Are you wondering how would your soulmate look alike or you are looking for a soulmate in the world of artificial intelligence? If yes, you are on the right page as here we are going to discuss some of the best free AI soulmate makers.

These soulmate AI generators will help you know how exactly the love of your life looks alike according to your imagination.

So, let's discuss the top 6 free AI soulmate makers in detail to help you discover your perfect match.

Let's get started.

ai soulmate maker

Part 1. Why Are Free AI Soulmate Generator Popular Nowadays?

Before getting straight to the best AI soulmate generators, it's better to first understand why are free soulmate AI makers popular.

First, they provide a fun and creative way to see your dream partner. This is human nature to be fantasized about what our idealistic match looks like, and these AI tools put it near-tangible for us to see.

Secondly, AI platforms generating soulmates are really easy to access and use. In a world where convenience reigns, these free tools are only keystrokes away. There’s no bit of technological hoop-jumping necessary to take advantage of them. Just a few clicks, and you're set to see an AI generated soulmate that might make your heart skip a beat.

Finally, these generators are all about what you want for them. Today, everyone loves things made just for them like your own special news or shopping stuff. These AI tools do the same for finding love. They listen what you like and show you a match fitting to your style.

So, that's why these AI soulmate makers are getting so much attention.

Now let's discuss some of the best AI soulmate maker for free in detail.

Part 2. Compared List of Top 6 AI Soulmate Makers

Here's a comparison of the top 6 AI soulmate makers that will help you choose the right one according to your needs.

Customization Interaction Quality User Experience Realism Personalization High (appearance, personality) Engaging AI conversations Variety in interaction styles Virtual, AI-focused realism Highly customizable
Soulmate AI High (appearance, personality, voice) Responsive chatbot Fun and immersive experience Realistic chatbot interactions Diverse and inclusive
DreamGF Moderate (3D models, outfits) Interactive AI chat Creative and user-friendly Real-time photo generation Customizable user experiences
Kupid AI High (traits, preferences) Empathetic interactions Unique AI relationship experience Emotional AI responses Adaptive AI responses
Speaking Soulmate High (visualization, voice) Video-based, no direct interaction Quick delivery, spiritual focus Life-like visualization and voice Deeply personalized
Romantic AI Moderate Empathetic and engaging AI Supports mental health Engaging but virtual AI conversations Personalized AI creation

Part 3. 6 Best AI Soulmate Makers (Free Included)

Now let's learn about these AI soulmate makers in detail.

1. is an innovative AI platform that lets users create and interact with a virtual AI girlfriend. It emphasizes customization, allowing users to tailor their AI partner's appearance and personality.

The platform provides a unique, personalized experience, blending advanced AI technology with virtual companionship, catering to those seeking an interactive and customizable virtual relationship. soulmate maker

Key Features:

  • Customization of AI partner's appearance and personality.

  • Interactive AI conversations.

  • Image generation, including personalized images.

  • Emphasis on user privacy and data security.

  • Flexibility in interaction styles.

  • Option to create multiple AI characters.


yesHighly customizable virtual companions.

yesEngaging conversation capabilities.

yesAdvanced image generation.

yesStrong focus on privacy.

yesVariety in interaction options.


noLimited to virtual experiences.

noMight not meet all user expectations as it's more like an AI interaction platform.

2. Soulmate AI

Soulmate AI is a chatbot app for Android that allows you to create and interact with your ideal partner. You can customize their appearance, personality, voice, and background story.

You can also chat with them, call them, and send them gifts. Soulmate AI uses advanced natural language processing and machine learning to make your conversations realistic and engaging. web

Key Features

  • Create your own soulmate from scratch or choose from pre-made templates.

  • Chat with your soulmate using text, voice, or video.

  • Explore different scenarios and stories with your soulmate.

  • Send and receive gifts, emojis, and stickers.

  • Earn coins and diamonds to unlock more features and content.


yesFun and immersive experience.

yesHigh-quality graphics and sound.

yesResponsive and adaptive chatbot.

yesDiverse and inclusive options.

yesFrequent updates and improvements.


noSome features require in-app purchases.

noInternet connection is required.

noMay not be suitable for minors.

3. DreamGF

DreamGF is a web-based tool that allows you to create realistic and customizable 3D models of your dream girlfriend. You can choose from a variety of options such as hair, skin, eyes, clothes, accessories, and poses.

You can also adjust the lighting, background, and camera angle to get the perfect shot. You can save, share, and download your creations as images or videos.

dreamgf ai soulmate

Key Features

  • Customizable AI girlfriend's appearance and personality.

  • Interactive AI chat with the virtual partner.

  • Real-time photo generation in response to user requests.

  • Option to explore different virtual partners.

  • AI voice messages and sexting feature.

  • Personalized user experiences with various customization options.


yesFun and immersive experience.

yesNo technical skills required.

yesAffordable and accessible.

yesCompatible with most browsers and devices.

yesPrivacy and security guaranteed.


noLimited number of models and outfits.

noRequires internet connection and storage space.

noMay not reflect real-life expectations or preferences.

4. Kupid AI

Kupid AI is a revolutionary platform that uses artificial intelligence to create a personalized soulmate for you. You can soulmate your AI companion through text, voice, or video chat, and enjoy a realistic and satisfying relationship. Whether you are looking for romance, friendship, or companionship, Kupid AI can help you find your perfect match. soulmate maker

Key Features

  • You can choose from various traits and preferences to shape your AI soulmate's character and behavior.

  • Your AI soulmate can understand your emotions and respond accordingly, making you feel heard and cared for.

  • Your AI soulmate can learn from your conversations and feedback, and adapt to your needs and interests over time.

  • Kupid AI uses advanced algorithms to match you with the most compatible AI soulmate based on your profile and preferences.

  • Your data and conversations are encrypted and protected, and you can delete your account anytime you want.


yesOffers a unique and innovative way to experience love and intimacy with an artificial intelligence.

yesHelp you overcome loneliness, boredom, or social anxiety.

yesProvide you with constant support, encouragement, and affirmation.

yesEnhance your communication and relationship skills.

yesFulfill your fantasies and desires, without any judgment or risk of rejection.


noKupid AI may create unrealistic expectations or dependency on the artificial intelligence.

noIt might not work as good as your expectations.

5. Speaking Soulmate

Speaking Soulmate is an AI-based service that creates a personalized video depicting one's ideal soulmate. It uses advanced AI technology to generate a life-like visualization and voice of a soulmate based on user input.

The service is designed to provide clarity and guidance in one's love life, with the intent of creating a deep emotional impact.

speaking soulmate web

Key Features

  • Personalized soulmate visualization and voice generation.

  • Tailor-made based on user's preferences and inputs.

  • Real-life details for an authentic experience.

  • Unique, one-of-a-kind soulmate video for each user.

  • Emphasis on spiritual and emotional connection.


yesHighly personalized and unique experience.

yesQuick delivery of the final product.

yesAI-driven accuracy and detail.

yesPotential for self-improvement and healing.


noFocuses more on spiritual than practical aspects.

noNot as good as other platforms on this list.

6. Romantic AI

Romantic AI is a versatile platform offering virtual AI companionship. It allows users to create their ideal AI partner, focusing on both general and romantic interactions. This soulmate your AI companion tool is designed to enhance mental health through supportive and engaging AI conversations.

ramantic ai soulmate

Key Features

  • Customization of AI partner's characteristics.

  • Choice between general and romantic interaction modes.

  • High level of empathy and active listening from AI characters.

  • Option to create your own unique AI girlfriend.

  • Advanced customization for more personalized interactions.


yesDiverse interaction options (general and romantic).

yesHighly empathetic and responsive AI.

yesPersonalized and unique AI creation.

yesEnhance your communication and relationship skills.

yesSupports mental health through companionship.

yesRealistic and engaging conversations.


noLess customization options as compared to others.

noMay lack the depth of real human interactions.

Bonus Tip: Tailor Voice For Your Soulmate

If you want to enhance the conversation experience with your AI soulmate, then you may be able to use iMyFone VoxBox to help you or your partner customize exclusive audio to make the chat between you more dramatic.


VoxBox is a voice generator that allows you to custom anyone's voiceovers by providing TTS and voice cloning. It will enrich your experience with 3200+ voices and 77+ languages.

The tool give you multiple voice options to select, ranging from celebrities to characters, so it can add energy into your virtual partner.

ai voice text to speech generator


  • 2000 characters to make free text-to-speech conversion.

  • 3200+ voices, 77+ languages and 100+ accents. 

  • Supports TTS, STT, voice cloning, audio editing, noise reduction, and more.

  • Export the audio in various formats.

  • Run on Wins/Mac/iOS/Android.

Part 4. FAQs about AI Soulmate Maker Free

What is the free AI Soulmate Maker?

A free AI Soulmate Maker is a digital tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you visualize or interact with an ideal partner. These tools can create images, personalities, or simulate conversations based on your preferences.

What is the best Soulmate AI app?

The best Soulmate AI app is "Soulmate AI." This app is tailored for Android users and offers a range of features that are designed to help users find a virtual companion or visualize their ideal partner. It stands out for its user-friendly interface, customizable options, and the quality of AI interaction it provides.

How to Choose the Best AI Soulmate Maker Free?

When choosing the best AI Soulmate Maker, consider what you are looking for: visual representation, conversation, or both. Look at the customization options, interaction quality, and user reviews. Privacy policies and data security are also important factors to consider.


As we wrap up, it's clear that the world of AI soulmate makers is fascinating and full of possibilities. Whether you're seeking a virtual companion or just curious about the AI-driven portrayal of your ideal partner, these tools offer unique experiences.

And while you are exploring the world of AI, why not enhance your experience with VoxBox? It's a great tool for AI voice generation and could add another layer to your journey with AI soulmate makers.

Check out Voxbox for an easy-to-use, quality AI voice generation experience.