Icons are graphics that allow you to differentiate your app or website from any others on the market. Creating an icon usually requires a lot of design knowledge. However, an AI icon generator helps you create icons without any experience. A generative AI icon tool helps you create amazing icons in just a few steps. Do you want to create an AI icon? There are lots of tools to assist you. These are versatile, and you can easily create all kinds of cool icons fast.

ai icon generator

Part 1. Why People Need an AI Icon Generator?

An AI icon tool allows you to generate icons in just a few seconds. The main idea behind these AI icon tools is to design an amazing icon in a few seconds.

Hiring a designer can be very expensive, and you might need lots of revisions. With a paid or free AI icon generator, you remove the hassle. You have an AI icon maker that takes the guesswork out of this process. You get to create amazing icons fast, and if you need revisions, you can either modify or generate new icons.

Part 2. Top 10 Free AI Icon Generators for Apps/Website/Brand Icons

1) Icon Generator AI

Icon Generator AI offers a very simple way to create any icon. It requires you to describe a prompt with your icon, and then you choose the primary color, model type and style. Then you just create the desired icon. It’s a simple and you can use credits only as needed. The app is inexpensive, and the outputs are quite good.

icon generator ai

Key Features:

  • You can easily create icons in various styles

  • Manage your icon collection

  • Diverse number of icon presets

  • An affordable set of tools


yesYou can start using this for a cheap price

yesTons of great icon styles

yesA very simple process

yesChange the prompt at any time


noMeant for simple icons

How to use:

#Step1: Add the image prompt

#Step2: Pick the primary color and model type

#Step3: Choose the icon style

#Step4: Select the number of images in that style


Price: 1 credit used per image, $5 for 50 credits.

2) Logo AI Icon Generator

When it comes to icon generator AI tools, the Logo AI Icon Generator is impeccable. The tool itself needs just simple input and once you add it in, you are good to go. That’s what we like about it, the app delivers an exceptional quality, and it’s also not very expensive. Even if you have 0 design experience, you can generate stellar icons with this.

logo ai icon generator

Key Features:

  • A great way to generate icons without design knowledge

  • Pick from many different styles

  • You can generate multiple icons at once

  • It’s possible to change the prompt


yesIt’s one of the best and simplest AI icon generator tools

yesYou have efficient, seamless prompt systems

yesThe possibility to generate 2 or more icons at once


noSometimes it might not generate what you need

How to use:

#Step1: Add the text prompts showing what you want to do

#Step2: Pick the style you want

#Step3: Choose how many you need

#Step4: Download the generated icon or try another prompt


Price: $29 for 100 AI credits, 2 credits used per image.

3) Iconify AI

Iconify AI is a solid generative AI icon tool. It’s not a free AI icon generator, but it makes up for that with a very powerful generation engine and stunning results. You will like the fact that it guides you through the process. Even as a newcomer, you can have great results. The visual style is exceptional, and you can choose from tons of unique styles and ideas.

iconify ai

Key Features:

  • Create some incredible AI icon ideas

  • The icons are ready to use

  • Tons of styles, like vintage, mascot, gradient or sketch

  • You can pick the desired icon colors


yesYou get to create icons with amazing personality

yesA very immersive visual style for your icons

yesBatch icon creation


noIt can get expensive if you’re not specific with the prompts

How to use:

#Step1: Write down the desired prompt for each image

#Step2: Pick the primary icon color

#Step3: Select the style

#Step4: Write how many icons you need and press Generate

#Step5: Download the icon and use it


Price: 1 credit per generated image, $9 for 40 credits, $19 for 100 credits.

4) Icon Wizard AI

Icon Wizard AI is one of those great AI icon generator tools with a simple premise. It asks you what icon to create, the style and colors you want, and then it does that for you. If you’re not sure what prompt you should use, you can start using some of their examples and ideas. It’s one of the top tier AI generators for icons.

icon wizard ai

Key Features:

  • A great tool for simple icon generation

  • 11 styles you can choose from

  • A stunning, vibrant and immersive art style

  • Great for batch creation


yesIt gives a nice way to generate icons

yesTons of designs, including 3D ones

yesVetted tool for multiple item creations

yesYou can be very specific or vague with the prompt


noThe icon success rate hangs in your hands, since you choose the icon style

How to use:

#Step1: Insert the prompt that you want to transform into an icon

#Step2: Pick one of the colors

#Step3: Select the style from the 11 offered ones

#Step4: Choose the icon number and then Generate


Price: 1 credit per icon, you can get 100 credits for $7

5) Taskade AI

Taskage has a unique AI system that allows you to create all kinds of icons. The interface is very complex and it will feel overwhelming at first. That’s why it’s a better idea to use the apps first. But even with the web tool, it checks the boxes, it gives you a good way to generate icons, and you can have specific icons for any platform. They create regular favicons, but also social media or icons to organize stuff.

taskade ai website icons generator

Key Features:

  • An exceptional complexity for an AI icon generator

  • You can choose what style of icon you want

  • Everything is done from a single workplace

  • You have control over the output and customization options


yesA reliable and powerful AI icon tool

yesIt’s not very expensive

yesLots of organizational features


noNot enough guidance

How to use:

#Step1: Create a workspace and choose the type of icon you want

#Step2: Use the guidance from your AI to fill up the project info

#Step3: Create an icon and then see if you like it

#Step4: You can modify the icon or download the current one


Price: 1000 AI credits offered for free, $4 a month for unlimited credits

6) Icon AI

Icon AI is a fun to use AI icon generator. The main idea behind this tool is it allows you to create a plethora of icons quick and easy. You can start with simple icons and then move on to more complex ones. The focus is on seamlessness, and you only pay for the icons you generate.

icon ai

Key Features:

  • A 4-step, simple process

  • You can be very creative with prompts

  • The app also has a catalog of samples

  • Numerous customization features


yesA solid icon generator for non-designers

yesTheir interface is customizable

yesYou are free to create as many icons as you want


noQuite expensive, so there’s pressure to not mess up

How to use:

#Step1: Add the prompt with all your icon details

#Step2: Select the style

#Step3: Now you can choose the color

#Step4: Finish up and download the icon


Price: $2.5 for 10 credits

7) Appyie Free AI App Icon Maker

Appyie has a very simple AI icon generator that’s really good at helping you create icons. It’s all hands off for you, the idea is to add prompts and all required info. Then the AI takes it over and it creates the icon for you. That’s a nice change of pace, yet it still offers you a very powerful AI system to manage the entire process quickly.

appyie free ai app icon maker

Key Features:

  • Learn how to create versatile icons

  • Tons of templates to choose from

  • You can preview every template

  • Numerous customization options for icons


yesIt’s a very seamless way for you to create icons

yesThe template library is large

yesYou receive guidance and assistance


noMost editing is locked behind a paywall

How to use:

#Step1: Write down your prompt idea

#Step2: Select the style and visual indications

#Step3: Generate the icon

#Step4: Modify or download the icon


Pricing: $7 a month

8) AI Logo Maker

The tool from Logo.com is actually quite simple to use. You have a few steps to go through, and it will create a variety of fresh icons for you to use. The entire process takes under a minute, and the tool itself is very creative. You’ll have access to a whole bunch of great icons, all ready to use right away.

ai logo maker

Key Features:

  • A very intuitive and powerful AI tool

  • You can fully optimize and customize every icon

  • Complete editing toolkit for icons

  • It offers complex guidance and support


yesA one of a kind logo creation tool

yesYou can add everything from a slogan to keywords

yesEvery icon can be modified


noPaywall-locked features

How to use:

#Step1: Write down the business name

#Step2: Select a slogan

#Step3: Include up to 5 keywords

#Step4: Generate the icon

#Step5: Modify the icon the way you want


Pricing: $12 a month or $10 a month if you choose the yearly package

9) IconGen

IconGen has a very creative visual style, without imposing any specific features. It does an exceptional job at being easy to use, but also you can choose different shapes and styles. The end result is very good, and you can usually access credits for a pretty nice deal. That being said, even if you join the website, they give you 5 credits for free to test it out.


Key Features:

  • It’s a very solid AI icon maker

  • The AI guides through your process

  • Select any icon color and shape

  • Numerous icon styles to choose from

  • Batch creation system available


yesYou don’t have to spend lots of time on icon generation

yesThe entire process is very easy to fulfill

yesNo experience required

yesCreate tons of icons fast


noSome icons are not very detailed

How to use:

#Step1: Add the prompt

#Step2: Select the icon color

#Step3: Choose the icon shape

#Step4: Select the icon style you want


Pricing: $5 for 40 icons

10) Designs.ai Logo Maker

Designs.ai is a vetted tool for all logo creators. The thing that makes it very impressive is the quality it provides, but also the unique attention to detail. If you are passionate about creating logos quickly and with an interesting design, this will be more than enough. It does cost a little, but in general you’re getting your money’s worth here.

designs.ai logo maker

Key Features:

  • A very powerful way to create logos

  • You receive complete guidance and support

  • Generate a lot of logos very fast

  • You can fully edit any generated logo


yesA solid option for newcomers

yesGenerate and then edit icons

yesA very dependable and fast AI system

yesSuitable even for brand identity creation


noIt does get quite expensive

How to use:

#Step1: Add the business name and your industry

#Step2: Insert the slogan

#Step3: Pick the desired style

#Step4: Choose the right coloring

#Step5: Add icons, where needed

#Step6:Pick and then modify the generated icon you like


Pricing: $25 a month

Part3: Faqs About AI Icon Generator

1. How much time does it take to generate an icon?

A generative AI icon tool takes under 10 seconds to generate an icon. However, due to complexity, it might take a bit more in some cases.

2. Are these icons yours to keep?

Yes, unless stated otherwise, all the icons will be yours, and you can download them at any time if you choose to.

3. Is it ok to use AI generated icons for commercial use?

It’s imperative to check the overall guidance and legal pages of the AI generator. Generally, these might be usable for commercial use, but it’s a good idea to read any info if available.


Each one of these tools can be a very good AI icon generator for your requirements. It always depends on what features you want, but also the type of industry you work in. One thing is certain, all of these can be exceptional, it’s imperative to narrow down your budget, icon style and what you want to design. Then these tools can help bring your vision to life.

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