Many Hunter x Hunter anime fans want HxH narrator AI voice for text to speech to create content similar to the HxH narrative style, such as videos, animations or voiceovers, but are troubled by not knowing how to accomplish it.

Don't worry! This article provides you with a solution and introduces you to the best two AI voice generators to achieve this goal. Read it carefully!

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Listen to HXH narrator cloning effects by VoxBox:

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Part 1: Use Case of HxH Narrator Text to Speech AI Voice

Before we dive into how to obtain the HXH narrator AI voice, let's explore some potential applications for this AI-generated voice. Hopefully, this will spark some inspiration:

  • Video Narration: Incorporate the HXH narrator AI voice into videos like documentaries, tutorials, or explainer videos for clear and engaging narration.
  • Audiobooks: Use the HXH narrator AI voice to narrate audiobooks, bringing stories to life with a professional and captivating voice.
  • Podcasts: Integrate the HXH narrator AI voice into podcast episodes for intros, transitions, or storytelling segments to enhance the listening experience.
  • Gaming: Integrate the HXH narrator AI voice into video games for narration, character dialogue, or in-game announcements to enhance the gaming experience with immersive storytelling.
  • Creative Projects: Experiment with the HXH narrator AI voice in creative projects such as music remixes, soundtracks, or audiovisual art installations to explore new forms of expression and storytelling.
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Part 2: How To Get HxH Narrator AI Voice?

If you want to generate Michael McConnohie's AI voice or make others' voices as the narrator of HxH series, you can read this part about voice cloning to gain the solution.

VoxBox - Mimic Michael McConnohie AI Voice in 1-Click

VoxBox is an AI voice generator that features advanced text-to-speech (TTS) and voice cloning technology to produce lifelike HxH narrator voices. Through VoxBox, users can access 99% alike HxH AI voices and generate realistic, expressive voiceovers for various animed and manga projects.

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  • Diverse voice collection with 3,200+ AI voice models, spanning 150 languages and accents.
  • Can used for narrator generation as a professional voiceover tool with realistic text to speech features. (Multi-speaker narration is supported)
  • The exquisite cloning technology is used to mimic voices with high similarity at 98%.
  • Availability of various anime characters AI voices.
  • Customization options for emotions, pitch, speed, volume and so on.
  • Mutiple functions including TTS, STT, voice cloning, voice enhancement, rap generation, audio edit and more.

How To Clone AI HxH Narrator Voice for Text to Speech:

Way 1: Text to Speech with HxH Narrator AI Voice

Step 1.Download and Install VoxBox TTS voice generator on your computer by clicking the download button below.

Step 2.Click "Change Speaker" and search "HxH narrator" on search bar, then select the AI voice.

ai voice cloning for hxh narrator

Step 3.Then, type your text and click "convert" to apply Hunter x Hunter narrator AI voice for speech generation.

hxh ai voice tts on voxbox

Way 2: Clone HxH Narrator Michael McConnohie AI Voice

Step 1.Downlaod and install Voxbox by click the download button below.

Step 2.Next go to the "Voice Cloning" feature, and upload the HxH narrator audio or video file for voice cloning.


You can search "hunter x hunter english dub narrator voice" on Youtube or Tiktok, and choose the audio clips with no background sound. You can use YouTube or TikTok download site to download mp4/mp3 audio.

ai voice cloning for hxh narrator

upload hxh narrator voice clips for cloning

Step 3.After the cloning finished(about few seconds), you can listen to the cloning effect (you can train the cloned effect until you satified). Then click "use it" for TTS conversion.

listen to cloned hxh narrator ai voice effects

Step 4.Finally, type your text and click "convert" to apply Hunter x Hunter narrator AI voice for speech generation.

apply hxh narrator text to speech

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Part 3: Basic Info of HxH & HxH Narrator

"HxH" stands for "Hunter x Hunter," which is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi. "Hunter x Hunter" follows the story of a young boy named Gon Freecss who aspires to become a Hunter. In the world of "Hunter x Hunter," Hunters are individuals who have proven themselves through rigorous examinations to be elite members of humanity with special privileges.

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The narrator in "Hunter x Hunter" serves a distinct role in the series. The narrator's voice is often heard during critical moments, providing explanations, background information, and details about the characters, abilities, and events occurring in the story.

In the TV series "Hunter x Hunter" (2011–2014), Michael McConnohie takes on various roles, serving as the Narrator, Battera, Captain, Zenji, Ivlenkov, and Wrestler. This information can be found on IMDb.

hxh narrator michael mcconnohie

Part 4: FAQs about HxH Narrator AI Voice

1. What Platforms Support HxH Narrator AI Voice Generation?

AI voice generators that support HxH Narrator AI voice can be found on various platforms like VoxBox, Elevenlabs. Users can use these different tools or websites that offer text-to-speech services to make HxH text to speech.

2. Is HxH Narrator AI Voice Suitable for Voiceover Projects?

Yes. AI-generated HxH Narrator voice can be suitable for voiceover projects, especially if the AI voice generator produces high-quality and natural-sounding results.

3. Are There Different Versions of HxH Narrator AI Voice?

The availability of different versions or styles of the HxH Narrator AI voice may depend on the capabilities of the AI voice generator. Some platforms like VoxBox may offer multiple voice models or variations for users to choose from.

4. Is Hunter x Hunter Ended or Not?

The first iteration debuted in October 1999, concluding its airing in 2001 after broadcasting a total of 62 episodes. A subsequent version premiered in October 2011, spanning 148 episodes until its culmination in 2014.


HxH Narrator AI voice generator makes people more immersed in Hunter x Hunter anime content, doesn’t it?

Above, we recommended excellent AI tts voice generator VoxBox, which can help you get HxH Narrator text-to-speech easily. With tons of customizable sounds and advanced voice clone tech, VoxBox simplifies the process for users to access audio from their favorite celebrities and characters. So try this professional app now!