You may have heard of VoiceMod Voice Changer, which offers a variety of voices and sound filters. The software offers a community-generated sound library called Tuna Soundboard that contains lots of sound clips. If you'd like to know how Soundboard Tuna works, then this article will be very useful for you. In this blog, we'll introduce you to Tuna Sound Board and how to use it, along with recommendations for 2 of its best alternatives.

tuna soundboard

Part 1: What Is Tuna Soundboard?

Tuna, Launched by VoiceMod, is a user-generated voice library filled with a large number of sound clips for people to explore and exploit. It has about 20,000 sound effects. From this library, users can download various sound filters and generate Tuna meme soundboards.

In addition, sharing these memes with friends adds a layer of fun and entertainment. Besides, users can create their own soundboards directly from the Tuna sound library and integrate them seamlessly into platforms such as Discord.

Part 2: How to Use VoiceMod Tuna Soundboard?

VoiceMod Tuna Soundboard offers two main usage modes. The first one is to discover the sound effects and download them to your soundboard.

The second one involves making your own soundboard and uploading the sound filter directly to Tuna.VoiceMod so that the entire community can enjoy it. Also, custom Tuna sound effects can be used for your gaming live streaming, live online course, etc.

Steps to Use Tuna Meme Soundboard

Step 1: Visit and login.

Step 2: Now, choose the“Create content”. You can also drag and drop the MP3 file. Make sure it is shorter than 45 seconds

tuna soundboard unblocked

Step 3: Fill in all the information, such as description, category, etc.

Step 4: Once you've uploaded the file to Tuna, import it into VoiceMod. You'll then be able to find it in VoiceMod soundboard sounds and use it on platforms like Discord.

Notice: The step of uploading the MP3 file may take a long time and stuck in the page below

voicemod tuna soundboard

Part 3: How to Fix VoiceMod Tuna Not Working

1. Why Is My VoiceMod Soundboard Not Working?

  • Your software may lack the latest update or patch.
  • Your audio drivers might not be configured correctly.
  • Audio settings on your computer could be hindering VoiceMod from utilizing the microphone.
  • The connection to the VoiceMod server could be disrupted on either end.
  • VoiceMod may be conflicting with other applications that are currently using the microphone.

2. How to Fix VoiceMod Soundboard Not Working?

1) Close all apps and restart your pc

Shut down all running applications and reboot your computer. You can utilize the Task Manager to identify any active applications that might be conflicting with VoiceMod, particularly those using the sound card or microphone. If closing these apps doesn't help, proceed to restart your computer and relaunch VoiceMod.

2) Reinstall the VoiceMod on the PC

It could be a VoiceMod installation error or a lack of updates that are causing the problem, and reinstalling the latest version should fix it. Before doing so, remove the existing version of the app completely.

3) Check the exclusive mode option in VoiceMod.

This should be enough to make everything works.

Go to Settings > Advanced settings and disable the MIC EXCLUSIVE MODE switch.

voicemod soundboard not working

Part 4: The Best 2 Alternatives to Voice Mod Tuna

If you think that Tuna VoiceMod soundboards have fewer voice options, here are some fully functional alternatives to VoiceMod Tuna with more voice choices.

1. iMyFone VoxBox - The Best VoiceMod Alternative to Tuna Voice

VoxBox is an AI voice generator with 3200+ voice selection and support for 77+ languages, with AI Rap generation, celebrity voice cloning and other powerful features. Perfect for your content creation.

voicemod alternative

Key Features

  • Provide a large voice library with 3200+ voices in 77+ languages. Access to 100+ accents.
  • Better than Tuna voice mod, VoxBox can automatically expand and generate an AI Rap with lyric based on the text you type in.
  • Powerful TTS and voice cloning allow you to efficiently do voice overs for videos.
  • Supports uploading video links for voice extraction and cloning.
  • You can use Pause, Pitch, Speed and Emphasis to perfect the audio. You can even add emotions.
  • Multiple output formats: Like MP3, WAV, and AAC.

2. MagicMic - Tuna Meme Soundboard Alternative

With 1000+ pre-recorded & designed voice clips soundboards, MagicMic Voice Changer allows users to use soundboards in real-time on gaming platforms and change your voice during voice chats or other platforms. In addition, it is also suitable for Discord voice chats, compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android systems.

voicemod alternatives

Key Features

  • 1000+ pre-recorded or designed voice clips soundboards to choose from.
  • Compatible with various gaming and voice platforms.
  • 300+ voices filters make you sound like anyone, it's a good chance to have fun with your friends.
  • You can create anyone's voice or any soundboard by uploading audio clip.

Part 5: FAQs about VoiceMod Tuna

1. Is VoiceMod Tuna Soundboard free?

Yes, it is free. But as for the other soundboards, you won't get qualified sound filters and sound effects with the free version.

2. How do you upload sound to Tuna?

There are detailed steps above, please click here to see: Steps to Use Tuna Meme Soundboard

3. How to use Tuna soundboard unblocked?

Visit and login, choose the“Create content”. You can also drag and drop the MP3 file. After uploading the file to Tuna, import it into VoiceMod. You'll then be able to find it in VoiceMod soundboard sounds and use it on platforms like Discord.

4. How do I get my VoiceMod Tuna Soundboard to work on Discord?

  • Navigate to VoiceMod Settings. Choose your speaker and headphone, ensuring that you disable the "Eliminate Popping" and "Mic Exclusive Mode" options.
  • Next, go to Discord and access User Settings. Navigate to the "Voice & Video" section. Select the VoiceMod microphone from the Input Device drop-down menu. Then, for output, opt for your headphones or speaker.
  • Make sure to deactivate the following settings in Discord: Automatically Determine Input Sensitivity, Noise Suppression, Echo Cancellation, ,Automatic Gain Control


In this article we have a thorough introduction to Tuna by VoiceMod, including how to use Tuna sound effects, how to fix VoiceMod Tuna Not Working and the best alternative to Voice Mod Tuna. If you want to have a lot of fun with AI voice, try the Best Alternative to VoiceMod Tuna!