Pixar is widely known for creating some of the most impressive digital animations in the past 2 decades. Their animation style is legendary and known for its uniqueness and beauty. Thankfully, you can now use a Pixar AI generator to create Pixar-like art on your own. Whether you want to create AI generated Pixar movies or posters, there are AI tools to help you achieve that!

pixar ai generator

Part 1. What is a Pixar AI Generator?

The Pixar AI generator is made with the idea of helping you transform regular images into AI artwork or in some cases, even AI movies. The Pixar AI generator free knows the unique Pixar style, and now you can transform any regular image to fit that style. That’s what sets it apart, since you can finally design some incredible images quickly and easily.

what is pixar ai generator

Part 2. Top 6 Pixar AI Generators for Movies or Posters

When you want to find a good free AI face animator, you will struggle figuring out the best solutions. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps which can deliver exceptional animation, many even free of charge.

1) GenAI

The Disney Pixar AI generator from GenAI is widely known for helping you create great Pixar-like imagers with the use of AI. What makes this tool unique and very powerful is that it delivers a very colorful and creative. The way it works is you send a prompt, and they will generate the image. Or you add your own image and they customize it for you. Now you’ll have your own Pixar image as you always wanted. Plus, you use it via adding the prompt, input and pressing the Generate button!

Price: Free


Key Features:

  • A very immersive and creative visual design

  • Transform any image into a Pixar-style picture

  • Share your own prompt to create Disney like images

  • Very simple to customize everything

  • You can modify the sampling steps, height, width


yesA great tool for anyone that wants to create Pixar images

yesVersatile and very easy to customize

yesIt’s a solid AI Pixar dog generator


noIt can be confusing to use in the beginning

How to Use?

#Step1:Enter the website and write your prompt

#Step2:Make sure that you create a detailed prompt with all the info needed

#Step3:Wait for the app to generate your image

#Step4:Once the image is generated, you can download and use it.

2) Cohesive

Cohesive also has a great Pixar AI generator. It can be a great Pixar AI movie posters generator, since with your input you can easily choose the desired ideas, and the app delivers. They can help create a versatile, Pixar-like image style that’s visually stunning. And you also have all kinds of clever ideas and a rewarding quality. You just have to share your prompt and see the result, then re-try again if you want another prompt.


cohesive ai pixar

Key Features:

  • An immersive and extraordinary visual style

  • Create a multitude of images

  • A very Pixar-like style

  • Images are generated very fast


yesIt’s a very clever, quick image generator

yesYou can do some great AI generated Pixar posters

yesIf you dislike the result, you can try again

yesPick from multiple visual styles


noIt’s expensive if you want the paid version

How to Use?

#Step1:After choosing the Pixar style from Cohesive, you can select the aspect ratio and also what you want to exclude

#Step2:Insert info about the image, location, color and objects, anything you need.

#Step3:Press Go and wait for the app to generate your content

#Step4:Now you can use it in any project you want.

3) Disney Pixar AI Generator

It’s a very comprehensive and adjustable Pixar AI generator. The app is made to help infuse your images with the iconic Pixar style. Additionally, it gets to imbue your images with the Disney style, without hampering their unique quality. You add your prompt, and the app will automatically generate everything necessary. That makes it an exceptional tool for anyone who loves animation.

disney pixar ai generator

Key Features:

  • You get to create stunning Pixar images

  • It’s a really good AI Pixar dog generator

  • A fast Disney Pixar AI generator

  • You can use it for free


yesVery immersive and customizable

yesIf you dislike the result, you can try again

yesThe prompts can be very detailed

yesEnhance images with a clever, unique style


noCan get confusing to use at first

How to Use?

#Step1:Enter the generator and write a prompt or choose one of the examples

#Step2:Press the Generate button

#Step3:After generating the image, the app will show it

#Step4:You are free to download and use the image

4) Fotor

Fotor’s Pixar AI generator is very quick and it does a stellar job at creating beautiful images. You have two options, either you choose an image you transform into the Pixar style at first. Or you use text to describe what you want. You have multiple styles to choose from, including cartoony or modern ones. That allows a vast and very detailed, comprehensive way to design your own art.

The Fotor Pixar AI generator is a wonderful tool that helps you create dreamlike photos without any type of design knowledge. It’s visually imposing, but also creative and immersive.

Price:5 images for free, 100 credits a month for $7.19 a month.

fotor disney pixar ai generator

Key Features:

  • Transform your images into Disney masterpieces

  • Design cute posters with the Pixar style

  • Very good avatars for social media

  • Switch your prompts when needed


yesAn exciting and visually appealing style

yesYou can either describe via text or use images

yesThe images are generated quickly

yesA vast number of details can be added


noEvery image will cost a credit, you can’t redo unless you pay

How to Use?

#Step1:Enter the app and choose to either use an image or text as your input

#Step2:If you chose to add text, you need to include as much info as possible

#Step3:Pick the style, model version and aspect ratio

#Step4:After you generate the image, you can modify it.

5) LightX

The idea of using this Pixar AI generator is great, because you have a powerful generator able to create images within minutes. The app is very powerful, and they do a stellar job at creating images from your photos. Of course, they also have a text prompt system you can use. Prompts can be extremely detailed if you want, which further adds to the quality and appeal of these images.

Used properly, the tool will make it very easy for you to design exceptional AI images with the Pixar style. That’s why it can be seen as one of the top Disney Pixar AI generator options out there. You can easily download the image you generated and modify it with other tools, if you want.

Price:10 daily image credits for free, 1000 credits a month for $4.

lightx pixar ai generator

Key Features:

  • An insanely creative Pixar AI generator

  • Upload images or describe photos quickly

  • Efficient and very dependable to use

  • It works with vastly different prompts

  • Turn yourself into a Disney/Pixar character


yesStart creating Pixar characters with your prompts

yesA very powerful and distinct design

yesMimic some of the top Pixar characters


noSome images are not very cartoony

How to Use?

#Step1:Upload the photo that you want in the Pixar style

#Step2:Write info about how your image would need to look and what details are important for you

#Step3:Press Generate to create the image and then you can download it for your desired use

6) Disney AI Poster Generator

With the Disney AI Poster Logo Disney AI Poster Generator you can actively create some amazing and stunning cartoony images. The look is stunning, and the quality you get here is among some of the best. You can also transform existing images, all without coding or design skills. It’s a top tier free Pixar AI generator for people that like using this type of tools.

Price:Free to use, if you want to upload photos and access faster generation it costs $5.9 for 30 image credits or $12.9 for 100 credits.

disney ai poster generator

Key Features:

  • Very good image based AI generation

  • Use prompts to generate Pixar like images

  • Every creation can be fully customized

  • It’s delivering a stellar AI integration


yesThe visual style is impressive

yesYou can easily use images or prompts

yesModify images the way you want

yesIt’s possible to generate many images


noSometimes multiple tries are required

How to Use?

#Step1:You will need to enter the website and start by creating a prompt

#Step2:Add extra inputs like CFG scale, sampling steps, seed, image size and negative prompts

#Step3:Press Generate, wait until the image is delivered and then you can download it!

Part3: Faqs About Pixar AI Generator

1.How can you choose the ideal Pixar AI generator?

It’s important to create a list with the type of image you want to use, the character styles that are supported, and the visual quality you need from it. Other things to consider would be the image generation speed, if you can make any changes to the image output and how much it will cost you to create more images, if you are charged for that.

2.Do the image generators allow text prompts?

Most Pixar AI image generators offer support for text prompts. Some of them will come with demo prompts that you can use in order to create images. However, you can also write your own detailed prompts to give an idea about what character you want created. There are also tools can transform your own image into a Pixar-style one.

3.Is it possible to undo the image you generated and create a new one?

Some of the AI generators will charge you a credit for any image you create. Free generators won’t do that, they allow you to create multiple images without any charge. However, they can be less detailed or slower in regards to the generation process!


These tools are an exceptional Pixar AI generator, and you can use them every day. In addition, you can start customizing your creation or use images, even text prompts to share your ideas. Every image has the potential to be a unique Pixar-like creation, which is why you have to give these a try!

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