Are you looking for a free AI story generator but are unable to find the reliable one? Do you keep running into limits that stop you from creating stories? Well, we've got the solution you need!

In this article, we'll introduce you to the best 5 AI story generator free unlimited. We will be discussing everything about them including their features, pros, and cons.

So, let's get started.

ai story generator free unlimited

Part 1: Can I Get an Unlimited Free AI Story Generator?

You might wonder if it's even possible to find a truly unlimited AI story generator without breaking the bank. Many AI story generators claim to be free, but the reality often falls short of expectations.

But there are also some options available that provide you with the creative freedom you are looking for without putting a dent in your wallet.

So, let's discuss 5 best AI story generator free no sign up.

Part 2: Best 5 AI Story Generators Online Free No Sign Up


ToolBaz AI Story Generator is a creative tool that uses AI to generate unique and compelling story ideas with user input. It's designed for writers looking for inspiration or for creating content.

toolbaz ai story generator

Key Features:

  • Use AI to generate unique and original stories based on user input.

  • Simple process involving inputting story details and getting a generated plot.

  • Employs NLP for analyzing keywords and themes.

  • Continually improves its story generation capabilities through machine learning.

  • Recommends possible character names and arcs.


yesHelps overcome writer's block and generate new story ideas.

yesFacilitates quicker brainstorming and outlining for writers.

yesAdaptable to user needs, allowing adjustment of creativity levels.

yesEasy to navigate with a straightforward and responsive website.

yesUseful not just for writers but also for students, artists, etc.

yesEnhances the legitimacy of work by providing diverse ideas.


noThe generated content may have a restricted length.

noSome users reported difficulties with the CAPTCHA verification process.

noAds on the platform may interfere with the user experience.

2. AI Story Generator

The AI Story Generator is an AI application for making stories and novels. With its outstanding features, the tool generates human-like writing based on user input, capable of lots of factors such as suspense, surprise, and emotion, thus maintaining the core elements of a good story.

ai story generator web free

Key Features:

  • Designed for ease of use in building characters, plots, and settings.

  • Generates human-like stories based on user input, maintaining essential story elements.

  • Suitable for various story types, from thrillers to romances.

  • Capable of creating stories with suspense, surprise, and emotion.


yesExcellent for generating new story ideas and overcoming writer's block.

yesEasy to navigate and use, even for beginners.

yesAllows experimentation with different genres and styles.

yesAI algorithms produce captivating and emotive stories.


noSome writers may find the AI's influence restrictive, preferring more control over the creative process.

noWhile there's a free version, the premium subscription can be costly, especially considering the app's simplicity.

noMay not suit every writer's style, particularly those who prefer a more hands-on approach to storytelling.

3. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a tool for various writing tasks, including story generation. It's particularly suited for indie writers who require an all-in-one tool for both storytelling and business or marketing material. Jasper offers a range of pre-trained writing templates and features that cater to different writing needs.

jasper ai story generator

Key Features:

  • Allows customization to fit specific story details.

  • Similar to Google Docs, aids in creating stories chapter by chapter.

  • Helps with search engine optimization for various types of content.

  • Suitable for a wide range of writing needs including stories, blogs, emails, and more.

  • Jasper can create and save a unique "brand voice" based on user's existing content.


yesIntuitive and accessible from any web browser.

yesAssists in overcoming writer's block and generating novel ideas.

yesCapable of handling different types of writing tasks, not just story generation.

yesUnique feature to maintain a consistent voice in all written content.

yesOffers a free 7-day trial to test its features.


noStarting at $39 per month, it might be expensive for some users.

noThe long-form editor is not necessarily built for novels or extensive short stories.

noSome features may require time to learn and utilize effectively.

4. Squibler

Squibler is an AI-powered story-writing tool that assists in creating narratives for novels, scripts, screenplays, and more. It's designed to support writers throughout their creative journey, offering a blend of AI and manual writing features. Squibler is recognized for its ability to generate human-like writing and provides a comprehensive platform for both novice and experienced writers.

squibler ai story generator

Key Features:

  • Helps generate sections of the story, useful for scenes that authors find challenging to write.

  • Allows writers to organize notes for characters, companies, features, objects, and persons.

  • Enables viewing different parts of the draft simultaneously for seamless story flow.

  • Assists in crafting characters, settings, and intricate objects for stories.

  • Transforms text into visually striking images, enhancing the narrative.


yesMimics human writing effectively, ensuring natural and engaging text.

yesLanguage and tone can be tailored to fit the desired style of the story.

yesUseful for novel writing, scriptwriting, screenplays, and sparking inspiration.

yesQuickly generates content based on user input.


no While offering many features, the premium version can be expensive compared to other writing tools.

noSome users have reported that the app can be slow at times.

noUsers may face issues like difficulty in canceling subscriptions or losing manuscripts.

5. ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI is another writing tool designed primarily for story content, including blog posts and stories. It employs OpenAI's GPT-3 technology to generate text, offering a simple and intuitive interface for quick writing. The tool is popular because of its easy operating steps, aiming to help users overcome writer's block and expedite the writing process.

shortly ai story generator

Key Features:

  • Use the GPT-3 model for generating high-quality content.

  • Includes commands like /expand, /rewrite, /shorten, and /instruct for easy content manipulation.

  • Offers unlimited content generation without metering, subject to a daily limit to prevent bot abuse.

  • Features a plain text editor and a sidebar with writing stats, output length, and a content generation button.


yesNo significant learning curve, making it easy for beginners.

yesEfficient for both blog posts and story writing.

yesEnhanced control over content editing and generation.

yesNo restrictions on the number of documents you can create.

yesDesigned to increase writing efficiency, especially for long-form content.


noThe quality of AI-generated content can be inconsistent.

noMonthly subscription cost is higher compared to some competitors.

noMainly for blogs and stories, lacks versatility for other content types like social media posts or product descriptions.

Bonus: Telling Stories with AI Voice Generator For Free

Besides the best free AI story generator tools discussed above, if you are looking to create voice stories, there is a bonus tool for you: VoxBox.

1. VoxBox

VoxBox is an AI voice generator and cloning tool, offering a range of features for text-to-speech, voice cloning voice recording, and audio editing capabilities, supporting to create realistic and expressive voiceovers for storytelling and audiobooks.

The tool is versatile, catering to various needs such as education, business, social media videos, and personal use.

voxbox all voice

Key Features:

  • Offers over 3200 voices and 77+ languages for different applications like story reading.

  • Compatible with various formats like MP3 and WAV.

  • 2000 free characters to tell stories via text-to-speech.

  • Across 4 systems including Wins, Mac, iOs and Andriod.

  • AI text assistant to do story writing.

So, iMyFone VoxBox is a comprehensive and versatile tool for anyone needing text-to-speech, voice recording, and AI voice story generating capabilities.

Part 3: FAQs about AI Story Generator Free

1. Is there a free AI story generator?

Yes, there are several free AI story generators available online. These tools use artificial intelligence to help users generate creative and unique story ideas or narratives. Some notable free AI story generators include:


2. AI Story Generator

3. Jasper AI

4. Squibler

5. ShortlyAI

2. How do you write a story with AI?

Writing a story with AI involves a few steps:

Choose an AI Story Generator: Select a tool that fits your requirements.

Input Details: Provide the AI with a brief description, genre, character names, or any specific details you want in your story.

Edit and Enhance: Review and edit the AI-generated content to add personal touches and ensure it aligns with your creative vision.

Choose an AI Story Generator: Select a tool that fits your requirements.

3. How To choose the best and free AI story generator?

To choose the best and free AI story generator, consider the following factors:

Ease of Use: The interface should be user-friendly and intuitive.

Customization Options: Look for a tool that allows you to input specific details or preferences.

Quality of Output: The AI should generate coherent and engaging stories.

Genre Flexibility: The tool should cater to various genres and writing styles.

User Reviews: Check reviews or ratings to gauge the effectiveness and reliability of the tool.

4. What are the benefits to use AI story generators?

AI story generators are great for quickly creating story ideas and outlines. They're helpful for new writers learning about story structure and offer many styles and genres. This makes writing stories easier and more fun, especially if you're stuck or want to try new things.


So, these are the 5 best AI story generator tools free unlimited. If you're looking for a creative boost or just starting in storytelling, an AI story generator free is an extremely great tool assisting you to make engaging story ideas and content. Besides, if you are also searching for an application to make stories with AI and read them with various voices, VoxBox is a good option.