GIF face swap has become very popular, and people like to interchange their faces with any celebrity, best friend, or fictional character. You probably have experience doing the funniest face swaps and sending it to your best friends once.

In this article, we will explore the top 6 GIF face swap online and apps. We will share their features and other details to make your selection easier.

mr bean face swap

Part 1: Why Use Face Swapper

People generally use face swappers for personalization and social interactions. It is a source of entertainment and humor when you share hilarious face swaps with your friends and family. 

A face swap GIF can bring a smile to your social circle and help you to make new friends with similar interests. If you are a meme lover, a GIF will be more helpful to recreate engaging content.

Part 2: Top 3 GIF Face Swap Online Free To Generate Face Swap GIF

In this part, we will discuss some of the top notch and fastest face swap GIF online free tools. These tools will help you to create the funniest face swaps within a few minutes. There are no restrictions in using them, although they are available for everyone without charges.

1) DeepSwap

DeepSwap is an online AI-driven GIF face swap tool with a huge library of famous faces. You can make engaging and funny GIFs to upload on social media or share in groups. They create a real-looking face swap that no one can identify.

gif face swap

Key Features

  • It has simple steps to use by uploading an image, GIF or video and directly interchange the current face to the desired one.

  • It is compatible with all devices and allows you to create multiple GIFs without paying.

  • DeepSwap is safe and secure because it can’t keep your files for over 7 days.

  • The downloading of edited GIFs is unlimited, allowing you to use the tool without any restriction.

2) Remaker

Remaker is a GIF face swap online tool that offers other tools like image upscaling, background removing, and watermark removal. It provides quick and high-quality output within a few steps. You must have a clear picture or video for perfect face detection and swapping.

gif face swap online free

Key Features

  • It detects multiple faces and allows you to swap them simultaneously.

  • It is compatible with all devices and allows you to create multiple GIFs without paying.

  • If your default picture is of low quality, you can use its feature to upscale it.

3) Miocreate

Miocreate offers a user-friendly interface that offers free video, image, and GIF hilarious face swaps online. The kids love to get Disney face swap or SpongeBob face swap so they can easily do it because it doesn’t need any expertise.

face swap gif

Key Features

  • It has an easy-to-use interface.

  • You can create high-quality and creative GIFs.

  • It uses AI assistance for perfect facial recognition.

  • The users can upload their desired faces for swapping if not available in the library.

Part 3: Top 3 GIF Face Swap Apps To Make Funniest Face Swaps

Some users prefer to use apps for offline and quicker ways to export the GIF in the gallery. We will discuss the features of the top 3 GIF face swap apps that will work with Android and iOS devices.

1) Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular and most used social media apps. You are familiar with its features and its huge library of faces and filters. You can edit your pictures by applying cool filters to them. It offers a wider range of the funniest face swaps you can apply in real-time.

face swap gifs

Key Features

  • You can share the GIF directly with your friends.

  • You can swap animal faces also because it has a special feature that detects human and animal faces.

  • Snapchat also captures your background and other objects so you can edit them easily.

2) Facemagic AI

Facemagic is another popular AI GIF face swap tool that gives you various options to add to the swapped face. It has a library of effects you can add after face swap. It is compatible with iOS and Android with accessible features.

face swap gifs

Key Features

  • It detects animals, humans, and cartoons like Mr. Bean face swap with the AI algorithm.

  • Facemagic AI integrates with social media apps to share GIFs directly.

  • You can use various effects on the face-swapped video to make it more innovative and appealing.

3) B612

B612 is one of the oldest selfies-making apps you have used once. It allows you to capture photos and videos that you can edit with its cool features. You can use a wide range of filters to make your GIF face swap catchier to upload on social media. It has different facial filters available that you can apply to swap the original one.

ai gif face swap

Key Features

  • It offers a social media sharing facility and is integrated with multiple apps.

  • You can apply filters and capture videos and pictures in real time.

  • B612 is compatible with the latest iOS and Android versions.

Part 4. Add Funny AI Voice to The Face Swap GIF in Your Video

iMyFone VoxBox - The Best AI Voice Generator

ai voice generator

If you want to use face swap GIFs in your videos, VoxBox is an option to make your videos even funnier. With 3,200 + hyperrealistic voices and powerful text-to-speech & voice cloning capabilities, VoxBox has become one of the most popular tools for many video creators.

  • Listen to this audio clone with VoxBox and see if you can guess whose voice it is:

    0:00 /0:05

face swap

Some features that makes VoxBox stands out include:


  • Voice Cloning: Allows users to clone any voice, making your GIF more vivid in the video.

  • Text to Speech: This feature allows users to convert text into spoken words. It can save your time, which is perfect for your video voiceover making.

  • Language universality: Support for 77+ languages. Access to 100+ accents, such as British and Hindi.

  • Voice Editing: Fine-tuning options such as Pause, Pitch, Speed, and Emphasis to perfect the generated voice.

Part 5: FAQs About AI GIF Swap

1. Can I make Thomas Train face swap?

Yes, you can make Thomas Train face swap with any tool discussed in the article. You can check for the default face filter; if not available, import it directly.

2. How to face swap with Thomas the train?

Follow the steps to do a face swap with Thomas the train.

  • Open the face swap tool and upload the GIF.

  • Let the tool auto-detect the original face. Select Thomas the train face, and apply it with accurate positioning.

  • Click export and select a safe place to save it.

3. How to face swap on iPhone?

You can download Snapchat or other GIF face-swap tools. Run the application and import the GIF to it. Go to the filters and select the face that you want to swap. Make sure that it detects the original face accurately. Click the save button to export it to your camera roll.

4. Any face swap app Android recommended?

You can use Snapchat and B612 because they are AI-driven and create high-quality face swap GIFs.

5. Is face swap app safe?

Yes, they are safe to use, but you must use the tool positively. Try to avoid doing face swaps that can offend any famous person.


We have discussed the top 6 GIF face swap online and app tools. Each of them has its features and significance. You must try any of them and develop creative and weird face swaps. With a few clicks, you can create funny memories with family and friends, making you socially connected with a healthy relationship.