With AI girlfriend online free tool arriving to the market, you can now talk to a virtual girlfriend without putting any extra effort. Thanks to the AI girl friend chat, users have the opportunity to share opinions and emotions.

Whether you're looking to get the queries of certain things or would love to know how to talk to the girls, the AI girlfriend websites will come handy. Tune into this post to explore the 10 magnificent and top notch free AI girlfriend tools to initiate a breathtaking conversation.

ai girlfriend websites

Part 1. Benefits of Ai Girlfriend

The idea of going for the AI girlfriend chatbot could have ethical concerns but also contain the amazing benefits listed below.


With the AI girl friend you can get the companion who can talk to you any time you'd like to

 Empathy and understanding

An AI girlfriend app holds the leverage to understand the human emotions so you can connect with the AI bot, revealing all your desires and feelings.

 Low Maintenance

You don't have to put in any extra effort establishing the relationship with the AI girl friend generator as everything will be effortless and AI generated.

Part 2. Recommend 9 Ai girlfriend Chat Online Free & Paid

1 Anima AI

With Anima AI , you can engage with the several meaningful conversations with the AI generated girlfriend. Courtesy of the lifelike text models, this tool prompts phone calls and chat resembling real conversations without doing much.

Only visiting the official website of the Anime is enough to initiate an attractive and meaningful conversation.

anima ai girlfriend


  • Roleplay & Play Chat Game
  • Personalized content: custom chatting from Shy to Flirty, Pessimistic to Optimistic, Ordinary to Mysterious.
  • AI girlfriend generator
  • Romance chatbot: Fun and flirty dating simulator with no strings attached

Price: $9.99/month, $39.99/year, $99.99 for lifetime

Rating:     4.1 star

hao Pros
  • Creates the lifelike responses
  • Getting encouragement when lacking confidence
  • Enables you to produce custom AI girlfriends easily
  • Wonderful customization options
buhao Cons
  • Limited fictional characters
  • Currently only available in English.

2 Character.ai

The Character.ai tool is in beta but can help you have meaningful and joyful conversations with your friends. Although users have complained of glitches while asking questions, this AI girlfriend app is worth trying.

Regardless of whether you're a male or female willing to chat with strangers, this anime girlfriend ai tool won't disappoint you.

character ai girlfriend


  • Customizable personality and appearance
  • AI characters come up with personality traits.

Price: $9.99/month

Rating:      4.5 star

hao Pros
  • Prompts the several customization options
  • Explore the conversational interactions
  • Lets you produce your AI character
buhao Cons
  • You may face stability issues since it is still in the beta process

3 Romantic AI:

Romantic AI relies upon the personalized and romantic experience, allowing you to produce meaningful and deep responses. This AI girlfriend, too, comes up with a human-like interaction, generating a genuinely good girlfriend experience.

Customizing the girlfriend's appearance is also simple, and you can explore the multiple unique things in the AI-generated characters.

romantic ai girlfriend online


  • Virtual date experiences
  • Personalized compliments and messages
  • Involve in human like conversation

Price: Ranges between $4 and $20

hao Pros
  • User friendly
  • Good visuals
  • Fun activities and games
buhao Cons
  • Might face difficulty generating the genuine responsess

4 GirlfriendGPT

Girlfriend GPT is another excellent and most talked AI girlfriend chatbot that empowers you to have fun chatting with strangers.

You can select a girl you want to have a conversation with, and that's all you've had to do to fulfill your desire to feel love with someone.


  • Supports NSFW content.
  • Explore the several prolific personality traits.
  • Personalized messages, chatting, and image-sharing

Price: $9.99/month

hao Pros
  • Language Support: English, French, Spanish, German
  • Allows you to have a meaningful conversation
  • Prompts the image sharing and chatting
buhao Cons
  • Conversational depth has some limitations.

5 Miniapps.ai

With miniapps.ai, you've got the chance to explore a world with strangers. After visiting the official website miniappa.ai, you can select a girl you'd love to talk to and initiate a meaningful and purposeful conversation with her.

The interface of this tool is manageable, and you'll only need to put in a little effort to have fun with the AI-generated characters offered by miniappa.ai.

miniapps ai girlfriend chatbot


  • Explore the amazing dating experience
  • Conversational AI girlfriend
  • Share the images and personalized messages

Price: Free

hao Pros
  • Tons of AI girlfriends available
  • Explore the complete dating experience
  • Contain the special outfits and characters
buhao Cons
  • You may find it difficult to under the context of ai characters

6 Live3d

Although the AI-generated characters are limited in the Live3D, this tool surely meets your expectations when producing top-notch conversations with your girlfriends. You can share the feelings with the stranger and can ask her to hold you in a good position so your depression goes away.

live3d ai girlfriend


  • Prompts the 3D animated avatar
  • AI girlfriend generator
  • Prompts the customizable appearance

Price: $8.9/month

hao Pros
  • Comes up with the 3D animated avatar
  • Visually more engaging than more tools.
buhao Cons
  • Limited anime girlfriend ai characters

7 Avatar.one

If you're not satisfied with the outcome of all the AI girlfriend online free tools, you can aim at the options like avatar.one. It prompts the simple user interface and only asks you to visit the official website and select the desired AI generated character to initiate the meaningful and fruitful conversations.

avatarone 3d ai girlfriend simulator


  • Personalized messages and interactions
  • Allows you to customize the appearance of ai characters
  • Easy to use

Price: Free

hao Pros
  • No installation needed
  • Allows you to have a thorough conversation
  • Prompts the several AI-generated characters
buhao Cons
  • Limited interactivity

8 Candy AI

Candy.ai is also a relevant free AI girl website that comes up with the commendable AI characters based upon the natural language processing offering the effortless user interface. It holds the credentials to learn the interests enabling you to discuss anything, including daily life, fears, most profound desires. Candy empowers you to style the AI girlfriend with hairstyles, makeup, clothing, and more.

candy sexy ai girlfriend website


  • Virtual data experience
  • Easy to use
  • Chatting with the AI girlfriend
  • No installation required

Price: $5/month

hao Pros
  • Prompts the genuine connections and offers the user privacy
  • Updates the AI character roster regularly
buhao Cons
  • Real time conversation feature isn't available

9 Boredhumans

Boredhumans could be another AI girlfriend online free generator that stimulates several AI-generated characters to choose from.

From allowing you to talk to strangers to enabling you to release your depression by sharing your feelings,Boredhumans has got all the basics covered.

ai girlfriend web


  • Explore the several prolific AI generated characters
  • Change the outfits of the character

Price: $10/month

hao Pros
  • Easy to use
  • No installation needed
  • No sign up required
  • Chat with the strangers quickly
buhao Cons
  • Some of the AI-generated characters don't respond appropriately.

Part 3: Recommend Ai Girlfriend Voice Website

Would you like to customize your AI girlfriend's voice, or change your voice to a female one? Here, we recommend MagicMic AI Voice Changer. It is the best real-time voice changer for online chatting, gaming, and streaming. With over 300 AI voices, you can easily transform your voice into various anime characters or celebrity voices.

ai girlfriend voice website

Try It Free

If you're not fond of the AI girlfriend's voice, you can switch to a different female voice, such as sexy female voice, Taylor Swift, Lisa, and more. Additionally, by using a voice changer, you can protect your privacy or add more fun during gaming, and nobody will know who you are.

ai girlfriend voice software


That's all we've had from this guide, where we've listed the amazing AI girlfriend online free tools. With these tools, you can initiate meaningful and purposeful conversations with your friends, enjoying your time to the fullest.

We have also listed the pros and cons of these AI girlfriend chat tools to help you understand more about these mind blowing AI girlfriend websites.