To find a video editor like a Video Star is by no mean a simple task. Star is a prolific editor that can edit your videos with funky music and effects. Besides, it offers many courageous tools and free templates that other video editors could only dream of.

Whether merging your images into a single or lips syncing with music, Video Star is always available to make your unique video content.

Despite the superiority of that particular video editor, some editors can prove to best alternatives to the Video Star editor.

Let's talk about the five best video editors for both Android and iPhone.

5 Best Video Star Editor Alternatives for Android

Let's talk about the five best alternative video editors to Star video editor for Android.

1. KineMaster

KineMaster is probably the best video you'll ever find anywhere in the world. Besides being highly intuitive, it is pretty easy to use.

It possesses tools like spilled, blend effects, cut, color filters, EQ presents, and time-lapse, and many more. By acquiring its premium version, you'll get to access everything that it offers.

kine master video editor


  • It offers speed control for time-lapse. In addition, KineMaster also possesses an envelope method for immersive videos.

  • Voice Changer, duckling, and voiceover


yesFlexible and easy Adjustment Tools

yesHighly intuitive interface


noColoring effects can improve

2. Magisto Video Editor-Music Slideshow Maker& Video Editor

Magisto editor can prove to be the best alternative to Video star editors. It allows you to make and edit your videos on multiple topics.

Magisto was once featured as '' app of the 2019 year. Using this editor tool can create engaging video stories and elegant slideshows.

magisto video editor

Key Features

  • It can create moving photo slideshows.

  • Unique styles and fonts

  • Add effects, filters, and graphics.

  • You can use a wide range of templates.


yesThe ease in sorting, uploading, and editing videos

yesIts interface is easy for both beginners and experts


noIt would be great if this allows slightly longer videos to edit.

3. Splice- Video Editor & Maker

If you didn't like the video mentioned above, editors, then look at Splice video editor. That particular app is nothing less than mesmerizing, with 70 million downloads and 4.3+ ratings.

It possesses some courageous effect that'll make your video worth remembering. Moreover, Splice also provides an opportunity to adjust the transition's speed quite effortlessly.

splice video editor

Key Features

  • Adjust slow motion speed and transition

  • Cut, trim and merge.

  • Apply Slides texts, filters, background colors, and text overlays.


yesFast and straightforward social sharing options

yesIt possesses all the basic editing features like trimming, cutting, effects, and transitions

4. Viva video

Viva video is another popular video used for making birthday videos, wedding videos, and more purposes. Besides being a prolific slide maker, Vivavideo is also an influential video editor that'll edit your video according to your expectations.

While making a photo slide show video, you can add music audio of your preferences. Vivavideo also possesses some majestic filters and themes to add with.

viva video


  • You can easily Trim, edit, import videos using Viva video

  • You can also add filters, effects, titles, text, fast/slow motion to a music video.


yesIt offers many different effects and themes for music videos

yesIt upgrades recording utilizing subjects


noWe didn't find any drawback of it

5. FilmoraGo

If someone is looking for a pro editor to edit his videos, there is no better video editor than FillmoraGo. It possesses all the attributes that are needed to be a perfect video editor. It is a multi-functional editor and will perform multiple tasks on your videos.

fillmorago video editor

Key Features

  • Besides creating a slideshow of your images, it'll also edit your videos.

  • Merging, rotating, trimming, and cropping videos is all too easy with FilmoraGo.

  • Add animated texts, filter effects, and motion elements.


yesEasy to use and offers the perfect balance of its features.

yesIt offers video tutorials about video editing.

yesLots of add and preset filters available


noMonthly subscription charges

5 Best Video Star Editor Alternatives for iOS

Let's explore the five best alternative video editors to Star video for iPhone.

1. Video Show

Video Show is another great alternative to Star video that has attracted many users worldwide. It possesses stunning features and adorable effects to add with.

Its interface is pretty simple and doesn't demand much doing from the user. Video show offers so many unique features; Facial recognition is undoubtedly up there with one of its best features.

video show video editor

Key Features

  • It makes it pretty easy to merge, trim, cut, duplicate, convert, compress, split, and dub videos.

  • You can add many outline colors, text styles, and font sizes using it.


yesAbility to add outline colors, font size, and text styles

yesFacial recognition feature


noThere is no drawback to it.

2. Video Maker& Video Editor- InShotVideo Maker& Video Editor- InShot

Most social media influencer creates their content using the InShort video editor. It is packed with extraordinary features and tools that make your video look fantastic.

With InShot, you'll be using editing tools-Cut, Trim, Adjust Speed, Merge, stickers, filters, voiceover, and many more.

inshot video maker

Key Features

  • It offers high-class transitions to explore

  • InShot offers its users unique video and photo filters

  • It supports High- Resolution output.


yesNice Conversion technology

yesCrispy Videos


noIt needs a bit more creativity.

3. Zoomerang- Short Videos

If you want to add different effects to your body in videos, Zoomerang is the best option. It is a brilliant app that functions like Video star. With neon effects, you'll get effects, sticker videos, Fx editor, and many more filters.

In addition, that particular video editor also provides a handful of tutorials about editing videos. With the help of tutorials, you can learn how to edit videos.

zoomerang video editor

Key Features

  • It creates a Slideshow, can add transitions, effects, filters to your video.


yes3D style effects


yesPhoto capture with effects


noYou may face slight difficulty logging into this application

4. iMovie

IMovie is a courageous app and a perfect alternative to video star editors. It is a powerful video editor that possesses unbelievable features and effects to go with.

iMovie is more than just editing a video or making Slideshow. It is pretty good at making live videos on your iPhone, and then it edits them effectively.

how to create slideshow in imovie transition effect

Key Features

  • It possesses a highly intuitive environment.

  • You can add transitions, arrange them around, and slice videos using the iMovie.

  • Adding eye-catching themes and filters is pretty straightforward.


yesLight software

yesFast render

yesEasy to use


noIt is challenging to edit Titles.

5. Videoshop

Not all video editors are as influential in editing videos as much of Videoshop due to its intuitive interface. It comes with various unique features and outrageous image filters that fascinate users to a great extent.


Key Features

  • You can add narration, add text to your video clip, merge more than one clip into one by using Videoshop editor.

  • Adding transitions between multiple clips is way too easy.


yesAn easy and fast way to edit videos

yesAdd unique sounds, transitions, filters, and effects.


noIt's only available for a limited time

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Best Alternatives to Video Star for DeskTop- iMyFone Filme

If you are looking for an alternative to a video star for a desktop, don't look beyond iMyFone Filme. It possesses pretty exciting features and strong quality filter effects that'll make your video look outstanding.

Out of all the alternatives to the video star editor discussed above, iMyFone Filme is the best and possesses more unique attributes than all others.

YouTube Video

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Key Profesional Features

  • Quality Slideshow Makes

  • Multiple Editing Modes

  • Fast Video Mode

A lot of content creators use Filme to edit their videos. Content creators are well aware of the quality that Filme possesses. It comes with mesmerizing professional features for its users.

Let's talk about them.

1. Slideshow Maker

In the early days, Slide Maker was not included in the professional features category of iMyFone Filme, but, later the creator of Filme included it.

Any other editor can create a slide show video, but no one competes for the quality in which iMyFone creates slide show videos.

With bold graphics and breath-taking effects, Filme will surely impress live up to your expectations.

imyfone slide show maker

2. Multiple Editing Modes

If you see an editor offering multi editing options, you may acquire that editor without a second invitation.

The reason is that you want your video to look fascinating from every angle. IMyFone Filme certainly helps your cause by offering many editing modes and extra layers that'll provide much-needed emphasis to your video.

multi editing options

3. Fast Video Mode

With courageous effects and eye-catching built models, iMyFone Filme will make sure your videos become nothing less than mesmerizing.

Its fast film mode adds significant beauty to your video and increases its importance altogether.

fast video mode

Basic Editing Tools

  • Adjust Speed
  • Editing Tools
  • Rotate Tool
  • Split Tool
  • Crop Tool

Effects features

  • Basic effects

  • Audio

  • Translations

  • Text options

  • Advanced Features

  • Multitrack Audio

  • Multilayer

  • Adjust style

  • Instant preview


Finally, we have reviewed some of the best video editing apps that resemble Video Star. Surprisingly, all the editors possess similar features that Star editor is offering.

Either it is cutting a video, trimming a video, splitting a video, or adding some necessary effects, all these apps will make sure you serve your purpose.

Out of all the alternatives to Star Video, we strongly recommend iMyFone Filme for desktop users. With an intuitive interface and marvelous features, no editor can help your cause better than iMyFone Filme.

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