Recording audio on Chromebook is convenient. There are countless reasons that urge you to record audio. You can record audio for friends and family members because there are million-dollar ideas available for audio recording. So you have to know how to record audio on Chromebook and what is the best way to use Chromebook audio recording features. Audio recording for Chromebook is undoubtedly an exceptional learning tool and an inventive kind of articulation for understudies. There are different reasons you should consider about how to record an audio file on Chromebook. In this blog, we are going to mention five helpful Chromebook audio recording tools, so keep reading.

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5 Best Ways to Record Audio on Chromebook:

1. Vocaroo:

Vocaroo is a helpful audio recording tool for Chromebook. It is online software that allows users to send, record, and download voice messages with great ease. So you can say Vocaroo is a perfect instrument for those who want to learn how to make an audio recording on Chromebook. Moreover, users can effortlessly make sound accounts as it doesn't need a sign up to begin sound recording. Therefore, you don't need any enrollment for the sound account. One of the best thing about Vocaroo is it only record voice from the amplifier and can't pick the sound source.

vocaroo recorder

2. Mic Note:

The Mic Note is an ideal audio recorder for Chromebooks that is not difficult to use. Users will find sound chronicle choices at the top that allow capturing gadget mouthpieces. It will guide you about how to record screen and audio on Chromebook. The Mic Note is the best way to incorporate additional highlights. When you are recording Chromebook sound, you can use the transcription tool of Mic Note. The best thing about this tool is you can record 10 minutes of sound per note. It is a web application that was intended for recording audio, and it has significant features.

mic note

3. Apowersoft Audio Recorder:

Apowersoft is a free online audio recording tool for Chromebook that allows users to record sound on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, or cell phones with no establishment. You need to download and introduce the launchers to know how to record screen and audio on Chromebook. The tool has an amazing implicit library that can track down the recorded documents. Users can record exclusive sounds and erase undesirable records. It's easy to check the document to find the sound on the PC. The software is completely viable with Chrome OS, and it is simple to use.

apower recorder

4. TwistedWave:

TwistedWave is a full-highlighted tool that permits users to edit sound records from Google drive or PC with upheld document arrangements. This tool is exclusive to a program-based sound manager. You can use it to alter or record sound documents, and for this, you need an internet browser. If you want to know the best ways about how to audio record on Chromebook, TwistedWave is an ideal voice recording web application. It consists of a basic interface that makes users able to download the recording. Furthermore, it's a freemium recording tool that incorporates audio altering with the capacity to increase the recording time and mono-channel sound.

twisted wave

5. Online Voice Recorder:

Online voice recorder from 123 apps is an ideal audio recorder for Chromebook that offers basic, free, and guaranteed protection. The amazing feature of this software is its audio recording app saves MP3 document designs, and it has a comparable highlight to the principle recorder. These highlights are ideal to provide auto-quiet managing. So the app is helpful because it distinguishes quiet sections. Additionally, users can trim accounts to restrict sound recording. Therefore, you can record sounds with amplifiers and save them as an MP3 file.

You can learn how to make an audio recording on Chromebook with this online voice recorder tool. This tool provides security affirmation and gives admittance to the online sound shaper as well as a joiner. The audio joiner feature of this tool allows you to get free highlights and includes sound configuration. Moreover, it's a free sound recorder that empowers users to record long videos.

online voice recorder


Tool name Pros Cons
Vocaroo 1.It's free

2.There is no fixed limit

3.User-friendly and simple to use

4. Provides embed code

1.The tool doesn't offer permanent storage

2.You cannot record on the website with iPads

Mic Note 1.It's easy to provide voice than text by using Mic Note

2.Mic Note provides safety and security with a voice activation system.

3.It is inexpensive

1.Sound files require large memory

2.Voice recognition is not accurate

3.Sound signals require amplification

Apowersoft Audio Recorder 1.Multiple screen capturing options

2.User-friendly interface

3.Real-time editing

4.Lightweight tool

1.Sometimes it crashes on Mac

2.Cannot capture on the secondary monitor

TwistedWave 1.It's great to use

2.Provide batch processing

3.Easy to use

1.It offers automatic panning of multichannel files

2.The tool doesn't support sound miner metadata

Online voice recorder 1.Available as an online and offline voice recorder

2.It records audio in high quality

3.Provides temporary online library

4.Works on both Mac and windows

5.Permits adding ID3 tags for audio

1.Limited sharing features

2.Basic used interface

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Best Audio Recorder and Editor -iMyFone Filme

iMyFone Filme is the best tool if you are looking for a way about how to record audio on a Chromebook. It has multiple features that enable users to edit screen recording before sending it to loved ones. Moreover, the tool is beginner-friendly with a clean interface and easy to use. Users can professionally edit their videos, so it's the best audio recorder for Chromebook. The iMyFone Filme has some creative and distinct benefits for users, so it offers a multitude of functionality. With Filme fast video mode, you can create a high-quality video with music whether you are creating videos for a wedding or birthday party.

imyfone filme editor

Step to Record Audio Using Filme:

Step 1:

The first step is to download the application by assuring that you have connected to a FaceTime call. In this way, you can launch the application to begin screen and audio recording.

Step 2:

Tap on the record screen button to start recording audio from the screen and FaceTime video.

Step 3:

Adjust the screen that you want to record. Once you have clicked the record screen button, you have to adjust the screen. Now, click on the record button that appears on the screen.

Step 4:

After pressing the record button, a countdown will start. The recording audio will be shown on the Filme interface.

Key Features:

  • It is an all-in-one video editor with basic and advanced features. You can trim, crop, and adjust the speed of the video. So Filme supports all kinds of editing.

  • You can create cinematic titles and add text to videos. There is a wide range of colors, styles, and fonts available.

  • It has a fast video mode that is designed for capturing and creating slideshows.

  • Users can add sound effects with ease. You can add different tracks at the same time. Moreover, you can merge multiple sound effects to create something new.

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1. How to Record Voice Online for Free?

If you want to record your voice for singing, or voice-over, you can find various tools online. These tools are free and guide you on how to make an audio recording on Chromebook for free. So there is a wide range of free softwares, but the most important ones are Chirbit, SpeakPipe, and Apowersoft. You can use these tools in a web browser without downloading anything else.

2. What is the Best Free App for Voice Recording?

When you are about to record audio on Chromebook, you will find different recording apps, and the best ones are iMyFone Filme and Vocaroo. Both provide a wide range of options and features. However, if you want an offline voice recording app, you can install it on the computer, and the most significant one is Wondershare DemoCreator. This tool will not record audio but also your screen and webcam at the same time.

3. How to Check Chromebook System Information and Specification?

The use of Chromebook is evolving with time. If you want to check system specifications and information, several apps will be helpful for you and provide several external options.


If you are a Chromebook holder and want to record sound, you may face difficulty. However, there are different online audio recorder modules on Chromebook that can help you to know how to record audio on Chromebook. The users will get permission to record audio/video with a local camera application. The problem is, you should need to record sound on a Chromebook by using creative features. We have mentioned the five best audio and screen recorders for Chromebook along with iMyFone Filme that is the most significant one.

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