It is an AI-powered tool that can create customized and unique artwork. It takes text descriptions as input and uses machine learning algorithms with deep learning technology to create graphics and images. There are lots of other AI art generators out there this article explains what makes SoulGen AI Art Generator better than all other options.

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This article will discuss VoxBox that can be your best AI voice generation tool after creating art with SoulGen.

Part 1: How Does SoulGen AI Art Got So Popular?

SoulGen Art Generator can create lifelike portraits of human beings as well as exquisite anime characters. Anime lovers and digital art fans are a fervent fan base for this specialization.

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Turning text prompts into graphics is easy for both the expert artist and novice, thanks to its simple interface. For the first time, experience directly how good AI is at doing art! Now everyone can have a go with a free trial.

Part 2: What is Soulgen AI Art?

SoulGen AI Art is a cutting-edge image generation platform based on advanced machine learning and deep learning algorithms. Users can use it to create images and art with a text description of what they need. It enables users to turn their creative thoughts into art or images.

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More Information About Soulgen AI Art

Use Cases of Soulgen AI Art

1. Concept character and art generation

2. Creating marketing and advertising art

3. Entertainment and education about the illustration of art through AI

Key Features of Soulgen AI Art

  • Text-to-Portrait Generation: Transform text into photorealistic or anime portraits.

  • Image Editing: Add, remove, or extend content in images.

  • Outpainting Feature: Expand images creatively beyond original borders.

  • Swift Generation: Rapid image creation with results in seconds.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Simple and intuitive for easy use.

  • Unique, Royalty-Free Images: Obtain distinct and free-to-use images.Image creation from text descriptions.

soulgen ai art generator price

Soulgen AI Pricing

*One month for $9.99

*One year for $69.00

Part 3: Alternatives of Soulgen AI Art

The best 2 alternatives of this platform include:

1) Animate Anything

Animate Anything is an online platform with rigging and animation services. The platform makes it easy to create and animate 3D models. It has powerful and intelligent AI. You can animate whatever you want. Upload the models onto their online browser, and away you go. For new users and beginners they are offering 3 free models per month. You can also purchase extra credits.

animate anything generator interface

They have a variety of pricing plans from $ 50. Everyone, from students to enterprises can profit by this platform. The working environment, pre-animated models and high-tech AI creators are all there for you to make it easier.

2) NightCare

Night Cafe AI Art Generator is a powerful tool for creating exquisite artwork in seconds. Utilizing multiple AI models, including DALE-E 2 and VQGAN+CLIP, it transforms text descriptions into high-quality images. Offering five distinct art models, you can switch between those models as you want for diverse outputs. Key features include text-to-image conversion, daily free credits, print-on-demand, and an NFT Generator.

nightcafe ai art generator interface

Ideal for beginners, NFT creators, businesses, and artists, Night Cafe's pricing plans start at $5.99/month, providing varying credit limits up to 1400. Explore artistic possibilities effortlessly with Night Cafe.

Part 4: Bonus – Use AI Voice To Make Your SoulGen Art Pefert

VoxBox is an advanced AI Voice Software that uses AI technology to generate voice like text-to-speech and voice cloning features. Among its many functions are the conversion of text into high-quality voice output, generating documents based on either audio or narrated speech inputs and transforming a single recording into various script performances using voice cloning.

voxbox product interface


  • Access to 100+ accents, and 3,200+ HQ VoxBox Lifelike voices.

  • Support for 46+ languages, making it a truly global voice generation platform.

  • More built-in functions like TTS, clone voice, voice record, generate, convert, and edit.

  • It has multiple output formats like MP3, WAV, and AAC.

  • Fine-tuning options such as Pause, Pitch, Speed, and Emphasis to perfect the generated anime girl voice.

  • You can import, convert, edit,record.

  • A plethora of scenarios like business, entertainment, education, voice studio, and multimedia platforms, expanding the creative possibilities.

How to use Text to Speech in VoxBox:

    Step 1: Download VoxBox, click the download button below to download and try it for free.

    Step 2: Enter your text: Type the text directly, or import a text file into the speech converter.

    voxbox text to speech interface enter text

    Step 3: Choose an AI voice: Depending on your preference, choose one of the many voices, languages, and accents VoxBox offers.

    voxbox text to speech interface voices

    Step 4: Convert to audio: Click the "Convert" button to generate the audio file.

    voxbox text to speech interface voice convert export

VoxBox Pricing

VoxBox offers multiple plans including the following:

*Free Trial in 2000 Characters!

1. Essential Monthly for $15.95

2. Essential Yearly for $44.95

3. Essential Lifetime for $89.95

4. One year for $69.00

Part 5: FAQ About Soulgen AI Art

1.Why is SoulGen AI Art the best?

Using the power of AI, ML and Deep Learning computer vision algorithms that transform text into images or works of art from natural language.

2.What are the image editing features of SoulGen?

Users can add or remove content using text prompts for image editing.

3.How long does SoulGen take to produce your art?

This is a fast 3-step experience in which you log in, enter your text and click to create.


AI art generators like SoulGen AI Art have made it easy simple and quick even for artists of all genres to paint what they will while completing the projects quickly. Among the many AI tools which provide solutions for all needs VoxBox is unparalleled, redefining community connection with its collection of features and smooth communication.

VoxBox makes communication and interaction easier, just what you need for working on a range of projects and models. It's perfect for both individuals and enterprises who want to take their communication experience up a level. You can take the convenience, clarity and connectivity with you. Download VoxBox today!

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