Are you a fan of Pop Smoke, the iconic American rapper known for his distinctive and commanding voice? Have you ever wondered if there's a way to capture the essence of Pop Smoke voice for your own creative projects or entertainment purposes? Look no further, as we introduce you to cutting-edge AI voice generator that allows you to get natural-sounding Pop Smoke AI voice like never before!

In this article, we will explore the characteristics of Pop Smoke voice, discover how AI voice generators can replicate his unique sound, and introduce two remarkable products that will let you unleash the magic of Pop Smoke's voice for text-to-speech and real-time voice modification.

So, let's dive right in !

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Part 1: Who is Pop Smoke?

Pop Smoke, whose real name is Bashar Barakah Jackson (July 20, 1999 – February 19, 2020), was an American rapper from Brooklyn, New York City. He gained fame in late 2018 with his debut single "MPR (Panic Part 3 Remix)" and became widely recognized for his breakout hits "Welcome to the Party" and "Dior" in 2019. Pop Smoke was known for pioneering the Brooklyn drill sound, collaborating with UK drill artists and producers. Tragically, he was murdered during a home invasion in Los Angeles, just twelve days after the release of his second mixtape, "Meet the Woo 2," in February 2020.

Despite his untimely passing, Pop Smoke's legacy continued with the posthumous release of his debut studio album, "Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon," produced by 50 Cent. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and featured several successful singles, including "For the Night" and "What You Know Bout Love." In 2021, Republic Records released his second studio album, "Faith," keeping his memory alive through his music.

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Part 2: The Characteristics of Pop Smoke Voice

Pop Smoke's voice was characterized by its deep, gravelly, and commanding tone. His distinctive delivery and unique vocal style were notable for its raw and gritty quality. He often employed a powerful and aggressive flow, which contributed to his signature sound. Pop Smoke's voice played a significant role in shaping the drill music subgenre, and his raspy cadence became instantly recognizable to fans worldwide.

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Part 3: Get Lifelike Pop Smoke AI Voice for Text to Speech

VoxBox -- Pop Smoke AI Voice Generator

VoxBox brings the incredible world of AI voice generation to your fingertips, allowing you to harness the power of Pop Smoke's voice for text-to-speech purposes. With a wide range of applications and features, VoxBox lets you create realistic and expressive character AI voices, whether you're looking to emulate famous personalities, fictional characters, or even video game and anime voices.

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Free Get Pop Smoke AI Voice

Step 1: Download & Installation

Step 2: Access the "Voice Cloning" feature & Upload the audio file of Pop Smoke to obtain his ultra-realistic AI voice.

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Step 3: Start the cloning process and obtain the realistic Pop Smoke AI voice.

Step 4: After that, you can directly go to "Text to Speech" to make voiceovers.

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Key Features:

  • Dubbing in 77+ Languages: VoxBox supports text-to-speech dubbing in a wide variety of languages, making it a versatile tool for global users.

  • 3200+ Voice Options: With an extensive library of voice options, VoxBox lets you experiment with various tones, emotions, and styles.

  • Customization: Adjust parameters like speed, pitch, and pause to fine-tune your AI voice, giving you full control over the final result.

  • Easy to Use Interface: VoxBox boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth experience for all users.

  • Ultra-realistic voice cloning: It can clone the essence of any voices you upload, satisfying all your needs.

Part 4: How to Sound Like Pop Smoke in Real-Time

MagicMic – Pop Smoke Voice Changer

For those seeking a real-time experience of sounding like Pop Smoke, MagicMic is the ultimate AI voice changer. This cutting-edge product allows you to transform your voice instantly during live conversations, gaming sessions, or streaming, adding an extra layer of suspense and immersion to your activities.

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  • 600+ Sound Effects: With a vast collection of sound effects, including bone-chilling character voices like Jigsaw, Ghostface, Demon, and more, MagicMic guarantees an immersive and entertaining experience.

  • Personalization: Fine-tune and adjust voice modifications using adjustable parameters, allowing you to tailor the voice effects to your liking.

  • Easy Integration: MagicMic seamlessly integrates with various platforms and software, making it a convenient choice for all users.

  • Simple Keybind Assignments: Effortlessly control your voice modifications with user-friendly keybind assignments, ensuring a smooth and seamless performance.

Part 5: Hot FAQS About Pop Smoke AI Voice Generator

1. What is the Pop Smoke AI Voice Generator?

The Pop Smoke AI Voice Generator is an advanced technology that uses artificial intelligence to replicate the unique voice of the late American rapper, Pop Smoke. It allows users to create realistic and expressive character AI voices that resemble Pop Smoke's distinctive tone.

2. How does the Pop Smoke AI Voice Generator work?

The AI voice generator utilizes deep learning algorithms and voice cloning techniques to analyze and mimic Pop Smoke's vocal characteristics. By processing a large dataset of his voice samples, the generator can recreate his voice with impressive accuracy.

3. Can I use the AI-generated Pop Smoke voice for commercial purposes?

The terms of use may vary depending on the specific AI voice generator platform or service. Some platforms might have restrictions on commercial usage, while others may offer commercial licenses. Always check the licensing terms and conditions provided by the AI voice generator service before using the generated voice for commercial projects.

4. Is the Pop Smoke AI Voice Generator available in multiple languages?

Yes, the AI voice generator supports a wide range of languages, making it accessible to users around the world. You can create AI voices in different languages, making it suitable for a diverse audience.


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In conclusion, With VoxBox's text-to-speech AI voice generator and MagicMic's real-time voice changer, you can now experience the unique and commanding tone that made Pop Smoke a rap legend.

Whether you're a content creator, entertainer, or simply a fan looking for an exciting experience, these innovative products will surely elevate your journey.

Don't miss out on the chance to explore the world of Pop Smoke AI voice - download VoxBox today and take your voice and song to the next level!