Editing is vital to retain your viewers' attention whether it is for educational or promotional purposes. One of the key aspects of editing is cropping the video. You may need to crop unwanted part so as to make the video . Here is the walkthrough of how to crop the video on Windows 10 in various ways:

Part 1. How to Crop Video on Windows 10 via Desktop Software

1 Crop video with best free video editor - iMyFone Filme

iMyFone Filme is very user-friendly software to make slideshow video for school projects or businesses. You can crop, cut, fade, add music, and many more effects that you may need while editing the video. These edits may not seem necessary but can make the presentation very catchy and retain people's attention. So let's have a look at how to use the most important feature-cropping the video.

Step 1: Once you have successfully imported your media, you will see it in the media library and the grid below.

import video in Filme

Step 2: Go ahead and select the part you wish to crop and click the crop icon on the toolbar above.

crop video in Filme

Step 3: After selecting the part you wish to crop simply click ‘Ok’ to confirm cropping the video. This is how easy and simple can be Filme for your everyday editing.

iMyFone Filme gives you multiple options about how you want to make your video. You can make slideshow video with custom music, create 1 click slideshow video with music also known as fast video. Other than that, you can add text to your video to make it more attractive for the audience. All of this in one software, iMyFone Filme.

iMyFone Filme

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Ease to Use

  • Highly friendly to beginners on video editing, with a clean and easy-to-use interface. Anybody can use it without technical knowledge and it can edit videos simply and smoothly.

  • Full Basic Editing Features

    Filme can not only enable you to crop videos easily and smoothly, with any angles you want , but also help you cut/trim, split, rotate, adjust video speed, make picture-in-picture effects, etc.

  • Fast Video Mode

    The Fast Video Mode really helps a lot. It allows you to create stunning video with satisfying music in just 1 click!

  • Advanced editing functions

    This is one of the best video editing tools not just for beginners but also for professionals. It is equipped with powerful features including various transitions, cinematic titles and text, multi-layer, all kinds of effects, etc.


noIt is only available for Windows currently, but Mac and mobile versions will come out soon.

noIt has been released just recently, thus it is not wildly known yet.

2 How to Crop Video with VideoProc

On the other hand, VideoProc is yet another video editing software. It is also a conversion software so the user can also reduce the size of the file if they wish to do so, regardless of the device it was shot on. To crop the video on VideoProc follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Import the original media

Run the software and select ‘video’ and select the media you wish to crop.

Step 2: Edit the video

Once the video is imported, it will give you three options in the toolbar. Select ‘Edit Video’.

Step 3: Selecting the area you wish to crop.

After selecting the edit menu option. Navigate the ‘crop’ button and make your selection.

make selection in Video Proc

Step 4: Finalizing

Once your selection is finalized, click on ‘Done’ and the video will be cropped. You can choose to save it as it is or use it further in making a slideshow etc.


yesComprehensive video editing software for high-resolution videos.

yesSmall in size and easy to use.


noExpensive compared to other available tools with no free version.

noThe editing features are quite limited.

3 How to Crop Video with Free Crop Video

Free Crop Video is yet another video editing software. This one is more suitable for small clips and the most basic editing. It is a small software by size and can be downloaded easily. To crop your videos in Free Crop Video software follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Importing the media

Like always, import the media you wish to crop by clicking on the red plus sign in the top left corner and selecting the file from your system.

Step 2: Cropping

Once you have imported the video, the crop sign will be visible in the top bar which you should select to start cropping.

Free Crop Video Toolbar

Step 3: Making the selection

When selecting the area or the part you wish to remove you can either drag and mark a selection or put a percentage of how much you wish to crop if it’s a picture. The aspect ratio is by default maintained but you can also alter the dimensions if you wish to do so.

Make selection in Free Crop Video

Step 4: Choose an output format and Render

After you are done with your selection, you can choose an output format by opening ‘Settings’ and once you have chosen your desired file format, go ahead and press ‘render’. Your cropped video will be ready in seconds or minutes depending on your system specifications.


yesIt is free to use As the name states.

yesIt is friendly for video cropping.


noLimited graphic options.

noCan only manage small clips or videos.

Part 2. How to Crop Video on Windows 10 via Online Tools

Other than using software that needs to be downloaded, you can use online tools to crop videos on Windows 10.

1 How to Crop Video with Ezgif.com

Ezgif.com is a very basic online tool to edit your videos. It has a lot of options such as resizing, cropping, cutting the video.

The process for cropping the video via the online tool is similar to that of pre-downloaded software but this is a walkthrough of how you can crop your videos online.

Step 1: Open the website ezgif.com on your browser.

Step 2: Import the media by pressing browse and selecting your file. After its done press the blue ‘upload video’ button.

Import into ezgif

Step 3: Make the selection. The following menu will appear so go ahead and choose how you want to crop it.

Make selection in ezgif

Step 4: After making a selection, press crop video and your video will be ready at the end of the page. You can save it or use it however you like.


yesFree, and it can be accessed from any system.

yesIt is quite easy to use for video editing.


noThe file size limit thus only supports small files.

noActive internet connection required.

2 How to Crop Video with Placeit

Placeit is another online video editing tool with more advanced features. To crop video with Placeit follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Upload

Upload your media. Keep in mind the limit and the format of the file.

Import media into Placeit

Step 2: Resize

Choose a pre-set size or crop it however you wish to.

Crop in Placeit

Step 3: Save

After you are done editing, click on download and your edited video will be saved.


yesPre-set sizes make your editing easier if you plan to upload it on social media.

yesNo drop in the quality of the video.


noIt only edits selective file formats.

noIt cannot add effects or text.

3 How to Crop Video with Video Cropper

Video Cropper is yet another online video editing tool. It is free and works on almost every browser. To crop video with Video Cropper follow these steps.

Step 1: Import Media

As always, import your desired media.

Step 2: Edit

After you upload your media, this menu will appear next to your video. Here you can make the selection and choose however you wish to crop your video.

edit menu setting in video cropper

Step 3: Save

After you are done, press ‘crop video now’ and you will be directed to another page. It will take a while until your cropped video is ready for download. Click on ‘download’ and the video will be saved to your computer.


yesSupports about 30 file formats. Much more than other online tools.

yesNo file size limit.


noThe editing features are quite limited.

Part 3. Tips for Cropping Video on Windows 10

Tips for Cropping Video on Windows 10

Here are a few tips for cropping your video:

1. Always keep your original file safe: This is useful in 2 cases: if the software permanently edits your file, or the output quality of the media decreases you will have a way to revert.

2. Maintain aspect ratio: Your media shouldn't be distorted as it can put off the audience.

3. Make sure your subject fills the screen: Very small crop can make it difficult for the audience to see or read if there is any text.

4. Do not crop too much or the audience might don’t know what your video trying to express.

5. You can crop for different versions so as to see which kind of cropping is best for your specific videos.