If you're looking for a script generator, here is the answer, we'd list the top script generators in this article, to deal with script issues using AI. Whether for movies, YouTube, or Roblox, these tools make script creation and modification a breeze.

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Part 1: Top Movie Script Generator Automatic Movie Plot

1) Automatic Movie Plot Generator

Bill's Movie Automatic Plot Generator is a free and user-friendly script generator designed to assist writers in creating and selling movie scripts to Hollywood, helping them become more visible or prosperous. It allows you to craft scripts effortlessly: simply fill in the blanks, click Generate, and if sold, include Bill in the credits for your Hollywood creation.

bill movie script generator


  • Multiple movie script genres like action, romance, and more.

  • Choose from a range of main characters and storyline contexts for your script.

  • Generate scripts inspired by popular movie developments effortlessly.

2) ClickUp

ClickUp is an online movie script generator with AI for filmmakers and Screenwriters or Film Students and Enthusiasts. it provides genres, characters, and plots, tailoring unique scripts simply. It's the tool designed to make every user a Hollywood Spielberg.

clickup movie script generator


  • Enhance your writing skills.

  • Tailor script tone, style, and storyline for your target audience.

  • Support existing scripts, and align with audience preferences.

Part 2: Top YouTube Video Script Generator to Engage Viewers

1) VidIQ

vidIQ is a popular AI YouTube video script generator. allow users to transform ideas into top-notch scripts, titles, descriptions, thumbnails, and even voiceovers. Streamline the process for consistency across all elements. Note: Currently supports English for creators worldwide.

vidiq movie script generator


  • Customize YouTube scripts with ease—adjust, add, or delete parts.

  • Automatically generate scripts, titles, thumbnails, and voiceovers.

  • Tailor scripts to target audience groups.


Kapwing is my go-to AI video script generator. With 1-2 free uses upon account creation, it's simple to operate. Input your desired script, select duration and platform (TikTok, YouTube, Instagram), and generate entire scripts effortlessly, including dialogue, narration, scene direction, transitions, and even end videos.

kapwing youtube video script generator


  • Tailor scripts for platform algorithms.

  • Infuse your personal tone with custom scripts.

  • Elevate with special effects filters and more.

Part 3: Top Roblox Script Generator Changing Game


Haddock is your go-to Roblox script generator. a free craft the largest AI-generated code library for gamers, offering top-quality code generation. also support for creating scripts from text, enjoy free access to GPT-4, Copilot, and ChatGPT (plus) code engineering versions.

roblox game script generator


  • Unlock all platforms with ScripterAI's universal support.

  • Enjoy free access to GPT-4, ChatGPT plus (game design), Copilot, and more.

  • Responses, each call is limited to 300 characters of text.

  • ImagineAI 3D model generations.

2) Roblox Script Helper

Let Roblox Script Helper assist you in crafting scripts for your game. it offer a range of simple and complex scripts to help fix any script issues you encounter. Your go-to for Roblox script creation and support!

roblox script helper


  • Free and secure online platform.

  • Access multiple model platforms.

  • Enjoy support for both script repair and building.

Part 4: How to Add Voices for Your Video/Game Script?

You can leverage the script generator with AI tech to get video, movie, and game scripts. However, it'd be great if videos, movies, and games could have voices with the right emotions. While most script generators support basic voiceover, they often lack diverse characters and emotions. In this guide, I'll show you how to use text-to-speech to add voices to your video or game script.

1) VoxBox

VoxBox, an amazing AI voice generation tool, lets you try text-to-speech for free with 2,000 characters. Choose from various voice types, including multi-accents and virtual character voices, with instant voice cloning at a staggering 95% similarity. If you're looking to add voiceovers to your videos or game scripts, VoxBox is the ultimate choice.

add voice for youtube game script

Here's how you can do it:

    Step 1: Visit VoxBox's official website and download/install it (works on both PC and mobile).

    Step 2:In the text-to-speech section, click 'change speaker,' then choose the voice you want.

    add voice for youtube game script step2

    Step 3:Paste or type your text (note: VoxBox supports multi-person dubbing), click 'convert,' and voila – you've got the audio you need!

    add voice for youtube game script step3

Part 5: Hot FAQs about AI Script Generator?

1. What Benifits using AI script generator for YouTube video?

Absolutely! An AI script generator takes the hassle out of content creation like for tutorials, vlogs, or any genre. saving time and money.

2. Can a script generator help me fix scripts for Roblox games?

Indeed! Roblox script generatoris a game-changer allows customization and fix of scripts to suit various game elements.

3. How does an AI script generator filmmaking process?

An AI movie script generator helps with generating diverse scripts, from dialogue to scene direction, catering to different genres. which not only accelerates the creative process but also engaging storyline for filmmakers.


In this article, I have introduced various script generators to address your script needs, whether it's for YouTube videos, movie plots, or solving script in Roblox games. To choose the one that fits your needs. But If you already have a script generator but are stuck on finding the perfect voiceover, consider trying VoxBox for the best solution.

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