The best thing about modern times is that we don’t have to spend hours or days creating any artwork. There are now so many top-class AI Pixel Art Generators that can generate high-quality art images for us within seconds.

But most of them are complicated to use. Well, fear not; we’ve tried almost all of these tools and picked the best 8 for you that you can use without worries.

ai pixel art generator

That’s not it! In the end, you will also find out about VoxBox - a TTS tool that is a blessing for all digital creators. Let’s begin!

Part 1: Comparison Of Best AI Pixel Art Generators

Before we explain everything, here's an overview table of the 8 AI Pixel Art Generators we've discussed in this guide:

Comparison Of Top 8 AI Pixel Art Generators

Anime Genius High-Resolution Output Top-notch Basic: $9/month; Plus: $29/month; Pro: $59/month
AI Pixel Art Generator Automated Color Optimization High Freemium
Plugger AI Simple Interface Good for basics $24.90/month.
VEED Automatic Pixelation Tool High with video pixelation Basic: $12/month Pro: $24/month Business: $59/month
Pixelfy Automated Pixel Art Conversion High for basic designs $19.99/month
Fotor Advanced Image to Pixel Art Conversion High-quality conversion Fotor Pro: AU$4.49/month Fotor Plus: AU$9.99/month
Deepai AI-Powered Image Conversion High-quality AI conversion $5 per user
PixelVibe Intuitive Pixel Art Editor Good for beginners Freemium

Part 2: Best 8 Best AI Pixel Art Generator Recommended 2024

The Pixel art AI generators we have picked use top-tier artificial intelligence algorithms to create pixel art pictures.

1) Anime Genius

Anime Genius is the first pick of thousands of people to create pixel art. The reason is that it can make any complex idea a reality with simply your text prompts. But we think the best part about Anime Genius is that the AI generated pixel art looks very similar to Minecraft.

anime genius ai pixel art generator


  • Customizable Styles: It offers a range of styles (from classic pixel art to more modern interpretations), which is why it’s perfect for everyone.

  • Eye-Friendly Interface: The intuitive interface makes it easy to use for both beginners and seasoned artists.

  • Advanced Color Palettes: Anime Genius provides solid color palette options (that you can use to enhance the art's vibrancy).


yesEasy to use

yesOffers diverse artistic options

yesStrong community support

yesAdds regular updates


noHigher price point (costly plans than others)

Pricing Plan

Basic Plan: $9/month

Plus Plan: $29/month

Pro Plan: $59/month

2) AI Pixel Art Generator

AI Pixel Art Generator is a combination of user-friendly design and advanced features. That is also why we think it suits everyone (whether you are a hobbyist or a professional). Simply type your text into this pixel art generator AI, and let it do the rest!

ai pixel art generator ai pixel art generator


  • Automated Color Optimization: It automatically optimizes color choices based on the context. So, you will get visually appealing results almost every time.

  • Free For Commercial: You can use art images for any purpose you like. That’s a big plus, as some AI Pixel Art generators do not allow commercial use.

  • Simple to Use: To AI generate pixel art, you can simply add the text, click on the Generate button, and wait!


yesFlexibility in art creation

yesUser-friendly for beginners

yesGreat for collaboration

yesUtilizes supreme algorithms


noTakes a longer time to generate images (as compared to others)

Pricing Plan

Uses a Freemium model.

3) Plugger AI

Plugger AI is all about making pixel art more fun. In our opinion, it is a fantastic choice for you if you are just starting out in pixel art. The reason? This tool is super easy to use.

plugger ai ai pixel art generator


  • API Integration: You can seamlessly integrate Plugger AI into your programming languages. It’s a big bonus if you’re a developer.

  • Real-Time Preview: You can check out the AI art before you download it to your device.

  • One-Click Effects: You can add special effects to your art with just a click – it's that easy.


yes Instant visual feedback

yesUses solid colors

yesFree support (premium plan)

yesAllow you demo


noLimited advanced features in a free plan

Pricing Plan



If you’re looking for an AI pixel art generator free tool, then you can try VEED. It’s a bit more unique than others because you will first have to make an AI photo and then transform it into Art. But worry not! Its AI to generate pixel art is top-tier and can do the job effortlessly.

veed ai pixel art generator


  • Automatic Pixelation Tool: VEED can transform any image into pixel art almost instantly (because of its superior AI models).

  • Customizable Pixel Density: You can enjoy the flexibility to adjust the pixel density if you use this tool (it can help you fulfill your artistic vision).

  • Easy-to-Use Editing Tools: Everything is straightforward. You can even tell this tool about the color palette you want to use for your images in the text.


yesDoes innovative pixelation of images and videos

yesCan fine-tune your art

yesYou can collaborate anywhere

yes Ideal for marketing


noRequire a stable internet connection

Pricing Plan

Basic Plan: $12/month

Pro Plan: $24/month

Business Plan: $59/month

5) Pixelfy

Pixelfy uses bleeding-edge AI models to make professional pixel art for your creative projects. The reason we shortlisted it is that you can do a lot of things with this tool. It can remove backgrounds, adjust colors, and offer many more features to everyone.

pixelfy ai pixel art generator


  • Automated Pixel Art Conversion: Pixelfy can effortlessly turn any image into pixel art with a few clicks.

  • Customizable Overlays: It lets you choose from various grid sizes (crucial for precise pixel placement).

  • Wide Selection: The tool includes a lot of color palettes, which is why it is the right choice for any type of project.

  • Export Options: Pixelfy provides various export options, including formats ideal for game development and digital art.


yesOffers precision in creation

yesRich color options

yesCan do background removal

yesIntuitive interface


noLimited advanced features

noNo built-in community platform

Pricing Plan


6) Fotor

Fotor is another top-notch tool that you can use to generate captivating pixel art and drawings. In fact, it should be your pick if you are looking for a high-quality conversion of your own images.

fotor ai pixel art generator


  • Advanced Image to Pixel Art Conversion: Fotor can turn your pictures into art with a single click.

  • AI-Enhanced Color Matching: Its AI-driven color matching system ensures visually appealing and accurate color schemes.

  • Flexible Canvas Sizes: You can choose from a variety of canvas sizes. That’s why Fotor is suitable for different project requirements.


yesRich editing options

yesAI-powered color accuracy

yesEfficient workflow

yesGreat for both beginners and pros


noFotor can be demanding on system resources

Pricing Plan

Fotor Pro: AU$4.49/month

Fotor Plus: AU$9.99/month

7) Deepai

Deepai is one of the most innovative tools in the AI pixel art generator space. People choose it because it allows you to use the pictures without any worry of copyright strike.

deepai ai pixel art generator


  • Gallery of Styles: Deepai has over 100 gallery-stylized models that you can choose to generate top-notch art.

  • High Customizability: You can enjoy extensive customization options for shape, size, color schemes, etc.

  • Interactive Editing Interface: You can choose both Standard and HD models to generate the Art you want.

  • API Access: It also provides API access, making it a versatile tool for developers working on game design (or other projects).


yesCutting-edge AI conversion

yesOffers artistic flexibility

yesEfficient for large projects



noTricky to use

Pricing Plan

$5 per user

8) PixelVibe

PixelVibe is a solid choice, especially for those who are interested in animation. The reason is that it uses powerful potion models, which makes it a reliable and enjoyable tool.

pixelvibe ai pixel art generator


  • Preset Templates: PixelVibe offers a dozen models, and you can pick any you like.

  • Can Bulk Generate: You can create four photos at once with this tool (many other tools don’t let you do this).

  • Image Customization: It allows you to easily adjust the image size according to your needs.


yesEasy-to-understand interface

yesGreat for quick starts

yesSupports personalization

yesEasy to share your work


noNo offline mode

Pricing Plan

It follows a freemium model.

Part 3: Bonus Tip – The Best AI Voice Generator - VoxBox

You should never limit your creativity to visual art only. In fact, you should do something unique that other artists or editors are not thinking of at the moment.

voxbox interface shortcut

What could it be? Well, make an art video and use the power of voice. Thankfully, doing voiceovers is now super easy, and all the credit goes to VoxBox. It’s a neat AI voice generator that's a total game-changer, especially if you're into making things like games, videos, or even educational content. As a matter of fact, a lot of users have said that this tool is perfect for any digital creator.

Key Features:

  • Easy Working: VoxBox can convert text into natural-sounding speech effortlessly. Simply add your script and choose any celebrity voice you want.

  • Diverse Options: You will get over 3000 voice types and accents when you launch this tool. Just select the perfect voice for your project.

  • Customizable Speech Patterns: It allows you to customize speech patterns, including pitch, speed, and tone. It means you will have a high level of control over the final audio output.

  • Multi-Language Support: VoxBox supports multiple languages, making it versatile for international projects.

  • Ideal for Multimedia Artists: You can use VoxBox for all kinds of digital work, including social media videos, business presentations, etc.

These features make VoxBox an exciting tool for everyone!

Bonus Tips

Watch this video to learn more about VoxBox
voxbox youtube video

Part 4: FAQ About AI Pixel Art Generator

1. Can You Generate AI Pixel Art for Free?

You can generate AI Pixel art for free by using those tools that offer free plans. You can try Anime Genius, Pixelfy, Deepai, and a few other tools without hesitation.

2. Which AI Pixel Art Generator is the Most Famous?

Many AI Pixel Art Generators are popular among artists, but the top ones are Anime Genius, Fotor, and VEED.

3. Are AI Art Images Free for Commercial Use?

Whether you can use AI Art images for commercial purposes depends on the tool you use. You can read their policy pages and contact their support to find out.


Wrapping up, we discussed the top eight AI Pixel Art Generators in this guide. You can try any of these tools to create stunning art pictures for yourself or any project.

But if you want to stand out as a digital creator, do something unique and use iMyFone VoxBox. With this tool, you can do voice-overs on your projects to make them more fun and entertaining. It includes all the popular voices, including Obama, Spongebob, Taylor Swift, the Rock, etc. So, download VoxBox and be extraordinary!

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