There is no doubt that AI has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years. It keeps transforming different fields on the internet today. What used to seem like an uphill or impossible task is now super easy to accomplish. This is very obvious in how AI hidden pictures are created. Imagine getting the rare chance of creating images that even your eyes can’t discern. 

There are numerous benefits that AI hidden image generator technology can actually offer people. For instance, you get access to unique images that define creativity. If you want to stand out from the crowd, an AI hidden image app is a must-have tool. 

Here are some of the best hidden message AI tools online today. Choose the one that can meet your needs without compromise.

ai hidden image generator

Part 1. What is an AI Hidden Image Generator?

Today, there are lots of tools promising to generate the best AI hidden pictures for businesses and personal use. If you don’t understand these tools, choosing the right ones that can prove perfect for your project is always challenging. These tools use artificial intelligence to create images the original human senses can’t comprehend.

The images can be considered as noise to the human eyes as they usually don’t make sense. However, they can be brought to life by the power of artificial intelligence. It is all about imagining an image and giving it symbols. After that, the power of an AI hidden image generator will bring it to life.

what is ai hidden image generator

Part 2. Top 3 AI Hidden Image Generators

In this section, we will be looking at some of the best applications that are known to generate AI hidden pictures. Never subscribe to any AI hidden image website unless you’ve read this section thoroughly. Let’s get started!

#1 Blog.Pincel

The creation of photos that have hidden meanings isn’t something new. It has been existing for years. However, it is fair that AI hidden image generation tools have taken it to an entirely different level than what only a few people imagined years ago. Today, such photos are created with the click of a few buttons.

One technology that has made this possible is the Pincel AI Optical Illusion Maker tool. It can help you create images that are thought-provoking and captivating. This tool is efficient when it comes to generating such images.



yesIt comes with image cleaner feature for improved generated output.

yesIts face swap and image replicator are very advanced.

yesImages are generated within seconds.

yesIts image editor is sleek and high responsive.


noIt doesn’t have a free plan to enable potential users test its features.

noThe generated images might not be what you have imagined.

How to use:

#Step1:Scroll down and click on “Try It On Your Photo”

blogpincel step2

#Step2:To upload your image, click on the button that says “Click or Drop Your Image Here”

blogpincel step2

#Step3:After uploading the image or photo, give it any kind of prompt and hit generate. That is it, you have just succeeded in using this hidden message ai tool.


Price:The Pincel AI Optical Illusion Maker tool has two plans – Yearly and Monthly plans. They are $96/year and $19/month.

#2 Open AI Tools From Hidden Images

Do you want to turn your ideas into stunning photos? Are you finding it hard to locate the right tool for generating ai hidden pictures that can do such without problem? No need to be worried with Open AI Tools From Hidden Images. It is a tested and proven tool that can help turn your imagines into photos. Do you know the best part? It is the fact that such can happen with the click of few buttons. Photo creation has never been this easy.

open ai tools from hidden images


yesImages can be easily created with its advanced features.

yesCredits do not expire.

yesIt is possible for faces to be hidden in images intelligently.

yesIts interface is super easy to use.


noNew users may need to learn more about prompts to create the right images.

noImage design options are limited to only drake, circular spiral, square checkers and troll.

How to use:

#Step1: To get started, click on visit the official site as shown below in the image. Ensure to sign before proceeding.

openai step1

#Step2: Select any image to be used from the available four options – drake, circular spiral, square checkers and troll.

openai step2

#Step3:Now upload your own image.

openai step3

#Step4:Enter your prompt in the section circled below to generate your ai image. This is one of the most advanced tools for creating ai hidden pictures.

openai step4

#Step5:Determine the preferred weight of your image.

openai step5

#Step6: Hit the "Create Images" button.


Price: 500 images cost $10, while 1000 images cost $15.

#3 Boost pixels hidden images

Boost Pixels has proven to be one of the most popular platforms when it comes to creation of AI hidden pictures. This AI hidden image generator has been built with the most up-to-date artificial intelligence algorithms. Such is the reason why its images are always considered to be inspiring. It doesn’t really matter whether you are a pro or newbie because its platform is very easy to use.

One of the reasons why it has managed to earn lots of positive reviews from users is how it can add unexpected twists to your ideas during the image creation process. Boost pixels is the perfect AI hidden image tool that can take your image creation to a new level.

boost pixels hidden images


yesCreated images are encrypted thus, cannot be detected easily

yesPrompts are pre-made so no need to think too much

yesImages of any size that you can prefer can be generated

yesIts generation process is super-fast an accurate


no Image generation is quite expensive - 512 pixel & 1024/1080-pixel generation will cost you 1 credit and 4 credits respectively.

no There is no free trial account.

How to use:

#Step1:Upload your own image by click on the “Choose File” option.

boost pixels hidden images step1

#Step2:Choose any model that you prefer. it could be Deliberate V2, Stable Vision 5.1, or Stable Diffusion 1.5.

boost pixels hidden images step2

#Step3:Choose any prompt from the drop down. There are different prompts to enable this hidden message ai tool generate the desired output.

boost pixels hidden images step3

#Step4: Choose your pattern influence as shown below.

boost pixels hidden images step4

#Step5:Choose the preferred quality of your image.

boost pixels hidden images step5

#Step6:Now hit the “Generate” button below.


Price: Generating a 512 pixel image will cost 1 credit. For 1080 and 1024 pixel image generation, the cost is 4 credits.

Part3: FAQs about AI Hidden Image Generators

1. What are AI hidden image generators?

They are trained machine learning models which can generate images that contain hidden shapes, patterns, or even objects. An ai hidden image generator creates images from patterns that the human eye can’t see or detect. Normally, these are created by apps that work on some complex algorithms like deep neural networks. These have the ability to create stunning photos or images from complex shapes and patterns that humans can’t understand. If they are to be understood, some advanced tools will be required.

2. Is AI hidden image generator reliable accurate?

This has been a trending question in recent times. Of course, AI hidden image generator is very reliable and accurate. This is because it is a technology that comes with advanced models, which have been trained to produce the best possible results. It doesn’t really matter the kind of images you are planning to create. This technology can be trusted to generate premium quality.

3. What are the applications of AI hidden image generators?

There are various ways that ai hidden image generators can be used. For instance, they have proven to be crucial in steganography whereby sensitive details need to be hidden from public eyes. Again, they are very important for people who create videos and images that require copywrite protection. Furthermore, they are useful in data augmentation especially for machine learning that is privacy-enhanced. It ensures that data can be hidden while meaningful details are preserved.


Having seen the above, it is clear that there are different apps that can generate high quality AI hidden pictures. Each of them tends to be unique in terms of features, and functionalities.

Therefore, ensure each option recommended above is well analyzed before you make any decision. The benefit of this is that you get the chance to use something which will prove perfect for your project. Whatever the case may be, know that all of these apps can create eye-catching images.

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