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Media AI Tools for You

We focus on voice changer, text to speech, watermark & background remover, and video editor.

MagicMic-Best Real Time Voice Changer

  • Change your voice in real-time with 300+ AI voice filters.
  • 800+ soundboard sound effects and memes for funny atmosphere.
  • Voice emulator directly in games, online chatting, streaming, etc.
  • Voice recording and audio file voice change are supported.
  • RVC AI voice model- Make the voice sound so realistic.

VoxBox - AI TTS Voice Generator

  • Text-to-speech in 150+ languages & 3200+ voices.
  • Realistic AI voices for voiceover, podcast, dub, storytelling,etc.
  • AI voice cloning to custom anybody's voice.
  • Speech to text, text to song, voice record, audio edit are supported.
  • Easy-to-use with intuitive interface.

MusicAI - Make Song Sing Your Lyrics

  • 3000+ artist AI cover models of various types.
  • Advanced AI to create expressive covers.
  • Simply isolate vocals from tracks and videos.
  • Intuitive controls and clear instructions for ease using.

Filme - Best Video Editor for Beginners

  • Support up to 10 video and audio tracks,easily edit complicated project.
  • Freely change your video speed to enhance the visual effect.
  • Simply cover private parts with different mosaic shapes.
  • Auto fill black spaces if the aspect ratio doesn't fit your video.
  • Create smooth and seamless blur transtion like a film.

MarkGo - Effective Watermark Remover

  • Remove watermark from video and photo without blur.
  • Erace logo/object/people from photo and video.
  • AI Remove watermark, sticker, emoji and mosaic in 1-click.
  • Batch remove without quality loss.

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iMyFone MagicMic helps in real-time voice modification. It comes with the most natural voice changing effects. Works perfectly on Discord and gaming program like Call of Dt

測試下來,不得不說 iMyFone Filme 確實是一款很不錯的影片剪輯軟體,剪輯工具齊全,內建大量免費素材(連投影幻燈片樣板都有)、獨特的趣味功能,不僅能大幅提升剪片的速度,還能使影片變得更有趣,剪輯起來很有彈性。

If you are looking for a simple to use video editing tool for slideshows with both basic and advanced editing, go with iMyFone Filme - the best alternative to other advanced video editors that are complex to use.

iMyFone Filme là phần mềm chỉnh sửa video đa tính năng cho máy tính, phù hợp với mọi đối tượng người dùng.

Em síntese, podemos definir o iMyFone Filme como um software adaptado e ideal tanto para uma edição simples e básica, como para uma edição mais séria e completa.

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