Did you know you can now use the “AI logo generator from text” tool to create engaging logo designs? It’s true. All you have to do is type how you want your logo to look, and it will generate the image within seconds.

But wait. There’s a problem.

You must only use the best AI text logo generator if you want high-quality output. Well, worry not! We’re here with logo generators that are reliable, ultra-fast, and super easy to use.

ai logo generator from text

That’s not it. Later, we’ll also discuss how you can help your brand or business stand out just by using VoxBox.

Part 1: Basic Info About AI Logo Generator From Text

An AI Text to Logo Generator is a modern tool that can create logos for you or your business just from text descriptions. You can just input details, like tagline, slogan, etc., and an AI logo generator will generate an image for you.


Well, this tool uses advanced machine learning algorithms that analyze your text accurately to create engaging logos for you.

ai text logo generator

Part 2: Comparison Of AI Logo Generator From Text Prompts

We’ve picked the top five AI text-to-logo generators for you. Before we explain their key features, have a look at the comparison table. It will give you an overview of the tools we will discuss later:

Comparison Of AI Logo Generator From Text Prompts

Logo Generators User Interface Design Styles Customization Options Print Ready Output Free Options Pricing Plans
Looka Intuitive Diverse and adaptable Extensive High-quality Limited features with watermarks $96/yr
Design User-friendly Industry-specific templates Fine-tune designs Logos optimized for print No free use Premium Logo Pack: $15/month
LogoMakerr.ai Simple Adaptive Advanced customization High-resolution outputs No free use Basic: $29; Pro: $59; Brand: $99
PicsArt Beginner-friendly Wide array of creative tools Lots of Customization features Print-ready outputs for professional use Free version with basic features Free Plan Plus Plan: $5/mo Pro Plan: $7/mo
Appypie Design Simple Diverse design options Includes Customization features High-resolution outputs Limited Free Plan Premium: $8/month

Part 3: Top 5 AI Logo Generator From Text in 2024

There are dozens of AI Logo Generators available online that you can use. However, the growing companies and startups only like to use five of them.

1) Looka

Looka is a popular AI logo generator that designers love for its user-friendly interface. With Looka, you can generate logos by simply inputting text, selecting preferred styles, and specifying colors. It’s that simple.

The reason why it’s so easy to use is Artificial Intelligence. The AI models review your text and create a logo according to your description.

looka ai logo generator

Key Features:

  •  Looka lets you customize/edit your logo easily.

  •  It offers versatile design styles. You can generate every type of logo (from modern and minimalist to bold and vibrant).

  •  The generated logos are of high resolution, so you can use them for professional purposes, too.

  •  You will also get a brand kit with essential assets if you use Looka. This includes social media profiles, business card designs, and much more.

  •  Looka offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, which is why you will be able to create logos within seconds.


yes  It’s simple to use

yes  The customization is easy

yes  It includes lots of fonts

yes  It offers versatile designs to everyone


no  You won’t have in-depth design control.

Pricing Plan:

 Plan: $96/yr

2) Design.com

Design.com is a cutting-edge AI logo generator that leverages advanced design algorithms to transform text input into visually compelling logos. Its main focus is on versatility, which is why you can use it to create logos for every purpose.

design.com ai logo generator

Key Features:

  •  It utilizes adaptive algorithms to AI generate logos from texts.

  •  It allows collaboration, allowing team members to contribute to the logo design process collectively.

  •  Logos generated by Design.com are optimized for print, ensuring high-quality results for physical marketing materials.


yes  It generates premium logo designs

yes  Offers several layout options

yes  Created logos are royalty-free

yes  Provides 24/7 customer support


no  Some may find it a little tricky to use

Pricing Plan:

 Premium Logo Pack: $15/month

3) LogoMakerr.ai

If you’re starting a business or making any social media page, then you should give LogoMakerr.ai a try. The reason is that it offers a bunch of options that will help you create professional-looking logos instantly.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for an AI logo generator from text free, then we also recommend LogoMakerr.ai. You can only pay when you like the logo.

logomakerr.ai ai logo generator

Key Features:

  •  LogoMakerr.ai offers advanced customization options, including fonts, colors, and layout adjustments.

  •  This tool provides intelligent design suggestions based on your input parameters.

  •  You will always get high-quality, scalable logos because of top-tier AI.


yes  Has a user-friendly interface.

yes  Lets you edit logos for personalized and unique designs.

yes  Perfect for professional use.

yes  Supports multiple image formats.


no  Not suitable for non-professional use.

Pricing Plan:

  Basic: $29

  Pro: $59

  Brand: $99

4) Appypie Design

Appypie Design is an intuitive AI logo generator based on text. Thousands of designers are already using its templates to boost their social media presence. But this tool can be used for many other things. For example, companies can find the perfect images for their brand identities just by using the Appypie Design.

appypie design ai logo generator

Key Features:

  •  Logo creation is super easy because of the simple and intuitive interface.

  •  You can choose your preferred design elements if you use Appypie.

  •  You can easily customize fonts, colors, and layouts to tailor the logo to their brand.

  •  Appypie is super fast, and you will have your logo within a few minutes.


yes  The design process is quick.

yes  You will get diverse design options to make exceptional logos.

yes  Logos are crisp and colorful.

yes  Offers affordable pricing plans.


no  Limited customization options as compared to others

Pricing Plan:

  Free Plan

  Premium: $8/month

5) Picsart

If you’re looking for a logo that truly represents your industry, then Picsart is a great choice. When you add the text, it asks you about the “Industry” (unlike many AI Logo Generators). That’s why the designers always like its generated logos.

picsart ai logo generator

Key Features:

  •  The logo generation is instant. It will take a few seconds.

  •  You will get eye-catching logos every time because Picsart uses smart and trained AI models.

  •  It has editing tools that you can use to customize your logos.

  •  It’s perfect for both personal brands and enterprises.


yes  Easy to use

yes  Supports watercolor effect

yes  Saves you a lot of time because of fast logo generation

yes  Social media sharing options for quick brand promotion.


no  Limited free plan

Pricing Plan:

 Free Plan

 Plus Plan: $5/month

 Pro Plan: $7/month

Now, you know all about generating top-notch logos for your brands. But note that that’s not enough if you want to be successful. Let’s have a look at what else you should do.

Part 4: Generating AI Voice From Text in Seconds

If you want your brand/company to stand out from its competition, then you should do something extraordinary. The best thing you can do is to add voice-overs to your presentations, social media videos, and other content.

How? Well, it’s super easy. Just use VoxBox.

It’s a cutting-edge TTS Voice Generator that can create engaging audio clips for you just from your text. Simply type a script, and choose a voice. It will generate an entertaining audio file for you within seconds.

voxbox interface shortcut

Let’s see VoxBox's key features now to see whether this tool is right for you or not.

Key Features:

  • VoxBox has over 3,200 voices, including celebrity voices. You can choose any to create a voiceover/voice note for your brand videos.

  • All the voices sound natural, and no one will be able to tell that they were generated by an AI tool.

  • You can also edit the voice clip generated by VoxBox. You can adjust volume, speed, pitch, sound effects, and much more.

  • It also lets you record your own voice.

So, don’t just rely on a professional logo. Create engaging brand awareness videos or presentations by using VoxBox.

Watch this Video to know more about VoxBox!

voxbox youtube video

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Part 5: FAQs About AI Logo Generator From Text

1. Which is the best AI logo generator text?

Picsart is the best AI logo generator you can use. You can create any logo for any industry with it within seconds. In addition, you can also try Looka, Appy Pie Design, and other tools we’ve discussed here.

2. Is There Any Free AI Logo Generator from Text?

You can use the free plans of the AI logo generators. However, note that you might not be able to enjoy premium features or share the logo.


All-inclusive, we discussed the top five AI text logo generators in this guide. You can use any to create engaging logos just by typing descriptions. However, if you want your brand or business to look professional, then it’s important you also create excellent branding videos and presentations.

For this, always use VoxBox. This text-to-speech AI Voice Generator can create engaging voice clips in over 3200 voices. It's also fast and user-friendly, which means you will be able to generate the audio easily within seconds.

That’s not it. This tool also gives you the flexibility to customize the audio clip or record your own voice. So, don’t just use Logo Maker; download VoxBox, too!

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