Speech to text app free has become very handy and abundant nowadays due to their practicality. No one like to write a bunch of paragraphs or even a single sentence sometimes because every new smart device has the built-in feature of speech to text free. This enables the users to speak what they intend to write, no matter how long they intend to write or how short.

Speech to text app feature requires your voice as a command to work and the ability to utilize voice recognition. Most mobile phones quickly have it, but what do apps do?

Part 1: How to Choose the Best Speech to Text Apps?

Although every new smart device, whether Android or iOS, has the feature of the best speech to text app, such as iPhone speech to text for iPhone or speech to text app android.

However, in any case, if your device doesn't have the feature of the best speech to text app, you can install a 3rd part application on your smart device. Still, before installing any speech to text application, you need to remember a few things that will help you select the best speech to text tool.

What to Consider:

Accuracy – The speech to text apps should provide guaranteed or at least 90% accuracy.

User-friendliness – The UI of the speech to text apps should be elementary so that users can understand every function by looking at the app and its buttons.

Pricing – The price of the speech to text apps should be fair and equal to the market price as possible.

Customer Reviews – The speech to text app should be rated at least 4/5.

Multi-language Support – The speech to text app must support multi-languages.

Part 2: Top Speech-to-Text Apps for Android

Here are some best speech to text android apps that we can use on an android smart device

1. Speechnotes

Speechnotes.co is the best speech to text app for android that helps you to write more clearly and precisely. You don't need to be worried about any alphabetical mistakes because Speechnotes have the latest built-in dictionary, which can auto-correct your spelling mistake immediately.

The remarkable feature of the speech to text android is that it will add punctuation marks according to your need, even if you don't know where to add and remove them.

Speechnotes’ speech to text android recent update enables the user to save their data on cloud storage without fear of losing it.


  • Android speech to text Speechnotes is available on android device and also work best as web base.

  • You have unlimited storage.

  • Android speech to text can auto-save your work.

  • Can export final files in different supported readable formats.

speechnotes speech to text


  • Very cheap, cost of $0.1 per minute, because it is a new service.

2. Voice Notes

If you are looking for android speech to text which is easy to use and should have professional accuracy. In that case, you should tryVoice Notes , the best speech to text app for android, with extra features and the simplest UI. The application features a text editor, which means you can easily edit any transcription in real-time and pretty quickly.


  • Only a single touch is required to start recording while it converts to text in the background in real-time.

  • Easily integrates with google calendar and syncs with your notes.

  • You can easily share all the voice notes with friends.

  • Stores automatically to your storage and syncs on google cloud.
  • It can even work and record when the phone is locked.

  • Speech recognition support for over 120 languages.

voice notes speech to text


  • Free

3. Otter

Otter is top rated best speech to text for android app. Otter offers different perks to users, such as real-time editing, multiple playback speed, auto adding punctuations. Otter is available as an android application but is not limited to an application version. You can also access Otter through the web as it has the feature of cloud-base.

Otter helps to keep your data organized. The AI of Otter is so enchanted that it keeps the note separate according to its nature.

Otter keeps all the collective readable data in its cold storage. It lets users export their speech-to-text data bulk and immediately export it to any cloud storage.


  • A free trial of Otter is available to new users.

  • A free trial of Otter is available to new users.

  • Keep your speech-to-text data organized and according to nature.

otter speech to text


  • Basic – Free

  • Pro – $8.33 per month, saving 51%

  • Business – $20 per month, saving 33%

Part 3: Powerful Speech-to-Text Apps for iPhone

Here is some best iOS speech to text on iPhone apps.

1. Apple Dictation

You can find many speech to text on iPhone applications on the iOS app store, but if you are looking for anything that can be more than just a speech to text on iPhone, you should tryApple Dictation.

Apple Dictation is the most used and highly rated iPhone speech to text feature. The AI of Apple Dictation is so well coded that it keeps your speech-to-text documents and notes separately according to their nature.

Apple Dictator is not just a simple speech to text iPhone application. It offers users extra perks to give them a better experience using speech to text iPhone app.

apple dictation speech to text


  • You don’t require any internet connection.

  • No limitation on text length.

  • A proprietary tool so available to all iPhone users.


  • Free and is part of the iOS keyboard.

2. DragonAnywhere

Want to see your documents or any readable project file error-free without doing any hard work and just by speaking through your microphone? The app will write down all your speech immediately as you speak, and it will be free from mistakes.

It is possible with the help of DragonAnywhere. You only need to install the application on your iOS smart device and let the magic happen as you speak for this iPhone speech to text tool. It doesn't allow you just to the right with high accuracy, but it also writes the spoken word in the blink of an eye without delay.

dragon anywhere speech to text


  • The highest rate of accuracy.

  • Fast speech-to-text ability.

  • Unlimited cloud and writing storage.


  • $14.99 per month or $149.99 for a lifetime.

Part 4: Best Speech-to-Text Software Recommended in 2022

You should try the following app if you want something good with some extra benefits and features.

iMyFone VoxBox

VoxBox is the best speech to text software. You can easily convert your voice and thoughts into readable documents. Many speech-to-text tools and applications are available nowadays, but Vox Box is one the best software supported by many other languages. It provider users to edit their transcripts in real-time and save them immediately.


  • You can upload pre-recorded audio or create a new file.

  • You can convert your video/audio file into any format you want.

  • Can export files in multiple supported formats.

VoxBox introduce


yesThe interface is very simple to use.

yesSupported by the latest window version.

yesThere are more than 3,200 voiceovers that you can use as skin in your audio tracks.

voxbox speech to text


noIt is expensive if you go for per monthly billing subscription.

noTake time to convert the media files.


  • Quarterly $14.95

  • Yearly $39.95

  • Lifetime $79.95

Watch this video to learn more about the Best Speech to Text Voice Generator iMyFone VoxBox:

voxbox youtube video

Part 5: FAQs about Best Speech-to-Text Apps

Below are frequently asked the question about Speech to text applications

1. Which is the Best Voice to Text App for Android?

Yes! There is much fantastic speech to text application available on the android platform. Still, if you are looking for something that gives you high accuracy and fast speech to text ability what delay, then we recommend you use VoxBox and Apple dictation.

2. Is There Any Speech to Text Tool Online for Free?

Yes, there are many speech to text app online and other platforms that you can use for free. You can also find speech to text app android apps on Google Store and websites mentioned in this article.

3. Which is the Best Speech to Text App for PC?

Although you can find many tools and software for speech to text, some tools might give you more than 90% accuracy, but they will delay converting your speech into text format. If you are looking for something that gives you more than 90% accuracy and can fast speech to text, then you should try iMyFone VoxBox.


If you are looking for the best speech-to-text application, you can go through our articles and see what suits you best according to your operating system. You can find speech to text applications for both android and iOS.

If you are looking for something which gives you more than 90% accuracy and can fast speech to text, then you should try iMyFone VoxBox.