The importance of an AI podcast clip generator can hardly be overemphasized. This is due to how it can help podcasters to save time and become efficient. For instance, they are known to use artificial intelligence to create snippets from podcasts. Do you want to know the best part? It is a fact they won’t miss the most crucial aspects of such podcasts.

Today, we will list some of the best podcast clip generators on the internet. These have been tested and trusted by users. In other words, they have earned lots of positive reviews. Before choosing any AI podcast clip generator, read until the end.

ai podcast clip generator

Part 1. AI Podcast Clip Generator: Wondering What It Can Do?

An AI podcast generator (or AI podcast video editor) has proven to be an exciting tool. It has managed to redefine how podcasts should be edited. Imagine being able to breakdown lengthy podcast episodes and pick the best parts. This is what such tool can do – making it possible for lengthy videos to be broken down into smaller series.

It means no more manual editing of videos or even trying to modify audio files. It is an app that has been designed to target those crucial points in your podcast episodes within few minutes. There is no doubt that this app is existing to make life easier for podcasters.

what can ai podcast clip generator-do

Part 2. Top 6 AI Podcast Clip Generators

Just as mentioned above, a podcast generator is a great tool to have. This is due to the benefits that it can offer users. To experience such benefits, you need to use the best. In this section, we will be outlining the top six AI podcast clip generators. Check them out below.

#1 Vizard

There is no doubting the fact that this AI podcast generator has increased in popularity over the years amongst video editors. Are you thinking about expanding your outreach online as a podcaster? Very few tools can help you create video bites that your target audience can consider as shareable and irresistible.

Imagine your podcast video series being ready with clicks of a button in few minutes. This is what Vizard’s podcast clip maker is capable of doing.



yesIts user-friendly platform will ensure that podcast modification is very easy.

yesAudio files are automatically transcribed, saving time of podcast creators.

yesThere are lots of customizable templates.

yesIntegration with platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts is easy.


noIt sometimes needs to be corrected while transcribing complex speech patterns, uncommon words, technical terminology, or industry-specific jargon.

noCustomization is limited to a great extent in aspects like advanced audio effects, equalization, and noise reduction.

How to use:

#Step1:Sign into your account and click "Create Podcast Clips".

vizard step1

#Step2:You can either paste a YouTube link, record a video or upload a video.

vizard step2

#Step3:Next, select the preferred language of your video. Ensure the "get AI clip" remains selected or checked. Click Next.

vizard step3

#Step4:Wait, and the vizard will start processing the video. After some time, it will show clips that you can continue editing. This takes some time.

vizard step4

#Step5:After everything is set, hit the export button at the top right of your screen.


Price:The Starting price for this podcast generator is $16/month for creator, and $32/month for pro. There is a free account to get started and see how things work.

#2 Kwicut

With Kwicut’s features, it is possible to create compact video series from a lengthy episode. For instance, it comes with the popular “AI copilot” which is capable of picking out those crucial moments in your podcasts. This AI podcast editor can also create titles and descriptions automatically.

kwicut ai clip editor


yesThis ai podcast editor has advanced editing features like voice cloning and noise remover.

yesPodcasts videos are generated in 3 easy steps.

yesPodcast videos are generated with mobile and desktop devices.

yesThere is auto transcribing feature to make the editing process easy.


noIts free account has lots of limitations – 513mb cloud storage, export with watermark, and 30mins transcription time.

noGenerated clips still need to be checked.

How to use:

#Step1: Upload any YouTube video file.

kwicut step1

#Step2: The process of repurposing will start automatically.

kwicut step2

#Step3:At this stage, you can decide to either further refine the generated video clip or post it straightaway to TikTok.

kwicut step3


Price: Its monthly and yearly plans are 12.99/month and 7.99/month respectively.

#3 Flowjin

At first many people doubted the potentials of this AI podcast generator. Flowjin knows how to break down lengthy video content into series that will captivate your audience. It comes with state-of-the-art features that will capture those intriguing moments in your podcast and make helpful recommendations. 

flowjin ai generated short video clips


yesTitles, descriptions, and keywords are automatically generated to give your short clips better social media presence.

yesIt has advanced tools such as speaker-spot video resizer, auto-captions, AI audiogram generator, and many others.

yesGenerated podcasts are 95% accurate – minimal editing required.

yesClips can be customized with one click.


no There is no free account.

no It is quite expensive as compared to the options we have listed above.

How to use:

#Step1:Register for an account by clicking the “Try It Now” button.

flowjin step1

#Step2:Import your lengthy video file or use a link from YouTube.

flowjin step2

#Step3:Request for your file to be analyzed. in this podcast clip maker, it takes about 5mins.

flowjin step3

#Step4: Preview highlights that have been generated by Flowjin.

flowjin step4

#Step5: Enter the editing studio to finetune your clip as desired.

flowjin step5

#Step6:After that, click on generate.

flowjin step6


Price: There are 3 plans available to choose from. Starter, Creator, and Growth. Their respective prices are $24, $41 and $124.

#4 Choppity

Do you want your podcast editing to be fully automated? Then, its high time you started thinking about using a tool like Choppity. This powerful AI podcast video editor comes with all the premium features to make you more productive.

choppity ai video clip maker


yesClips can be generated in more than 90 languages.

yesVideo titles can be generated automatically.

yesThere are advanced features like magic follow, magic crop, and customizable animated captions.

yesThe editing of this podcast clip maker is super-fast.


no It doesn’t offer free account.

no Users have complained of their generated clips sometimes needing more fine-tuning and editing.

How to use:

#Step1:Go to the official website of Choppity.

choppity step1

#Step2:Choose the video you want to generate clips from by uploading it or providing a URL. Now, click on “Get Clips”.

choppity step2

#Step3:It will show you different clips.

flowjin step3

#Step4: You can go ahead and edit the clip.

flowjin step4

#Step5: Click on the download button at the top right corner.

flowjin step5


Price: There are 3 plans for subscribers to choose from. These are Premium ($15.99), Pro ($30.99), and Ultra ($60.99).

#5 Recast Studio

There is something really special about Recast Studio. This is its unique ability to convert one episode into about 30 clips. Such is only possible with the technology of artificial intelligence. Of course, video production is always tedious. However, this AI for podcast editing tool simplifies the entire process.

recast studio podcast clip maker


yesThere are high quality templates to make videos look professional.

yesUsers can customize clips to match their brands.

yesGenerated videos come with automatic captions.

yesIt extracts the best highlights while creating short clips.


no Its trial account can only enable you create clips from one episode.

no You might need to learn how to use its features for best results.

How to use:

#Step1:Click on the signup button for your free account.

#Step2:Click on the option which says automatic clips.

recast studio step2

#Step3:You can upload a video from your PC or input a YouTube link on the next page.

recast studio step3

#Step4: After completing step 3, wait for your video to process. It will take about 30seconds.

#Step5: Once complete, choose your preferred language and click "Create Project". It will start generating the transcripts.

recast studio step5

#Step6: Beneath the “Highlights”, click on any clip you prefer. You will be shown a popup on your screen. Click on “Video Clip” on your right and go to the next page.

recast studio step6

#Step7: After editing the clip, all you need to do is click on “Download”.

recast studio step7


Price: Recast has four packages – Starter, Professional, Premium, and Business. Their respective prices are $19, $29, $49, and $149.

#6 Kapwing

If you have been spending countless hours editing podcast series, this AI for podcast editing tool will prove very helpful. It will generate video clips that capture the best moments in your podcast episodes within few minutes. It is fair to say that this AI podcast editor is changing everything about video editing. Kapwing is highly recommended. 

kapwing ai podcast clip generator


yesEvery video clip is tailored for social media.

yesAnimations and transitions can be easily added to clips.

yesThere is its “Magic Subtitles” to make your clips more engaging.

yesIt has noise removal feature to enhance your audio quality.


no Although its features are great, a newbie may find them quite technical and complex to explore.

no Its free version has limitations.

How to use:

#Step1: After signing up for your free account, click on “Repurpose Video”.

kapwing poadcast step1

#Step2:Put your YouTube video link or upload a video from your PC.

kapwing podcast step2

#Step3:Once it has finished updating, click on generate clips

kapwing podcast step3

#Step4: Start editing your video clips based on your needs.

kapwing podcast step4

#Step5: When you are done, click on download.


Price: Its packages are Pro and Business. They cost $16 and $50 per month respectively.

Part3: AI Voice Tools Make Your Podcast More Attractive

1) MagicMic - Podcast Voice Changer

MagicMic is a real-time voice changer with recording and file modulation capabilities, offering 300+ voice options and 800+ soundboards. If you prefer not to reveal your true voice or want to add a touch of fun to your podcast, give MagicMic a try!

Additionally, it provides real-time voice modulation for altering your voice during voice chats or gaming sessions.

magicmic podcast voice changer

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2) VoxBox - Podcast Voice Text to Speech

VoxBox serves as an AI voice generator tailored for voice-over production across various platforms such as podcasts, audiobooks, and advertisements. It provides essential features like noise reduction, background noise removal, voice cleaning, and sound elimination. With cutting-edge real-time voice cloning technology, VoxBox achieves a remarkable 99% similarity to human voices. Additionally, it offers an extensive text-to-speech voice library, facilitating other dubbing creators in accessing cost-effective, studio-quality voiceovers with exceptional efficiency.

voxbox podcast text to speech

Part4: FAQs about AI Podcast Clip Generator

1. What is an AI Podcast Clip Generator?

An AI podcast clip generator is a tool that utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze and automatically generate short clips or highlights from longer podcast episodes.

2. Can it understand different accents and languages?

The capability to understand various accents and languages depends on the design and training data of the specific AI model. Many models are trained on diverse datasets to handle different linguistic variations.

3. What platforms or podcast hosting services are compatible?

Compatibility can vary. Some generators may integrate with popular podcast hosting services, while others might offer more general compatibility through file uploads or RSS feed integration.


Wrapping things up, it is clear that podcasters can’t do without an AI podcast video editor due to the roles they perform. We have selected the best 6 you can find online - Vizard, Kwicut, Flowjin, Choppity, Recast, and Kapwing. Feel free to choose any of them for your podcasting business. Remember that each option is unique in terms of features and functionalities.

In addition, If you aim to make your podcast content more engaging, you can try MagicMic - a real-time voice changer or VoxBox - voice text-to-speech.

  • 300+ Voice effects for one-click voice changing in real-time.
  • Huge library with 600+ Voice Effects and 200+ Voice Memes.
  • Sound emulator in games, live, chatting, online classes, and more.
  • Voice recording and audio voice changing is supported.
  • Voice studio lets you create any voice you like.