Hazbin Hotel comes up with unique characters, and you'll be over the main, knowing about the voice actors it has hired for you. This series is based on the successful webcomic series of Medrano, having the same name, and is a brilliant animated comedy set in Hell.

It uses an exciting and unique premise, but the appearance of this show isn't admired to a great extent. Hazbin Hotel voice actors are immensely popular around the globe. If you want to know about the Hazbin Hotel voice cast, you can creep into this post to get all the exciting information.

hazbin hotel voice actors

Part 1. Voice of Charlie Hazbin Hotel

Who voices Charlie in Hazbin Hotel? It is a type of question many people nowadays tend to ask. Erika Henningsen is the voice behind Charlie Morningstar. Charlie is Lucifer's daughter, followed by the princess of Hell, who has the creative and unique dream of establishing the hotel to redeem the damned and sinners' sound in Hell.

The aim behind creating a hotel was to help the people go to Heaven. Charlie is also Stephanie Beatriz and her voice has gained immense popularity.

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charlie hazbin hotel voice actor

Part 2. Hazbin Hotel Vaggie Voice Actor

Stephanie Beatriz played the Vaggie and is the dedicated and fierce girl friend of Charlie serving as a manager in the Hazbin Hotel. Despite having a rough exterior, Stephanie Beatriz is a skilled combatant with a big heart.

Veggie is surely one of the most prominent characters in the animation show, with huge appreciation. Stephanie Beatriz is also one of the best Hezbin hotel voice actors also voiced the Brooklyn Nine Nine and Encanto.

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Part 3. Alastor Hazbin Hotel Voice Actor

Talking about the Alastor Hazbin Hotel voice actor is fair as it also got popularity and a warm welcome around the globe. Amir Talai is the voice behind the Alastor who is charismatic and a mighty demon offering the assistance to Charlie in her Hazbin Hotel completing their mission. Since his voice sounded like old-timey radio, he moved, listening to the Radio. Amir Talai, the voice behind the Alastor, also appeared in the Red, White, and Blonde, The Circle What to Expect When You're Expecting.

Alastor Hazbin Hotel Voice Actor

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Part 4. Angel Dust Hazbin Hotel Voice Actor

Another voice cast at Hazbin Hotel, you'll love talking about Angel Dust. Angel Dust is also a popular character who appears in the Hazbin Blake Roman is the was behind the Angel Dust. Angel Dust Hazbin Hotel voice actor Blake Roman got immense appreciation courtesy of this majestic and breathtaking voice. Hazbin Hotel also has the biggest acting role of the Hazbin, containing the guest spot on Blue Bloods.

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Angel Dust Hazbin Hotel Voice Actor

Part 5. Niffty Hazbin Hotel Voice Actor

Kimiko Glenn is the mesmerizing voice behind the Niffty, and Niffty used to cook for people coming into the Hazbin Hotel. She is highly energetic and a small demon supporting a large eyeball and an attractive appearance. Glen also voiced the Penis Parker in Spider-Man apart from playing a magnificent role in The "Orange is the New Black".

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niffty hazbin hotel voice actor

Part 6. Hazbin Hotel Sir Pretentious Voice Actor

Sir Pentious starts his journey as a villain aiming to rip apart Charlie along with her team, but he ends up becoming the Hazbin Hotel's client. He positioned himself to become one of the first and most talked about sinners redeemed for Heaven. Alex Brightman has voiced Sir Pentious's voice, which sounds pleasing and majestic to the eyes.

Apart from voicing Sir Pentious, Brightman also appeared in the Helluva Boss, The Blacklisted, etc.

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Hazbin Hotel Sir Pretentious Voice Actor

Part 7. Adam Hazbin Hotel Voice Actor

Adam was the first human man created with the first human soul to go to Heaven. After turning into an angel, he led his own military group called Exorcists and worked for Heaven, leading the Extermination movement.

Who is voicing Adam in Hazbin Hotel? Well, Alex Brightman also brings the character of Adam to life. Let's listen to his amazing voice.

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adam hazbin hotel voice actor

Part 8. Hazbin Hotel Lucifer Voice Actor

Jeremy Jordan takes the opportunity to voice Lucifer Morningstar, who is the leader of Hell and the father of Erika Henningsen's Charlie. Jeremy Jordan is one of the most admired Hazbin Hotel voice actors who has covered all the basics of being an eye-catching voice of Hazbin Hotel.

Although Lucifer Morningstar had a big role in the Hazbin Hotel, Jeremy Jorden has surely increased the hotel's credentials.

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Hazbin Hotel Lucifer Voice Actor

Part 9. Husk Hazbin Hotel Voice Actor

Husk is a bad demon who likes to gamble and do magic tricks. He's one of the main characters in Hazbin Hotel and he's often grumpy. Would you like to know who voices husk in hazbin hotel? Keith David is the voice actor behind Husk in the Hazbin Hotel. He's famous for voicing Spawn from Todd McFarlane's Spawn, Goliath from Disney's Gargoyles, The Cat from Coraline, Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog, King Andrias from Amphibia, and The Arbiter from the Halo franchise.

husk hazbin hotel voice actor

Part 10. Zestial Hazbin Hotel Voice Actor

Lost people thought Jason Statham voiced Zestial in Hazbin Hotel, but it's a rumor. So, who voices zestial in hazbin hotel? Actually, James Monroe Iglehart voices Hazbin Hotel’s Zestial Morde. He also voices Vortex and Asmodeus in Helluva Boss. He's an American actor who is really good on stage, in movies, on TV, and with voice acting. People remember him the most for winning a Tony Award when he played the Genie in the first Aladdin musical on Broadway.

hazbin hotel zestial voice actor

Part 11. Emily Hazbin Hotel Voice Actor

Emily is a seraphim angel in hazbin hotel, and Shoba Narayan is the voice actor behind Emily. Shoba Narayan, who plays Jasmine in the hit Disney musical Aladdin. Narayan is a dancer and teacher specializing in Bharatanatyam, a form of South Indian classical dance. She has showcased her skills in numerous performances across the US and India, earning significant awards at various international dance competitions. She currently lives in New York.

emily hazbin hotel voice actor

Part 12. Hazbin Hotel Sera Voice Actor

Patina Miller is the voice actor of Sera in the Hazbin Hotel. Miller became well-known for her first big role as the character Deloris Van Cartier, who dreams of being a disco diva, in the 2009 West End and 2011 Broadway shows of Sister Act. She is also known for the role as Commander Paylor in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay films.

hazbin hotel sera voice actor

Part 13. Hazbin Hotel Cherri Bomb Voice Actor

Krystal LaPorte voiced the Cherri Bomb and is a magnificent friend of Angle Dusk, supporting the alarmingly large smile and sports pink freckles. Her voice is fairly attractive in this animation show, and most people listen to Krystal LaPorte's voice as a Cherri Bomb. Krystal LaPorte has asked words in the Tamako Market, Beyond the Boundary, and The Ambition of Oda Nabuna.

Hazbin Hotel Cherri Bomb Voice Actor

Why Did Hazbin Hotel Alastor Voice Actor Get Replaced?

Although, there has yet to be an official confirmation from the producers of the Hazbin Hotel to reveal how they felt the need to change the voice actor of Alastor. Still, one thing is certain: these types of animation shows tend to change the voice actors frequently.

It might also have happened that the Hazbin Hotel is transitioned to the larger production from the animation, urging them to tweak the voice actors behind the characters in the Hazbin Hotel. The producers of the Hazin might have had good and rightful intent to change the voice actors of the Hazbin Hotel, but it could have left a better impression as most of the lovers of the animation show didn't like the changes.

Most people think that the original Hazbin Hotel's voice actors were doing a great job in attracting millions of eye calls, and replacing them with the new and mostly unknown voice actors doesn't sit well.

To Conclude

You would have heard a lot about the Hazbin Hotel voice actors and how the producers of Hazbin Hotel selected the mind-blowing and reputed voice actors. We have listed all the voice actors behind the characters who appeared in the Hazbin Hotel.

From letting you know about the leader of Hell to enabling you to discover who the leader's daughter was, this guide has also introduced the Hazban Hotel voice actors. Also, if you want to transform your voice into Hazbin Hotel's Characters, you can download MagicMic AI Voice Changer and give it a try!

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