The AI 90s yearbook generator trend is getting out of hand! It’s the new cool nowadays because it lets you see how you would look if you were in the yearbook of 90s class.

It’s certainly a fun little activity that can make anyone curious to make their own highschool yearbook AI album.

Good news - You can do this too easily!

But wait there’s an issue! You can’t use any AI yearbook photo generator you see?

Worry not! Just for you, we tested almost every tool we could find on the internet and then picked the best six ones.

ai yearbook photo generator

Part 1. What is an AI Yearbook Photo Generator and Why is it Popular?

An AI Yearbook Photo Generator is an innovative tool with which you can make yearbook-style photographs. It’s developed with State-of-the-art artificial intelligence that can edit the pictures instantly.

Simply select a picture of yourself and pick your preferred AI yearbook photo style/template.

what is ai yearbook photo generator

But why is the AI Yearbook Photo Generator getting so popular nowadays?

  • A Personal Touch: We all want our yearbook photo to be special, right? AI photo generators understand this. In fact, we think that’s the biggest reason the yearbook AI trend started in the first place.
  • Easy as Pie: Remember when editing photos was a skill you had to learn? Not anymore. You can now create AI generated yearbook photos with a single click.
  • AI is the New Cool: You must have read somewhere that AI is our future. It’s true. It has made every one of us look cool with its top-notch features. For instance, you can create AI 90s yearbook photos with AI-powered tools in no time.
  • Perfect for Social Media: Another reason Yearbook generators are getting famous is that they are ideal for Instagram, TikTok, and many other social media platforms. You can simply make a statement online just by posting your yearbook pictures.
  • Part 2. 6 Best AI Yearbook Photo Generators to Create AI 90s Yearbook Photos

    As discussed above, you can’t use any tools to create AI 90s yearbook photos. After months of testing, we’ve found the best six ones for you.

    1) Fotor

    Fotor is one of the most versatile AI 90s yearbook generators you can try. People love it because it has a user-friendly interface, and you will also find generating an AI high school yearbook pretty straightforward.

    According to many Fotor user reviews, it’s the best for making AI 90s yearbook photos. So, this tool is for you if you want to clock back three decades.

    fotor ai 90s yearbook generator

    How to Use Fotor for Yearbook Photos?

    Step 1: Start by creating an account on Fotor or log in if you already have one.

    Step 2: Click “Generate Free AI Yearbook Photo,” and you will then see lots of templates to choose from. Pick one.

    Step 3: Upload photos and pick your gender.

    upload photo to make yearbook photo

    Step 4: Click "generate" to get the AI 90s yearbook photos.

    Key Features of Fotor:

    • Fotor uses advanced AI algorithms for precise photo editing. This is why the yearbook picture looks flawless.

    • It lets you adjust colors, lighting, etc., to fit the 90s style.

    • Fotor has a user-friendly design, which is why we say that this tool is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

    • It has other features to fulfill your photo-editing needs.

    Pro: AU$4.49/month
    Pro Plus: AU$9.99/month

    2) YouCam Enhance

    YouCam Enhance is perfect for you if you want to add a professional touch to your yearbook photos. As a matter of fact, it has changed the yearbook AI trend. How? Because of its next-generation AI algorithms.

    youcam enhance ai yearbook generator

    How to Do the AI Yearbook Trend with YuoCam Enhance?

    Step 1: Install the YouCam Enhance app first and then launch it.

    Step 2: After this, pick a Style/Gender. You will then see a “Upload Picture” option there.

    Step 3: Drag or upload your best picture or the photo you want to use for your yearbook, and then see the magic.

    Key Features:

    • Awesome Filters and Effects: YouCam Enhance offers a wide range of filters and effects that look fun. Please choose any one of them to customize your yearbook photo.

    • Easy to Use: This tool has an intuitive interface that's easy to navigate for everyone (including you). That’s why YouCamEnhance is a great choice for all users.

    • Facial Enhancement: You can also improve facial features with just a few clicks (this feature is not present in other AI yearbook generators).

    Subscription Plan: $10.78/month
    Pay Plan: $29.99/month

    3) AI Portrait

    AI Portrait is a go-to AI yearbook generator online for thousands of people to make striking portraits. However, we recommend it to add an artistic touch to your yearbook photos. Why? When we tested it, we became fans simply because of its one feature: It lets users create photos in different poses.

    ai portrait yearbook generator

    How to Use AI Portrait for Yearbook Photos?

    Step 1: Click “Try AI Yearbook” to start.

    Step 2: Upload the photo you'd like to turn into a yearbook memory and choose your Gender.

    Step 3: In the next step, wait! The AI Portrait will generate a top-notch image for you in no time.

    Key Features:

    • Artistic Transformations: You can transform any of your photos into artwork in seconds. The reason? AI Portrait uses top-tier AI algorithms.

    • High-Quality Resolution: The problem with most AI yearbook generators is that they don’t maintain the image’s quality. You won’t face this problem with AI Portrait because it keeps your picture in high resolution.

    • Style Options: You can get a range of artistic styles if you choose AI Portrait. This ultimately gives you creative freedom.

    • Sharing and Export: People have also praised the fact that they can easily share the final image on many platforms.

    Basic Plan: $2.99 for 10 Credits
    Pro Plan: $8.99 for 100 Credits
    Premium Plan: $29.99 for 1000 Credits

    4) EPIK AI Yearbook (App)

    EPIK AI Yearbook is an innovative app that many people think is for professional photo editors only. It’s not! You can also try it and do many things, like:

  • Improve clarity
  • Upscale resolution
  • Correct blemishes
  • Crop objects
  • epik ai yearbook app

    How to Use the EPIK AI Yearbook?

    Step 1: Install the EPIK AI Yearbook app on your mobile.

    Step 2: Next, upload a high-quality photo and use the AI to customize it.

    Step 3: Once you’re satisfied, save the picture.

    Key Features of the EPIK AI Yearbook:

    • Advanced AI Editing: EPIK is one of the best tools today because it uses cutting-edge algorithms that can do photo enhancements and customizations.

    • Diverse Options: There’s no shortage of styles for you if you choose EPIK.

    • Intuitive Interface: Many photo editor apps are tricky to use, but that’s not the case with EPIK. It has a beginner-friendly interface, which is why you can use it easily (no matter what your skill level is).

    Pro Plan: $22.99 per year

    5) Photoleap

    Photoleap is another exceptional AI yearbook maker you can try. According to its official website, Photoleap has already turned over 30 million images into yearbook photos. In fact, almost all of its reviews are positive and people have admired all the features it offers.

    You can also try the yearbook AI free trial and see its results for yourself.

    photoleap ai yearbook maker

    How to Use Photoleap for Yearbook Photos?

    Step 1: Install the Photoleap app on your device.

    Step 2: Open the app and choose the “AI Selfies” option.

    Step 3: Then, tap on the “Start” option and upload a high-quality image.

    Step 4: You will then see lots of filters. Choose any of them, but the top choices are grunge and preppy.

    Step 5: Once you're happy with your edited photo, save it.

    Key Features:

    • Creative Effects and Filters: Photoleap is famous for its filters and quite rightly so. You can choose lots of effects and filters to add artistic “touch” to your yearbook photo album.

    • Editing Previews: This app allows you to see your edits after you make them. It’s super important if you want to ensure your yearbook picture is good.

    • Direct Social Media Sharing: You can easily share your edited photos directly to social media platforms from the app. Simply tap on the share button to do this.

    • Eye-Friendly Colors: The app is designed with simple colors. It’s a big thing because it lets you use the features without causing any eye pain.

    Pro Plan: $3.90/month

    6) iMyFone MagicPic

    iMyFone MagicPic is the first choice of thousands of both professional editors & beginners, and the reason is simple - This tool is “too good.” It uses powerful and polished AI algorithms that can change any of your pictures within a few seconds.

    It's also worth noting here that a lot of people have already tried making yearbook images, and almost every one of them has given it five stars.

    But that’s not it.

    MagicPic is an all-in-one tool that can also do background removal and many other things.

    magicpic ai yearbook generator

    How to Use iMyFone MagicPic for Yearbook Photos?

    Step 1: Download and install the iMyFone MagicPic app on your device.

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    Step 2: If you already have a background in mind, you can then choose “Background removal.” If not, then click on the “ID Photo.”

    Step 3: Then, upload a clear photo (that you want to feature in your yearbook).

    Step 4: Choose Portrait from the options on the right side.

    Step 5: Once you’re satisfied, save your edited picture.

    Key Features:

    • Background Editor: MagicPic is a reliable background remover that you can use to completely “overhaul” your picture. You can either remove an object from the background or completely change it.

    • Features Templates: This tool also has templates that you can choose as your background in the picture.

    • Batch Processing: A lot of apps don’t let you batch process your pictures, but MagicPic lets you do it without hassle. In fact, it supports 1000+ bulk processing.

    • Easy Editing: When you upload a picture, look at the right side. You will see many editing options there. Use them to make up-notch photos.

    • It’s User-Friendly: You can try MagicPic without any hesitation. It’s because it’s reliable and has an easy-to-use interface.

    Monthly Plan: $9.99
    Quarterly Plan: $19.99
    Yearly Plan: $99.99

    Part 3: FAQs about AI Yearbook Photo Generator

    How Do I Get an AI 90s Yearbook?

    You can create your own AI 90s yearbook by using a reliable AI yearbook photo generator. There are many AI 90s yearbook generators available online, like Fotor, AI Portrait, etc.

    Is the AI Yearbook Free?

    Many highschool yearbook AI generators offer free plans. However, you won’t enjoy the premium features.

    What Is the AI Yearbook Trend?

    The yearbook AI trend is all about using artificial intelligence to create unique and personalized yearbook photos. It gained popularity after the COVID times, but people are still participating in it by using top-quality AI tools.

    What Is the Best Free AI Yearbook App?

    The 'best' free AI yearbook app depends on your specific needs and preferences. The popular choices are Photoleap and MagicPic.


    All in all, you can now use AI to transform your images into 90s yearbook photos. Here, we explored the top six AI Yearbook generators that you can try without hesitation.

    But if you want to know which is the best tool out of these six, then it’s MagicPic.

    The best part? Both MagicMic and VoxBox have hundreds of voices to choose from.


    Well, this tool gives you freedom. You can not only get a yearbook picture of yourself, but also you can edit the background to make it look more unique. The best part? MagicPic is faster than all the other tools discussed here.

    So, download MagicPic now and have fun creating one-of-a-kind AI yearbook pictures.

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