If you're in search of the ultimate glitch text generator, look no further! We’re here with 14 tools that are perfect for everyone (even if you are a gamer or a designer).

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But we’re not stopping there. Later, you will also find out how you can make your work unique and eye-catching with the help of VoxBox. So, stick to the end!

Part 1: What Is a Glitch Text Font?

Glitch text font is a style of text that intentionally appears distorted, corrupted, or "glitched." It usually includes characters with altered or disrupted patterns, which creates a visually striking appearance.

But why are people nowadays using Glitch text fonts? The reason it’s getting popular is that people can use it for artistic and creative purposes. It is especially ideal in digital art, graphic design, and online content creation.

glitch text

Part 2: Top Glitch Text Generator Comparison

Before we explain every Glitchy Text generator, here’s a table about them to give you an idea about their features and price.

Glitch Text Generator How many Fonts Font Quality Free Trial Price of Paid Plans
CoolFonts Wide selection Excellent Yes -
CapitalizeMyTitle 32 Superior Yes -
TextStudio Over 50 High Yes $9.99 per month
FontBolt 5 Moderate Yes -
FontSpool Over 30 Top-quality Yes -
LingoJam 1 Moderate Yes -
GlitchGenerator 1 Moderate Yes -
Glyphy Over 50 Outstanding Yes $8 per user
Textpro 1 Good Yes -
Minicraft.tool 7 Finest Yes -
Zalgo 12 Exceptional Yes -
AllFancyText Over 50 Top-quality Yes -

Part 3: Top 14 Glitch Text Generator For ALL Your Needs

You can find lots of glitchy text generators on the internet, but the problem with most of them is that they lack the latest features. But worry not! After trying all of them, we have picked the top 14 ones for you.

1. 5 Best Text Generators for Roblox

If you want to use text generators for Roblox, then note that you can’t use any tool you see. The reason is that most of the text generators are not compatible with this platform. Worry not. We’ve picked the top 5 Text generators for Roblox for you.

1) CoolFonts

CoolFonts is a versatile text generator that offers a range of unique and stylized fonts for Roblox users. It has an intuitive interface, and you can see all the fonts right on the screen when you open its website. Simply browse different fonts and choose the one you like.

coolfonts text generators for roblox

Key Features:

  • CoolFonts delivers instant results, allowing users to quickly integrate the generated text into their Roblox projects without unnecessary delays.

  • You can customize the text by adjusting parameters such as font size, color, and style.

  • The tool frequently updates its font library.


yesHas a simple and easy-to-use interface.

yesIt’s free to use.

yesOffers wide font selection.

yesCompatible with various Roblox platforms.


noThere are no advanced font-related features.

2) TextStudio

TextStudio is a comprehensive glitch text generator for Roblox users. It offers a variety of remarkable features that enhance the appearance and creativity of in-game text. That’s why it is a popular choice among the Roblox community.

textstudio text generators for roblox

Key Features:

  • TextStudio allows users to apply various formatting options, including bold, italic, underline, etc.

  • It has a library of unique and creative font styles.

  • You can apply layer effects to texts (such as shadows, glows, etc).

  • You can also use “zoom” and “character spacing” features to ensure you get the text you want.


yes It offers many creative font styles.

yes You can also add icons to your texts.

yes It allows you to pick a background for your text.

yes It supports import/export for smooth content creation.


no Advanced features like text curving are available only when you purchase a premium plan.

3) FontBolt

FontBolt is a straightforward platform that enhances text aesthetics. Its main focus is on simplicity and versatility. But a great thing about it is that it provides lots of font styles to elevate in-game communication and design.

fontbolt text generators for roblox

Key Features:

  • FontBolt generates responsive fonts that are compatible across various Roblox platforms.

  • You can preview your chosen font styles in real time.

  • FontBolt streamlines the process by allowing users to easily copy and paste the generated text directly into their Roblox projects.


yes It’s mobile-friendly.

yes You can also add icons to your texts.

yes You can also pick a specific font size and color.

yes It Keeps the font library up to date with the trending styles.


no Ads are annoying.

4) FontSpool

FontSpool is a dynamic roblox font and text generator that is full of features. It's all about versatility and creativity, which is why every Roblox player will find it superb.

fontspool text generators for roblox

Key Features:

  • FontSpool has an extensive font library, and you can try any.

  • You can control advanced styling options such as gradient colors, outlines, and texture overlays.

  • This tool also lets you pick the font size and preview it.


yes You can easily export your stylesheets.

yes Suitable for both PC, tablet, and mobile users.

yes Lets you add layered effects.

yes Easy to use


no It won’t work if your internet connection is unstable.

5) CapitalizeMyTitle

CapitalizeMyTitle is a user-friendly tool designed to assist Roblox content creators in crafting titles with proper capitalization and style. The best part about it is that it’s both desktop and mobile-friendly, which means you can open the website on any device you want.

capitalizemytitle text generators for roblox

Key Features:

  • CapitalizeMyTitle can automatically capitalize titles.

  • It offers style suggestions, including title case, sentence case, and more.

  • You can see a real-time preview of titles with different capitalization styles.

  • CapitalizeMyTitle supports bulk processing - a feature you can use to ensure consistency.


yes Includes dozens of fonts.

yes Offers flexibility to customize capitalization manually.

yes It’s compatible with various platforms within Roblox.

yes It’s perfect for creating usernames.


no Internet Dependency.

2. 5 Best Animated Glitch Text Generator

If you’re looking for the top animated glitch text generator, then we’ve got you covered. We’ve chosen the five best generators for you that you can use without thinking twice.

1) TextStudio

TextStudio is a great choice if you are looking for a cutting-edge animated glitch text generator. It includes a set of features for users who want to add dynamic and visually striking text effects to their projects.

textstudio animated glitch text generator

Key Features:

  • You will get access to dozens of fonts. It also lets you know which font is in trend nowadays.

  • You can adjust the character space between the glitch text to make it look more stylish.

  • It lets you adjust line height.

  • Users can preview their animated glitch text in real time.


yes Provides dynamic glitch effects.

yes The interface is beginner-friendly.

yes Allows you to export flitch texts and animations

yes Regularly updates the latest glitch animation trends and styles.


no Certain animated glitch effects may not be compatible with a few Roblox platforms.

2) LingoJam

LingoJam is one of the best user-friendly animated glitch text generators you can use. You can add dynamic text effects to your projects hassle-free if you try it. The reason is that this tool has a simple interface.

lingojam animated glitch text generator

Key Features:

  • It lets you preview glitch text right after you input text.

  • It also supports copy/paste functionality.

  • You can share suggestions or concerns under the comment section of this tool.


yes It’s free.

yes Has a straightforward and user-friendly interface

yes No need for signup to generate glitch text.

yes 100 percent safe.


no It doesn’t offer text or font customization options.

3) GlitchGenerator

GlitchGenerator is a free tool that you can use any time you want. People love it because it creates a visually stunning glitch text effect every single time. However, it’s a popular choice among web developers who want to convey a sense of creativity and technological expertise in their design.

glitchgenerator animated glitch text generator

Key Features:

  • It gives you control over the glitch text’s font size.

  • You can easily adjust the glitch speed if you use this tool.

  • It also lets you pick the text color.

  • Users also enjoy control over various parameters, including intensity.


yes It’s perfect for web developers and designers

yes It offers lots of customization options.

yes Allows users to export glitch animations smoothly.

yes You will also see a separate section on tips when you open its website.


no It does not include premium features, like character spacing.

4) Glyphy

Glyphy is a user-friendly tool designed to create unique and aesthetically pleasing glitch-free text effects for various digital projects. It’s perfect for you if you want to add some weirdness to any of your work or text.

glyphy animated glitch text generator

Key Features:

  • Glyphy offers diverse fonts, allowing users to choose from clean and modern typography styles.

  • It supports a wide range of Unicode characters, allowing you to add symbols, emojis, and special characters to your texts.

  • It streamlines the process by allowing users to copy and paste the generated text easily.

  • You can customize font size, letter spacing, and color with a few clicks.


yes Eye-friendly interface.

yes Suitable for users of all experience levels.

yes Offers a diverse collection of fonts

yes 100 percent secure.


no Requires an internet connection for glitch text generation.

5) Textpro

Textpro is a top-tier tool that can create a glitch text effect online for free. According to user reviews, people are using it to create engaging glitch texts for music videos, PR ads, and social media posts. So, it’s safe to say that it is a versatile option!

textpro animated glitch text generator

Key Features:

  • It lets you add large and small text separately.

  • When you generate an effect, you can download or share it easily.

  • Users can see real-time previews of their text with applied effects.


yes It’s completely online.

yes Has a User-Friendly Interface.

yes It provides Instant Previews due to fast processing.

yes Free for everyone.


no Does not offer artistic filters.

3. 4 Best Minecraft Glitch Text Generator

There are four best Minecraft glitch text generators you can use without any hassle. Have a look at their features, pros, and limitations.

1) TextStudio

TextStudio is an exceptional Minecraft glitched text generator, and the reasons are its top-notch features and the response design. That’s why it’s now a first choice among thousands of Minecraft players today.

textstudio minecraft glitch text generator

Key Features:

  • Users can apply animated glitch text effects, such as flickering and distortion, with a single click.

  • This tool provides a real-time preview feature, allowing users to see the results immediately.

  • You can adjust length and orientation to ensure that the glitch text effect feels top-notch.

  • You can create colorful background effects with TextStudio as well.


yes Free for everyone.

yes It offers Minecraft-compatible fonts.

yes Lets you choose gradient and filling patterns.

yes It supports copy-paste functionality


no You will see lots of Pop-up ads when you use TextStudio.

2) Minicraft.tool

Minicraft.tool is a dedicated Minecraft glitch text generator that is super easy to use. The developers have designed it to provide a seamless and immersive user experience. To our surprise, gamers are already using it to elevate the visual appeal of text within the Minecraft environment.

Let’s look at its features.

minicraft.tool minecraft glitch text generator

Key Features:

  • Minicraft.tool provides a selection of fonts optimized for Minecraft only.

  • It’s quick and takes around 8 to 10 seconds to create text effects.

  • You can customize various parameters such as color, size, and animation speed effortlessly.

  • Minicraft.tool supports exporting glitch text creations.


yes It includes Minecraft-optimized fonts.

yes No sign-up or credit card info is required.

yes It can also generate titles and signs.

yes Supports the export of glitch text creations


no Certain glitch effects are incompatible with all Minecraft platforms.

3) Zalgo

Zalgo is a specialized Minecraft glitch text generator that focuses on providing users with a unique and chaotic aesthetic for in-game text. You can simply type or paste any text and it will do the magic for you.

zalgo minecraft glitch text generator

Key Features:

  • Zalgo introduces distinctive distortions and chaotic elements

  • You can adjust the text settings by clicking on the “Setting’ button.

  • You can see the font examples when you open its website.

  • In addition to Minecraft, it offers glitch generators for over a dozen platforms.


yes It’s straightforward to use.

yes No app/software download is required.

yes It’s perfect for writing scary titles.

yes Its processing speed is quicker than most glitch generators.


no Zalgo doesn’t work when the internet is unstable.

no Ads can be frustrating.

4) AllFancy

AllFancy is the last glitch generator we have for you. The main reason we chose it for you is that it offers the most unique and stylized text variations. Moreover, you won’t also have to download any font software to use all the features.

allfancytext minecraft glitch text generator

Key Features:

  • AllFancyText provides a vast library of fonts (over three dozen).

  • It allows users to choose “Styles’ to suit different themes and preferences.

  • AllFancyText supports real-time editing.

  • It’s perfect for Minecraft and other online games because of fancy fonts.


yes It’s a web-based tool.

yes Great choice for creating scary and stylish descriptions.

yes Allow users to fine-tune glitch text in real time.

yes Available in all regions.


no It doesn’t offer a color customization feature.

Now, you know all about the best glitch text generators. But note that these are not enough if you want to stand out in the modern world. The competition is getting serious, which is why you should level up your work, and we’re now discussing how.

Part 4: More Posibility About AI Rap Generation - VoxBox

People think creating extraordinary content is difficult, but that’s not the case. We now have VoxBox that can make any work exceptional. What is it?

It’s a state-of-the-art AI voice generator that can create voiceovers/dubbing for you effortlessly. You can simply type your script/text, and it can generate a high-quality audio clip in no time.

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voxbox interface shortcut


  • VoxBox offers over 3,200 real-sounding AI voices (including popular celebrities, politicians, and cartoon characters).

  • You can use it to record and edit your own voice.

  • It can also do a “Speech to text” conversion. If you don’t want to write down your thoughts, simply use this feature.

  • If you want to convert an MP4 video into audio, then you can also try VoxBox.

  • It can also create rap songs for you. Just add lyrics, and it will do the rest.

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Part 5: FAQ About Glitch Text Generator

How Can I Make Text Move in Games?

You can make text move in games by using top-quality animated glitch text generator tools. The popular choices are TextStudio, LingoJam, and Glyphy.

Which Is the Best Glitch Text Generator?

The best glitch text generator is TextStudio. It offers lots of fonts and styles that you can choose to create high-quality glitched text. Furthermore, it lets you adjust character space, length, curve, and other text settings.


In a nutshell, we discussed the top 14 glitch text generators in the guide. They are perfect for Minecraft, Roblox, and many other games. We also explored the top ones for animation effects. You can choose any to create engaging glitch texts.

But if you want to do something extraordinary, then use VoxBox. It’s a one-of-a-kind TTS Voice Generator that can create entertaining audio clips for you in over 3,000 voices. You can use these voices to make any video top-notch. Furthermore, it’s a perfect tool to prank your friends, as it also includes celebrity voices.

Is that it? Nope! Some bonus features include Speech to text, video conversion, and audio editing. So, use VoxBox every day and have fun!

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