After working long hours in the office, you'd have wanted to have some fun to relax. There are many ways to have fun but altering your voice and pranking your friends is still one of the most exciting ways to spread laughs.You can use various voice filters to surprise your friends but altering the male voice into a woman's voice has a separate fan base.

Do you know about a reliable male to female voice changer?

This article will brief you about the fascinating male to female voice changers for Windows,Mac,iOS,Android and online.

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Part 1: 4 Male to Female Voice Changer for Mac/Windows

1. iMyfone MagicMic [Mac and Windows]

iMyFone MagicMic is a brilliant voice changer that enables you to change your voice in real-time and apply 100+ voice filters with minimal effort.MagicMic is a perfect voice modulator that supports multiple chatting and streaming platforms, including PUBG, Twitch, Skype, etc.

Through an article I found MagicMic, is a relatively new software, not as well known as others. However,it comes with the most voice filters than other voice changers. But there's one downside to this software - some of the guides are not clear enough to understand, but luckily, there are FAQs on their webiste.

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Memory: 2.7 MBs

Price: 9.9$ for Win and 19.9$ for Mac,less than 0.2$/day

Main Functions of iMyFone MagicMic:

  • It blesses you with 100+ voice effects to change your voice real-time.
  • It offers you 300+ voice effects and 150+ voice memes to make fun on various platforms.
  • It comes with recording and audio file voice change functions at the same time.
  • You can control sounds and voices with keybinds.
  • Voice customization is supported.
  • Background sounds in-build with voice filters.


yesIt is a voice changer with the most voice filters.

yesRecording and audio file voice change are supported.

yesHotkey control makes you play games without interruption.

yesIt support to both Mac and Windows.

yesIt comes with small memory which can be download and install within few minites.

yesIt allows you to customize unique voices and name for it by yourself.


noIt is still a new product on the market and not as well known as other products.

noSome User guide isn't clear enough.

no Same icons with voice memes in one lassification, sometimes it is difficult to find them.

User Rate: 4.4

Customer Reviews:

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do girl voice changer male to female voice

2. Morphvox Pro [Mac and Windows]

Morphvox Pro Voice Changer doesn't disappoint you when providing you with built-in sounds, added effects, and multiple voice features. Despite offering professional services, it offers a manageable user interface, and you can alter your male voice into a female's voice with minimal effort. Moreover, you can also explore tons of brilliant voice filters and sound effects.

With using this app,you will be surprised with its voice effects output. Also,it provides you many sound parameters to adjust voice-changing effects. However,it is a little expensive.

morphvox pro

Memory: 9.09 MBs

Price: 39.95$

Main Functions of MorphVox pro:

  • It offers you with 50+ voice effects to change your voice real-time.
  • It offers you various sound parameters to adjust the changing effects.
  • You can change environment sounds with background sounds in-build.
  • It comes with many sounds effects.


yesThe quality of voice changing is good.

yesIt works with both Mac and Windows.

yesIt offers professional adjustment voice parameters.

yesYou can download voice and sound packs separately.


noIt is more expensive than others.

noIt's Mac version works better than on Windows.

no The interface is a little old-fashioned.

User Rate: 4.1

Customer Reviews:

There is only MorphVox full review report availabe with they don't share software's reviews on plubic.

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3. MasqVox Changer [Windows]

Despite being a light voice changer, MasqVox Voice Changer can be an extremely useful man-to-women voice changer. It takes the funny route to convert your man's voice into a woman's voice.Apart from changing the man’s voice into a woman’s voice, you can also explore tons of more brilliant voice options.On top of that, you can use this tool on various chatting platforms and the platforms of the game that support voice chat.

It is an esay-used male to female voice changer.With the clean interface,you are able to easily find the voice you want.However,there is one thing that needs to be improved: There are no hotkey settings.For a gamer, this would be very annoying.

masqvox voicechanger interface

Memory: 2.37 MBs

Price: 14.99$

Main Functions of MasqVox:

  • It blesses you with 10+ voice effects to change your voice real-time.
  • It offers some basic sound effects like echo,reverb and chorus.
  • You can ajust the voice changing effect and favorite it.


yesIt is a real time voice changer.

yesIt allows you to adjust the voice changing effect.

yesIt is a quite lightweight software.


noThere is no any official information about this app.The safety is unknown.

noThere are few functions and voices on this software.

User Rate: 3.2

Customer Reviews:

There is no reviews about this software yet.

4. AV Voice Changer [Windows]

Although AV Voice Changer can be expensive, it can be a befitting male to female voice changer. Using this spectacular tool, you can transform your voice into a robot, child, or woman voice.

This voice changer is pretty professional and comes with many voice adjustment parameters. But it is too professional and difficult for a beginner to conduct it.


Memory: 4.0 MBs

Price: 99$

Main Functions of AV Voice Changer:

  • It allows you to record and edit any type of sound or voice.
  • It can create many sound effects.
  • Different keyboard shortcuts are supported by this Voice Changer.
  • The quality of the edited voice is commendable.


yesIt is a professional voice editor.

yesYou can use it as a sound effect maker.

yesIt offers online voice library.


noThe advertisement pop-ups irritate a lot.

noNot easy for beginners.

User Rate: 4.1

Customer Reviews:

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Part 2: 4 Male to Female Voice Changer for Mobile

Live Voice Changer won't be a bad deal if you're looking to have some fun with your friends and are interested in converting a male voice into a female voice. Despite only offering 11 voice effects, this iOS device app is fairly effective when you tend to change your voice in a live call. Although Live Voice Changer doesn't charge any penny to get installed, you can still unlock various advanced features after making an in-app purchase.

Luckily,it is a voice changer to change voice real-time on iphones. There are few voice changers offer this function. But using this app,you will find the voices are too limited.


Memory: 11.1 MBs

Price: 7$

Main Functions of Live Voice Changer:

  • It blesses you in-build voice effects.
  • It offers you in-build sound effects.
  • It works as a voice recorder too.
  • It can record in background.


yesIt is a live voice changer for iphones.

yesNot only a live voice changer but also a voice recorder.


yesIt support bluetooth and airplay output device.

yesIt offers 12-band equalizer to make voices more natural.


noYou need to pay if you want change your voice on live.

noLimited voice and sound resources.

User Rate: 4.5

Customer Reviews:

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2. Voice Changer with Effects [Android]

If you're bored of hearing your voice repeatedly and want to alter your voice during the call, go and get voice changer with effects. It comes with some of the craziest voices that can make your voice worth listening to in a live call. Hence, you can prank your friends using this tool by making your voice sound like a woman.

It is quite popular and owns high rate on google play store.There's an advertisement every once in a while. Only thing is I cant save these as an MP3 file it's only a video.

voice changer with effects app interface

Memory: 12 MBs

Price: $2.99 per item

Main Functions of Voice Changer with Effects:

  • Save recording.
  • Create image with sound.
  • Import pre-record sound.
  • Create voice from text.
  • Set export file as ringtone or notification sound.


yesIt is a many voice effects like male to female voice.

yesIt is a ringstone maker at the sametime.

yesYou can create voice for picture and video.


noThe ads will pop up often making interruption.

noThe save file can't be opened by other app.

User Rate: 4.4

Customer Reviews:


3. Voicemod - Voice Changer & FX [iOS and Android]

Voicemod on mobilephones isn't a real-time voice changer as it on Windows. Hence, you can't change your voice directly on gaming or voice chat platforms.But it allows you to prank your friends making your voice sound like a woman with recording.Using this tool, you can add mind-blowing voice filters to your voice and make it nothing less than hilarious.

Anyway,it is more a audio editor than a real-time voice changer. If you need it works same on Windows,you can think about other options.But if you need to alter voice with sound effects,it might be a good choice.

voicemod mobile app interface

Memory: 233 MBs

Price: Free

Main Functions of Voicemod- Voice Changer & FX:

  • It comes with more than 40 mind-blowing unique voice filters.
  • It also allows you to record or import the voice before modifying it.
  • You can dub videos, audio, and GIFs and add sound effects to your videos.
  • Save your finished clip to your personal gallery, share it with friends and family, or upload it to social media.


yesIt is a voice modulator with the 40+ voice filters,including male to female voice changer.

yesIt works as a voice recorder too.

yesIt is also a sound effect maker for video,audio and gifs.

yesIt support to both iOS and Android.


noIt doesn't allow you to change voice real-time.

noIt offers less and less voices on new version.

User Rate: 3.9

Customer Reviews:

voicemod mobile app review

4. Voicer Celebrity Voice Changer [Android]

Suppose you're looking for an Android voice changer that can allow you to explore tons of voice filters. In that case, Voicer Celebrity Voice Changer can be a magnificent addition to your voice changer selection.Using this unbelievable tool, you can transform your voice into any celebrity's voice quicker than you think.

celebrity voice changer interface

Memory: 22 MBs

Price: 2.99$-44.99$

Main Functions of Celebrity Voice Changer:

  • It blesses you with celebrity voices.
  • It comes with billie eilish clownfish effect.
  • You can change the audio in video clips with this program.


yesYou can find many popular celebrity voices there.

yesIt allows you record voice and use sound effcts.

yesYou can change your voice from male to female with this app.

yesIt has wide popularity on google play store.


noYou need to review before you use.

noSome voice filters works unnatrally.

User Rate: 4.3

Customer Reviews:

celebrity voice changer app review

Part 3: 3 Male to Female Voice Changer Online


If you want to convert your voice but don't want to download any application, Voice is always there.An online voice changer helps you alter your voice of recorded audio. Moreover, you can transfer your voice after speaking in the microphone. Surprisingly, it enables you to send a formal request to add new voice filters, and the website will act upon your request pretty quickly.

Through an article I found MagicMic, is a relatively new software, not as well known as others. However,it comes with the most voice filters than other voice changers. But there's one downside to this software - some of the guides are not clear enough to understand, but luckily, there are FAQs on their webiste.

voice changer io site

Price: Free

Main Functions of

  • It offers many voice changer effects.
  • Users can record new audio and apply effects on it.
  • It offers text to speech voice change.
  • Recording and audio files voice changer.


yesIt is an online voice changer program which will save time to download extra software.

yesIt is very easy even for beginner.

yesIt is also a text to speech voice generator.


noIt doesn't offer you sound effects.

noIt is not as stable as a software on pc or mobile.

2. LingoJam

Lingojam is another prestigious online female-to-male voice changer that can help you change yours with minimal effort. Getting your voice changed is fairly easy as you'll only need to record a clip or load a clip after visiting Lingojam's interface. On top of that, you can also alter the pitch of your recorded audio.

Its functions are quite limited for me with using so many voice changers. In my opinion,it is a text to speech generator than a voice changer.Since it only offers 12 voices to generate speech with pitch difference.

male to female with lingojam

Price: Free

Main Functions of Lingojam:

  • It offers variou voice changer effects.
  • You can change the pitch of voice changing.
  • It offers text to speech voice change.
  • It works as a voice recorder too.


yesIt is a free program.

yesYou don't need to waste device's memory since it is an online tool.

yesIt is also a text to speech voice generator,voice recorder and voice modulator.


noIts functions are too limited.

noThe voice effects are too normal.


Another way to convert the male voice into a female is by visiting the website. Surprisingly, this website is multi-dimensional as you can perform multiple tasks on it. For instance, it allows you to record your voice and then add and change its pitch.It comes with various breathtaking voices that can make your experience flawless.

The interface of this online tool is well designed. Moreover,it will introduce its features for you clear.It works good for me.


Price: Free

Main Functions of

  • It is a voice modulator for recording and other audios.
  • It offers you with male,female and other voices.
  • It allows to change the pitch of voice changing effect.
  • You can share the export files anywhere.


yesIt provides you with various kinds of voices.

yesIt is totally free.

yesIt works with file up to 10GB.

yesYou don't need to download any pitch shifter software with this tool.


noThere are only 11 voices.

noIt doesn't offer sound effects.

Final Words:

To provide you with the most exciting male to female voice changer option, we've mentioned the top 10 male to female voice changers. Apart from telling you about Windows/Mac voice changers, we were also keen to talk about voice changers for mobile devices.

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