Instagram video ads has become popular in video ads industry. With Instagram ads, choosing to opt for video ads means you can give your views a chance to engage your brand via videos. Thanks to the auto play feature of Instagram, one’s video ads can instantly catch the attention of the intended viewers and get them glued to the message you intend to pass across.

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Part 1: Types of Instagram Video Ads

1Single Video Ad

These kind of ads involve the use of one single video and can either take a square or landscape orientation. Single video ads have a maximum time limit of sixty (60) seconds. The video file size also has a maximum limit of 4GB. These kind of video ads are best to communicate a message in a short precise manner. When creating these kind of ads, the message has to be concise and straight to the point. The beginning of the video has to be catching enough to retain the viewer after the Instagram auto play feature has succeeded in getting the video to attract their attention first. The first five (65) seconds are the key determinants of whether a view will linger to watch the remaining seconds in a video ad.

2Carousel ads

With Instagram carousels, multiple videos can be merged in the ad which then gives the target users an opportunity and ability to view the content as part of a single ad. The videos are available through a slide (swipe) gesture. Once they slide, the next video content plays next. The auto play feature still takes sway here. The very first video content on the carousel must however be eye-catching enough to encourage the user to swipe on to the subsequent set of video content that follow. With carousels, it is possible to pass across a message that is continuous and contains multiple brand offers, products or services that are available. It helps to display the versatility of the brand when employed. The minimum number of carousel cards that can be included in the ad is two and the maximum number of cards allowed is ten (10). The video file types that can be included are the regular Instagram-supported file formats. As in the single video ad, the maximum file size each video file can be is 4GB, and each video cannot exceed the time limit of sixty (60) seconds.

3Slideshow Ads

With the slideshow, one would be combining multiple images and/or videos into a slideshow in order to tell a particular story or pass across a message. When merging images to form a slideshow, it is best to use image ratios of 16:9, 2:3 or 1:1. This is to ensure the video fits into the Instagram frame. This type of video ad is employed I one chooses to opt for a more visually engaging content in place of the single video ad or the carousel ad.

4Story Ads

Instagram story video ads helps to give your brand a presence in the feed. Supporting all video dimensions, the maximum file size for videos that can be used in story video ads sits at 4GB. It is best when there is an intent to tell a brand story or when there is a really special promotion that has to be made. It would be best that music is add to the story, as it gives it more engagement chances. They should also be preferably short and be able to capture, and if possible, engage the audience within at least the very first three (3) seconds.

5 IG TV Ads

Instagram TV ads offer longer video time limits. This means that the videos would last beyond the 60 seconds and is apt for telling a longer story, and for longer content type and message. One must however be careful as it is quite easy to bore the target users with unusually longer content time. With Instagram TV ads, more content can be put into one video file.

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Part 2: Instagram video ads examples

Instagram video ads

Part 3: Creating A video For Your Instagram Video Ads by Filme

Filme is a very powerful software and tool which can be used to create videos that are destined to be used for Instagram ads. With very simple steps, one can create a professional video that is befitting of an Instagram Video Ad. To create a professional video using Filme, the following steps need to be taken:

1.Import The Draft File : Choose a file from which edits are to be made. It could be single or multiple video or image files. This is done using the import feature within the Filme software.

2.Resize the file: Once the file has been imported, necessary crops are made to give the file the desired dimension and resolution. This is done using the crop feature within the app.

3.Split into smaller bits : The video draft can be split into multiple smaller units to give for easier editing and control. This s done using the split function within the Filme software.

4.Rotate: In the event that the orientation of the video needs to be adjusted, the rotate feature can be used to switch the sides and orientation of the video. This can also give certain effects as clips can be rotated within the entire clip.

5.Special Effects: Special effects can be added to give the video a cooler outlook and more professional finish. There are a number of effects options that are available to the discretion of the editor.

6.Add text : The importance of texts in video ads cannot be underemphasized. Under this feature, texts can be added to the edited video.

7.Export and share: Upon completion of the editing process, the finished video file can then be exported or shared to the desired location. In this case, it can then be shared onto Instagram, where it would be used for an ad.

Final Words

For an ad to be rewarding, it has to capture the attention of the targeted users and get them to take a desired action. Videos have been found to be the most likely content type to achieve this objective. It is thus what makes video ads very effective as marketing tools. Using Filme in creating videos meant for Instagram ads ensures that the finished jobs are of much higher quantity and are bound to derive results in the long run.

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