Nowadays, online classes allow students to stay safe without having to compromise on education. The teachers and students can play their respective roles from the comfort of their homes.


Studies have shown that lack of a school-like atmosphere makes pupils lazy and unfocused. Teachers and institutions are coming up with ways to improve the experience of online classes.

They have opted for apps that deliver school bell sound effects. Also,some people use school bell sounds to prank others on online class.

Part 1: 3 Websites for School Bell Sound Effect Free Download

School bell sound effects are forming an essential part of online classes. It signifies when a class is ending, and another one is beginning.

The modern ringing school bell sound effects might be hard to come by on the internet, but we have compiled a list of websites you can use to download these ringing bell sound effects for free. 


Storyblocks is a website that has multiple audio and video files available on its interface. These files are royalty-free and can be used by artists and educators worldwide to incorporate into their classes, artwork, videos etc.


Storyblocks help people create an interactive environment that the teachers can use.


Sounds-mp3 is another webpage you can visit if you want to add any sound effects to your videos. These include the sounds of the city, quiet, soothing sounds of nature, zooming of planes and cars, people talking, and much more!


You canadd these sounds by downloading the mp3 files and adding them to your video. The website has an index of hundreds of sound effects that you can choose from.

3.Free Sounds Library

Another website you can download all kinds of sounds and musical effects is Free Sounds Library. This webpage has a vast library of audio files that add a new dimension to your videos, calls, and tapes.


Whether it's for editing small clips for your social media, listening to soothing natural sounds while you work on your project, or sound effects to prank your friends, Free Sounds Library will have you covered.

Part 2: Best 2 Apps For School Bell Sound Effects

School bell sound effects are needed by many people today. Some apps that provide the best quality sound effects for bells ringing include:

1.School Bell

School bell sounds is an app that you can use to simulate a school or college environment so students do not feel cooped up by the monotony of the home setting. Another fun use of the school bell app is to prank your friends by ringing it when they least expect it.


Hearing the school bell when in the drawing-room or during an online class is sure to get you a few good chuckles.

2.Bells And Whistles Ringtones

Bells and whistles ringtones is another app that has an extensive index of ringing sound effects. You can choose from hundreds of pre-recorded sounds and incorporate the ones you like into your online classes.


Being a teacher in this pandemic is hard enough, but with the help of a school bell sound effect, you can start and finish classes with ease and efficiency. 

Part 3: How to Apply School Bell Sounds with More Funs?

iMyFone MagicMic is another fun app loaded with numerous sound effects that you can use in your daily life.

This app can be extremely useful if you want fun with sounds. We will tell you the step-by-step process of downloading this app and using its audio files. So let's get started. 

magicmic voice soundboard



  • It only take a few seconds to download,install and open up since it is lightweight.

  • You can customize you own voice with voice studio function.

  • It's random selection dice helps you to choose voice filter when you are confused.



yesYou can find all the famous sound effects on this site since they are updated weekly.

yesIt allows you to import any local audio files that you like so that you can play them real time.

yesYou can try it for free.

Steps to Import school Bell Effects with MagicMic

Step 1: Download iMyFone MagicMic

You can visit the iMyFone MagicMic website and download the application from there. Once the download is complete, you must follow a few simple steps to set it up.

Step2: Launch The App

Launch the iMyFone MagicMic app by double-clicking on its icon. After it starts up, you can set the microphone connected to your PC as the input device.

Step 3: Go To Sound Effects

If you want to add the school bell sound effects, click on the 'Sound effects' button, the third option in the top left corner. This will take you to the page with all the sound effects.Pick it and you can play it real time. 

Step 4: Import More School Sound Effects

If you are not satisfied with the in-build sounds in MagicMic,you can import local audio files on it.You can get all sound effects from the websites we discussed above.


Try It Free

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Part 4: Other Popular Sound Effects

The iMyFone MagicMic app has many fun and exciting sound effects that you can use. You can also use the voice changer option to scare your friends or prank them.You can browse through the library and choose the sound effect of your liking! There are as following:

Fart sound effects: You can use them during the class,nobody knows who farts a lot but make enough laugh.

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Cricket sound effects: It is often used when no students answer teachers’ questions.It helps to break embarrassment.

Heartbeat sound effects: it can be used when the teacher is going to ask a volunteer to answer his question or declare something scary, like an exam.

The Widest Selection of Heartbeat Sound Effects>>


Online teaching and classes are becoming increasingly school-room-like. To give the kids the feeling of being in an actual classroom, teachers are employing various methods that will keep them focused and immersed and also improve their attention span.

Ringing bell sound effects from the MagicMic app are another such addition many teachers are using. Instead of glancing at the time every five minutes, the students can listen with care and know with the ringing bell that the class is over.

Also,with its voice changing and sound effect features,you can make boring online class funnier.
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