaximum file size limit (8 Mbs)

noNo support for handwritten notes

noNo support for Dropbox and Drives

5: OCR Online – Image To Text Converter

As the name describes, OCR Online is an online tool that performs perfect text extraction from images by offering a very simple and straightforward user interface. This tool is very convenient and quick, completing the conversion task in three steps.

OCR Online can support multiple languages and forms for the restaurant file/data and offers two separate options to select a choice manually. It can convert images to text in 46 different languages and three output file formats.

Its advanced OCR and pre-image processing algorithms can give you the desired results at once. Just upload the image > select the language and file format > click Convert > and download the output file. That' it!

jpeg to ai converter


yesSupport 46 languages

yesSupport different output file formats

yesOffers three easy steps

yesQuick conversion

yesStraightforward user interface


noMaximum file size 15 Mbs

noShow irritating ads.

Part 3: FAQ About Image To Word AI

3.1: What Is The Best Picture To Text Converter App?

Numerous options for picture-to-text converter apps are available, and all vary in their functions due to differences in features. Out of all available options, Office Lense and Adobe Scan are the best apps for image-to-text conversion on desktop and mobile, respectively. Adobe application is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and can be installed free of cost. Adobe Scan stands out because of its professional outlook and status, while Office Lense is a convenient app to extract higher accuracy rates. Other than these, the above-mentioned 5 AI text converters are the best way to do this task as they can be used on all devices and all platforms by using a good internet source.

3.2: Can The AI Text Converter Turn JPG to Text File?

Yes, every AI software or tool that supports multiple file formats can convert JPG to text files. In the above part of this article, we have shared the top 5 AI text converters that support various file formats, including JPG-to-text files. All tools are AI-based and do not require extra effort to select input formats manually; just select the output file options and you are ready to get the converted file in seconds.


OCR (Optical Character Recognition) was never effortless and fast before AI. Artificial intelligence has made this task a child' play, but only if you choose the correct AI text converter. To fill this gap, we have made an article an ultimate guide on the top 5 and best AI text converters, including iMyFone VoxBox, that can do image-to-text conversion effectively, precisely, safely, and quickly.