Do you want to get realistic Frieza AI voice for pranking friends, streaming, gaming, or making text to speech voiceovers to fresh up your content creation? If so, you are in the right place!

In this article, we will walk you through the best Frieza voice changer and voice generator, with which you can imitate Frieza voice quite accurately, best for improving your digital content, podcasts, audiobooks, streaming and gaming process.

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Part 1: Basic Info of Frieza

Frieza, one of the most iconic villains in the Dragon Ball franchise, has been a fixture in the series since his debut in 1984. He is considered the main antagonist of both Dragon Ball Z and its sequel series, Dragon Ball Super. As a powerful alien tyrant, Frieza has been a long-time enemy of Goku and his friends.


But who exactly is this formidable foe?

Frieza is an extraterrestrial warlord from an unknown race known as Changelings. He was born on Planet Namek and raised by King Cold. He possesses numerous supernatural abilities, such as transformation into various forms and flight.

Despite being incredibly ruthless and cruel, he also demonstrates some intelligence and cunningness throughout his battles with the Z Warriors. His immense strength has earned him titles like 'The Emperor of Evil' or 'The Destroyer'.

Part 2: Frieza Voice Actor

The English voice actor for Frieza in the Ocean dub is Pauline Newstone, and in the Funimation dub, it's Chris Ayres, who has passed away, while his Japanese dubbing was done by Ryusei Nakao.

Christopher Ayres was an American actor and director known for his work in English-dubbed anime. He voiced Frieza in Dragon Ball Z Kai and Dragon Ball Super.

frieza voice actor

Ayres also contributed to various other anime series, including Gantz, Black Butler, and Sengoku Basara. He tragically passed away on October 18, 2021, at the age of 56, after battling chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Part 3: Free Get Frieza AI Voice with Frieza Voice Generator

Getting a perfect rendition of the iconic Frieza AI voice from Dragon Ball Z is easier than ever with a Frieza Voice Changer & Generator.

With the latest technology available, users can now accurately replicate Frieza's voice from the hit anime series using their own voices. Not only does this allow for a personalized experience for cosplayers, but it also allows fans to explore different versions of this beloved villain.

The best way to get started is by finding the right Frieza Voice Changer for your needs. And MagicMic is one good option.

1) MagicMic - Frieza Voice Changer

MagicMic offers users the ability to access a lifelike Frieza AI voice for live interactions, streaming, and gaming. With this technology, anyone can be the villain they've always wanted to be!

MagicMic Frieza Voice Changer is easy to use and produces accurate results. All you have to do is speak into the device, and it will automatically analyze your voice and apply real-time effects. The best part is that you don't need any special software or experience - just your own creativity!

With over 225 AI voice filters, 600 voice effects, 200 voice memes, and a potent voice cloning feature, you can effortlessly alter your voice to match various personas, like GoKu, etc. best option for gaming, streaming, real-time communication, and more.

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Free Generate Frieza AI Voice in MagicMic:

Step 1: Download and Launch this Application

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Step 2: Configuration

Enable "Apply Voice Changer" for real-time voice change, and activate "Hear myself".

magicmic settings

Step 3: Audio Device Selection

Opt for the Voice Changer Virtual Audio Device as your app's input.

Step 4: Get Voices or Effects

Select your desired voice (e.g. Frieza) and set up keybinds for seamless effect transitions. Or you can click "Customization" to upload audio files of Frieza to generate his iconic voice.

frieza ai voice in magicmic

Key Features:

  • Voice clone for generating any desired voices, including Frieza AI voice.

  • Over 225 voices for live chats and gaming.

  • Extensive library of 600+ voice effects and 200+ voice memes for creative content.

  • Easy capture and enhancement of audio files.

  • Voice customization with adjustable parameters.

  • Smooth integration with Discord, Fortnite, Valorant, Zoom, Twitch, and more platforms.


yesEnables instant voice transformations using various voices.

yesA wide range of filters and effects for personalized voice customization

yes Supports Windows PCs and laptops plus is also available on Mac.

yes Easy to use and provides instant feedback.


no New product in the market.

Video Guide About MagicMic Frieza Voice Generator

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People love MagicMic Frieza Voice Changer because of its variety of sound effects in it which supports most people around the world. The people use high-quality and interesting voices to engage the audience to their YouTube channel.

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2. VoxBox - Frieza Text to Speech Voice Generator

VoxBox is a powerful Frieza text to speech voice generator that brings the Frieza AI voice to life, since it allows you to replicate any character voices from various fictional universes and anime series.

This tool is perfect for converting text to speech and enhancing your video content creation.

frieza text to speech

Key Features:

  • Use Frieza AI voice to do text to speech using 2000+ free characters.

  • Voice cloning yielding high-quality results.

  • Suitable for audiobooks, podcasts, content creation, gaming, and more.

  • Access to 3200+ voices in 77+ languages.

  • Text-to-speech, speech-to-text, recording, editing, and audio conversion, all-in-one.

  • Save voiceovers in MP3, WAV, Ogg, and other convenient formats.

Part 4: Hot FAQs About Frieza AI Voice

1. What is Frieza AI Voice?

Frieza AI Voice refers to a synthetic voice generated using AI technology to replicate the voice of the character Frieza from the Dragon Ball series.

2. How can I use Frieza AI Voice?

You can use Frieza AI Voice through specialized software or applications that offer text-to-speech or voice change capabilities with Frieza's voice.

3. What can I use Frieza AI Voice for?

Frieza AI Voice can be used for a variety of purposes, including creating content for videos, podcasts, gaming, or even for fun and entertainment.

4. How can I make Frieza text to speech voiceovers?

All you need to do is to choose the Frieza AI voice, enter your text, and click "convert" to get the natural-sounding text to speech voiceovers ready to use for your digital content, and more.


In conclusion, if you want to sound like Frieza, MagicMic Frieza voice changer is the best choice for you to get realistic Frieza AI voice, and it's useful for a variety of purposes, such as gaming, streaming or cosplay.

It will perform the job flawlessly and provides a wide array of distinctive capabilities to assist you in producing unique Frieza AI voice effect.

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