Are you tired of manually collecting data from websites, spending hours on repetitive tasks? Look no further! In 2024, the world of web scraping has been revolutionized by AI website scraper tools. If you have ever faced the daunting challenge of extracting valuable information from the vast ocean of the internet, you are not alone.

But fear not, because this article is here to help you. We will introduce you to the top 7 AI website scraper tools that are making data extraction a simple and quick task.

So, let's get started.

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Part 1. Something about AI Website Scraping

Before getting straight to the 7 best website scraper AI tools, it's better to first understand what is an AI web scraper.

An AI web scraper is a smart tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically collect data from websites. It works like a human, making the process of extracting information faster and more accurate.

In the past, web scraping required complex coding and constant updates as websites changed. This manual approach was time-consuming and prone to mistakes.

AI website scrapers have changed the game. They can navigate websites, find specific data, and collect it effortlessly, just like a human would. These tools have made data extraction much easier, offering a valuable solution for businesses and individuals.

Now let's discuss the top 7 best web scraper AI tools in detail.

Part 2. 7 Best AI Website Scraper Tools

1. Scrapestorm

Scrapestorm is the top AI website scraper tool that can extract data from any website without coding. It uses artificial intelligence to automatically recognize and parse the web page structure, and allows users to customize the scraping rules and fields. Scrapestorm supports various export formats, cloud services, IP proxies, and anti-blocking techniques.

Price: Free / $49.99 Per Month


Key Features

  • AI-powered web scraping engine

  • Visual and user-friendly interface

  • Multiple export formats (CSV, Excel, JSON, etc.)

  • Scheduled scraping and email notification

  • Data analysis and visualization tools


yesEasy to use for beginners and experts

yesFast and accurate data extraction

yesSupports complex and dynamic websites

yesOffers free plan and affordable pricing

yesProvides online tutorials and customer support


noLimited number of concurrent tasks

noMay encounter captcha or login issues

2. is another website scraper AI tool that allows users to extract data from any website without technical knowledge or coding. Users can create custom workflows, schedule data extraction, and export data to various formats. also provides a cloud-based service that can handle large-scale and complex scraping tasks.

Price: Free / $48.75 Per Month

browse ai

Key Features:

  • Visual workflow editor

  • Data extraction scheduler

  • Data export to CSV, JSON, Excel, or API

  • Cloud-based scraping service

  • Proxy and captcha management

  • Data quality assurance


yesEasy to use and intuitive interface

yesFlexible and customizable workflows

yesSupports various data formats and sources

yesHandles proxy and captcha issues automatically


noPricing may be high for some users

noLimited documentation and tutorials

noNo native integration with other tools

3. AnyPicker

AnyPicker is the 3rd best AI web scraper tool that allows you to extract data from different websites without going into source coding. You can use it to collect information such as product prices, reviews, news articles, social media posts, and more. This tool works with the AI technology to collect data from various types of websites within a few seconds.

Price: Free / $39 Per Month


Key Features

  • Create custom scrapers with a simple point-and-click interface

  • Schedule scraping tasks and get data delivered to your email, Google Sheets, or API

  • Monitor changes on web pages and get alerts when something changes

  • Export data in various formats such as CSV, JSON, XML, or Excel

  • Scrape data from dynamic and interactive websites using JavaScript and cookies


yesEasy to use and does not require any technical skills

yesSupports multiple languages and regions

yesIt has a generous free plan and affordable pricing options

yesResponsive customer support and a helpful community


noIt may not work well with some complex or protected websites

noLimitations on the amount of data or the frequency of scraping

noDo not offer advanced features such as proxy management or captcha solving

4. Octoparse

Octoparse is a web scraper AI tool that allows users to collect and manage data from any website. It has a user-friendly interface and supports various formats of data export. Anyone can use this tool to extract various kinds of data from almost all types of websites in the internet.

Price: Free / $75 Per Month


Key Features

  • Cloud-based scraping service that can run multiple tasks simultaneously

  • Automatic IP rotation to avoid being blocked by websites

  • Advanced options to handle dynamic and AJAX websites

  • Built-in templates for popular websites such as Amazon, TripAdvisor, etc.

  • Customizable workflow and data fields


yesEasy to use and suitable for beginners

yesAffordable pricing plans and free trial available.

yesHigh speed and reliability of data extraction

yesCustomer support and online tutorials


noLimited support for complex websites that require login or captcha

noLimited integration with other tools or platforms

5. is another AI web scraper free tool that you can use to collect almost all types of data from various websites. You can use it to scrape product information, social media posts, news articles, reviews, and more. You can also automate your scraping tasks and export your data to various formats.

bardeen ai

Price: Free / $10 Per Month

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use interface with drag-and-drop functionality

  • Supports dynamic and interactive websites with JavaScript and AJAX

  • Allows you to schedule and run your scrapers on the cloud

  • Provides data quality assurance and error handling

  • Integrates with popular tools like Google Sheets, Zapier, and Airtable


yesNo coding skills required

yesFast and reliable scraping performance

yesFlexible and customizable scraping options

yesAffordable pricing plans with free trial

yesResponsive and helpful customer support


noLimited number of concurrent scrapers per plan

noNo built-in data analysis or visualization features

6. Kadoa

Kadoa is a versatile AI website scraper tool designed for seamless data extraction from various online sources. With its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities, Kadoa simplifies the process of collecting valuable data from websites.

Price: Free / $39 Per Month


Key Features

  • Intuitive User Interface

  • Advanced Data Extraction Algorithms

  • Customizable Data Output Formats

  • Scheduling and Automation Options

  • Support for Proxy Servers

  • Cloud-Based Storage Integration

  • Real-time Data Monitoring and Notifications


yesEasy-to-use for beginners and experts alike

yesHigh accuracy in data extraction

yesCustomization options for specific scraping needs

yesAutomates repetitive data collection tasks

yesCompatible with various proxy servers


noLimited free version features

noMay require some initial setup time

noComplex websites may require advanced configuration

7. Websrapeai

Webscrapeai is a website scraper AI tool that allows you to collect data from any website or online sources. You can use it to scrape product details, reviews, prices, news articles, social media posts, and more. You can also schedule your scraping tasks and export your data in various formats.

Price: Free / $27 Per Month

websrape ai

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use interface

  • Supports dynamic and JavaScript-heavy websites

  • Allows custom CSS selectors and XPath expressions

  • Provides API access and webhooks

  • Supports proxy rotation and captcha solving

  • Offers cloud storage and data delivery options

  • Provides data quality assurance and customer support


yesFast and reliable scraping performance

yesFlexible and customizable scraping options

yesAffordable and scalable pricing plans

yesSecure and compliant with data privacy laws

yesCompatible with various data analysis tools


noLimited number of concurrent requests

noNo data visualization or enrichment features

noNo social media login or authentication support

Part 3. FAQs about AI Website Scraper

Is web scraping AI legal?

Web scraping AI can be legal if done ethically and within the boundaries of applicable laws. It's essential to respect website terms of service and copyright laws.

Is there an AI that can browse the web?

Yes, there are AI-driven web scrapers like Scrapestorm that can browse the web autonomously, which can be used in web scraping.

What browser is popular for web scraping?

Google Chrome is popular for web scraping due to its extensive developer tools and extensions that aid in the process.

Can AI Website Scrapers extract data from password-protected websites?

AI Website Scrapers can't typically extract data from password-protected websites without proper credentials or authorization.

Are there different types of AI Website Scrapers?

Yes, there are various types of AI Website Scrapers, including general-purpose scrapers, e-commerce scrapers, news aggregators, and more, tailored for specific data extraction needs.


So these are the top 7 AI website scraper tools that you can consider using in 2024. All you have to do is pick the right tool and start scraping data from various websites.

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