Helluva Boss has taken its ante to the next level with an intriguing plotline and nuanced characters. The show tends to navigate the seven deadly sins along with their embodiment after working on the interpersonal relationships between different employees of the I.M.P. It is the American Adult Animated series introduced by Vivienne Medrano, aired on the 31st of October, 2020.

People tend to ask about the Helluva boss voice actor, and this guide will introduce 12 voice actors behind the Helluva Boss. You can listen to their unique voices by clicking on each button.

1. Mammon Voice Actor Helluva Boss

If you watch the Helluva Boss episode, you'll notice the Australian accent in the voice of Mammon. Michael Cusack is the voice behind the Mammon, and in this show, Mammon is the owner of Loo Loo Land, a theme park situated in Green Ring. Mammon is undoubtedly one of the most admired and talked about characters in The Helluva Boss, who has impressed millions of people around the globe.

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Mammon Voice Actor Helluva Boss

2. Glitz and Glam Helluva Boss Voice Actor

If you want to know about the Glitz and Glam Helluva boss voice actor, you'll be amazed after learning that Faye Mata voiced Glitz and Glam. Apart from voicing the Glitz and Glam, Faye Mata also appeared in the voicing the Tiare from the Magi and several other unique and top notch animated shows. Glitz and Glam Helluva boss voice actor is one of the favorite actors in the Helluva boss and has attracted millions of eye balls around the globe.

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Glitz and Glam Helluva Boss Voice Actor

3. Asmodeus Helluva Boss Voice Actor

The new episode of the Helluva Boss comes up with a new character, Asmodeus, also known as the Ozzie. James Monroe Iglehart is the man behind the Asmodeus and is an American stage singer or actor known for his incredible and brilliant work as Genie in the Aladdin. Moreover, the voice actor also voiced several characters in the animated shows like Law & Order, DuckTales, The Good Wife, Gotham, Special Victims Unit, etc.

James Monroes brings new life into the Ozzie voice characters with a smooth, eye-catching, and pleasing voice.

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Asmodeus Helluva Boss Voice Actor

4. Beelzebub Helluva Boss Voice Actor

Kesha Rose Sebert is the excellent and stunning queen bee Helluva Boss voice actor, also known as Kesha. She is an American songwriter, singer, and rapper who has appeared in some flawless and breathtaking animated shows.

Beelzebub is one of the most attractive and stunning characters in The Helluva Boss who has taken the charm of the Helluva Boss to the next level.

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Beelzebub Helluva Boss Voice Actor

5. Moxxie Helluva Boss Voice Actor

Richard Steven Horvitz is a prolific American voice director and voice actor.Richard Steven is the Moxxie Helluva Boss voice actor, and he also voiced Moxie's father in Helluva Boss. He also performed various voice roles for mirror characters, including Eddie, followed by the Carnival Imp in Loo Loo Land. Moxxie is the unique character of the Helluva Boss, and millions of people praised his role.

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Moxxie Helluva Boss Voice Actor

6. Striker Helluva Boss Voice Actor

Who voices striker in helluva boss? There is a lot of curiosity around the Helluva Boss Striker voice actor, and Norman Reedus voices it. Norman Reedus is also well known for playing Daryl Dixon from the AMC Drama series, followed by The Walking, Sam Bridges, The Boondocks Saints, Murphy McManus, etc. The voice pitch of Norman Reedus is excellent, and Striker is one of the most liked characters of The Helluva Boss.

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Striker Helluva Boss Voice Actor

7. Blitzo Helluva Boss Voice Actor

Brandon Rogers is a stunningly good American YouTube comedian, editor, and director and a voice actor in Blitzo. Brandon Rogers's voice acting skills have given Blitzo a charming and unique personality. Brandon Rogers did a brilliant job capturing the character's essence, making him more popular and enjoyable. Brandon Rogers's voice is humorous, significantly elevating Blitzo's reputation.

Blitzo Helluva Boss Voice Actor

8. Chaz Helluva Boss Voice Actor

Eric Schwartz Helluva Boss voiced the Chaz, a playboy shark. He brought life into the Chaz character and won the Stream Award courtesy of the voice acting in the Helluva Boss.

The way Eric Schwartz speaks in the voice character of the Chaz is genuinely sensational and unique. The best thing about Eric Schwartz isn't limited to the Chaz; he also appeared in multiple majestic and wonderful animated shows as a terrific and prolific voice actor.

Eric Schwartz Helluva Boss Voice Actor

9. Loona Helluva Boss Voice Actor

Erica Lindbeck is the magnificent and eye-catching voice actor behind the voice of Loona in the Helluva Boss animated show. She is a brilliant voice actress who also appeared in several popular animated shows followed by video games. Erica Lindbeck enhanced the value of the Loona's character on the Helluva, making the expectators' experience unique and stunning.

loona helluva boss voice actor

10. Stolas Helluva Boss Voice Actor

Bryce Pinkham is a visual media actor and American Broadway. He voiced the Stolas in the Helluva Boss and replaced Brock Baker. Apart from appearing as a Stolas in Helluva Boss, Pinkhan starred in the PBS drama Mercy Street. Moreover, Pinkhan also performed in the comedy The Comedian. Pinkham is engaging and attractive, which improves Stolas's reputation as the Helluva Boss.

Stolas Helluva Boss Voice Actor

11. Millie Helluva Boss Voice Actor

You can sit back and talk about all the voice actors appearing in The Helluva Boss, but only a few of them have engaging and impressive voices, and Vivian Nixon is also one of them. She voiced the popular character Milli in The Helluva Boss, and Milli doesn't need validation from anyone of its credentials as the whole world knows about the value this character has added to the overall reputation of the Helluva Boss.

The best thing about Vivian Nixon is that she doesn't sound irritating, and apart from appearing as a Millie, she has also worked in quite a few more animated shows.

helluva boss millie voice actor

12. Helluva Boss Barbie Wire Voice Actor

Jinhee Joung is a Korean-American actress who voices Barbie Wire in Helluva Boss. Most people recognize her for playing Kimmy Jin in Pitch Perfect (2012). You can also see her in Shameless (2011), The Fosters (2013), The Real O'Neals (2016), and Angel from Hell (2016).

Helluva Boss Barbie Wire Voice Actor

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We are wrapping up this guide by revealing the potential voice actors behind the characters who appeared in the Helluva Boss. From letting you know about the Mammon voice actor Helluva Boss, we've also revealed some of the most amazing people voicing the characters appearing in Helluva Boss.

Apart from introducing the names of the Helluva Boss voice actors, we've also discussed the other credentials of the voice actors performing different roles in the Helluva Boss.

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