Looking to speed up a video on Instagram? Whether you are trying to squeeze your footage into a condensed clip so it can fit nicely in one Instagram story or post or attempting to create an amazing time-lapse video (we do love those so much!), this is the perfect article for you.

There is no one way to speed up a video in Instagram, so we have consolidated a list of useful tools and tutorials that can help you achieve the same effect.

Ready, set, speed up!

How to Speed Up a Video on Instagram - Using Hyperlapse From Instagram (iOS only)

If you are an avid Instagram user, you might have already heard of Instagram’s dedicated “video speed up” app, Hyperlapse. Instagram knows their user base so well that they created an app specially to help their users create sped up videos.

Hyperlapse from Instagram is as minimalist as an app can get. It has literally one core functions – no frills and all. Shoot a time-lapse video directly from the app – or use “selfielapse” mode to shoot with the front facing camera. And it is as simple as that.

Hyperlapse From Instagram

Here is how you can do that using Hyperlapse in a few simple steps:

  • Step 1: Download Hyperlapse from the App Store for free!

  • Step 2: Open it (no signup or accounts required! Hurray!). Choose from the normal back camera or front-facing camera and tap the button to start recording like a normal video.

  • Step 3: Tap again to stop recording and you will be brought to a preview screen where you can choose from speeding up the footage up to 12X its original speed.

Alternative Ways to Speed Up Video on Instagram

While Hyperlapse is great for basic time-lapses, should if you need a little more features or need to speed up existing videos, then read on for alternative methods to speed up videos for Instagram.

1 Using iMyFone Filme (Windows OS)

iMyFone Filme is a beginner friendly Windows video editor. Jam packed lots of smart features to help novice video editors create amazing results with their footage – their “Fast Video Mode” literally creates a video at the click of one button!

From an intuitive suite of editing tools, to its huge variety of templates, effects, sound library and other resources to choose from, iMyFone Filme provides all the tools for you to tell your story effectively.


Here is how you can speed up a video for Instagram easily using iMyFone Filme:

  • Step 1: Download your copy of iMyFone Filme on the official site.

  • How to Speed Up Video Using filme

  • Step 2: Import your clip that you would like to speed up into the video editor.

  • How to Speed Up Video Using filme

  • Step 3: To start changing the speed, simply click to select the clip and click the “Speed” button on the toolbar (beside the crop button).

  • How to Speed Up Video Using filme

  • Step 4: This should prompt a “Speed Settings” window to open up.

  • How to Speed Up Video Using filme

  • Step 5: Move the slider to the right to speed up the video (you can see how many times it is sped up by the numbers on the right).

  • Step 6: To complete the process, just click OK to set the new speed. There you have it – a sped up video ready to be exported and uploaded to Instagram!

iMyFone Filme

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2 Using iMovie (Mac OS)

iMovie is a popular free video editor for iOS and macOS. Unfortunately, this like Hyperlapse is also only available for Apple product users.

From creating studio-quality animated titles and credits, to adding special effects to your footage, iMovie can do it all! A free software that can do so much more than just basic editing – it is little wonder that many people choose to start their video editing journey with iMovie.


Here is how you can speed up a video for Instagram easily using iMovie on Mac:

  • Step 1: Download iMovie from Apple’s official site for free.

  • Step 2: Open up the video editor. See a large button “Import Media”? Click on that to import your video file.

  • Step 3: Once uploaded, drag, and drop it to the timeline to start editing..

  • Step 4: Click on the clip in the timeline and a preview window should appear.

  • Step 5: At the top of the preview window, there should be a few speed selections. Choose from pre-set accelerations or custom speed options.

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3 Using Kawping (Online)

Kawping is an online based multimedia editing platform – that lets you create all sorts of content. From creating images, editing videos to making fun gifs, it is the perfect tool for many online content creators.

Need a simple and free tool to make basic edits for a video? Want to add subtitles to your new vlog? Kawping can do all that and more for free or with its upgraded pro plan!


Here is how you can speed up a video using Kawping’s online multimedia editor:

  • Step 1: Head over to Kapwing’s online “Change Video Speed” tool.

  • Step 2: Simply upload the clip or paste a link to a video of your choice.

  • Step 3: A simple interface will prompt you to pick a speed to slow down or speed up the video to: 0.25X slower to 4X faster.

  • Step 4: When you are ready, just click create and there you have it – your sped-up video (although you will need to sign in to remove the watermark).

4 Using iMyFone Filme Lite (iOS)

Feeling sad that you cannot use iMyFone Filme’s awesome video editing software because you are an iOS user? Well, here is some good news, the company has released a “Lite” iOS version for you!

Catering for the content creator on the go, Filme Lite is a convenient video editing app that makes editing your phone footage as easy as A-B-C. Simply use their “One-Click Templates” to create the perfect video! Or use the basic editing tools to polish your video for social media!

iMyFone Filme Lite

Here is how you can speed up a video using iMyFone Filme Lite’s mobile app:

  • Step 1: Download iMyFone Filme Lite from the App Store.

  • Step 2: Click “Edit” and start a “New Project”. This will allow you to import your choice of footage from your iPhone.

  • Step 3: Upon importing the clip(s), you will be brought to the editing page.

  • Step 4: To speed up the video, simply click on the clip in the timeline and select “Speed” from the bottom toolbar.

  • Step 5: A slider will appear and you can choose to slow down from 0.1x or speed up to 5x of the original speed.

  • Step 6: Once you are happy, just click Export at the top right corner to save your video.

4 Using Fast Motion (Android)

Of course, we have not forgotten about Android users! Fast Motion is a great mobile video editor option for Android users. It allows you to create slow or fast motion videos, add soundtracks, filters, frames and even stickers to jazz up your video footage.

Fast Motion

Here is how you can speed up a video using Fast Motion’s mobile app:

  • Step 1: Download Fast Motion from the Google PlayStore.

  • Step 2: Import your video into the app and select between Slow or Fast Motion – and you will be prompted to choose from up to 50 different speeds.

  • Step 3: Optional: Add filters, soundtracks or text to customize further.

  • Step 4: Once you are happy with it, simply render it and save it to your phone!

Speed Up Your Videos Easily Starting Now!!

We hope you managed to find the perfect tool to help you speed up you video creating process for Instagram videos! If you are looking to do more than just speed up a video, you might want to consider iMyFone Filme to help you with your beginner video editing needs!