Gender swap images are now the new cool thing on social media. Almost everyone is now curious about how they would look if they were born as the opposite gender.

online gender swap

Lucky for you, you can try any top online Gender Swap filters to become a part of this new-generation trend.

But which ones are the best that you can use for fun? We're discussing this in detail here, so make sure to stick to the end!

Part 1:List of 5 Online Gender Swap Filters

Gender swapping is fun only when you use the best filters. Here's the comparison table of the ones we have explained in this guide.

Check it out to find out which one suits you the most.

Product AI Support Adjustment Parameter Speed Price User Interface Free Gender Swap Yes Limited Fast Monthly plan: $ 19.99
Yearly Plan: $ 86.39
Wondershare Ailab Yes Moderate Fast $9.99 for 50 credits Intuitive
Fotor Gender Swap Yes Moderate Moderate Free & Paid Versions ($4.49/month) User-Friendly
LightX Swap Gender Yes Moderate Fast $3.99 per month Easy to Use
AILab tools Age & Gender Swap Yes Advanced Ultra Fast Free & Paid Versions ($0.03 per image) Advanced

Part 2:Top 5 Online Swap Gender Filters You Should Try

You will need the best gender swap filter online for top results. Just for you, we shortlisted not one but five of the best gender-swapping tools.

1) Free Gender Swap gender swap

If you want to gender swap online with an easy-to-use tool, then is for you. You will only have to upload your picture, choose a gender, and let it do the processing.

So, even if you have no Photoshop skills, you can still use this tool without facing any problems.

Let's look at what makes it good and what could be better.


yesThe gender swaps look real

yesYou can use it directly in your browser without installing any app/software.

yesFast Processing.

yesWorks on Any Device.

yesUser-Friendly Interface.


noWithout any problem of your internet speed.

2)Wondershare Ailab

ailab gender swap

Wondershare Ailab is another top choice for online gender swap filters. Why?

Well, it is developed with advanced AI technology that delivers high-quality and realistic transformations.

But there are many more reasons to use Ailab. Here are its pros:


yesMultiple features in addition to gender-swapping.

yesWondershare regularly updates this tool.

yesCompletely free to use the basic gender swap feature.


noNo control over the editing.

3) Fotor Gender Swap

fotor gender swap

Fotor also gives you a chance to see yourself in a different light. You can play around with your images and change your gender within seconds. In fact, people have told us that they keep swapping their faces to get a new one with this tool.


yesThe gender swap results are realistic.

yesYou can also swap faces with your favourite celebrities if you use Fotor.

yesCommunity and support.


noInternet speed dependency.

4)LightX Swap Gender

light gender swap

LightX is a versatile photo editor that has a one-click Gender swap filter. But the reason we picked it is that it is powered by smart AI models that can change your facial features in no time. On top of this, its processing speed is faster than many gender swap tools.

If you also have it on your mobile, then we recommend trying its gender swap filter right now. You will definitely be impressed by its playful transformations.


yesAllows you to change your gender with a celebrity or make funny memes.

yesYou can easily use it on your mobile.

yesCan handle internet speed fluctuations


noIn-App purchases.

5)AILab Tools Age & Gender Swap

ailab tools gender swap

Wondering is there any gender swap filter online free that also offers special effects? Yes, there is! It's AILab - a tool that offers an Age & Gender Swap feature to everyone. It's better than many editors because it uses deep learning AI algorithms that are proven to work in seconds. That is also why you will get top-quality output if you use AILab tools.


yesIt allows you to change both age and gender in photos.

yesSupports API.

yesGender swaps result in more accurate and realistic transformations.

yesThe app processes images quickly.

yesAILab tools have a strong privacy system.


noComplex interface for advanced features.

noNot support customization.

Part 3:Hot FAQs about Gender Swap APP?

How To Do Gender Swap Filter on Capcut?

To use a gender swap filter on Capcut, start a new project by importing the photo you want to edit. Then, choose the gender swap option and apply the filter to your picture.

How To Do Gender Swap Filter on TikTok?

To use a gender swap filter on TikTok, open the app and tap the '+' icon to create a new video. Before recording, tap on the 'Effects' icon. In the effects section, search for the gender swap filter and then record your video. The gender swap effect will be applied in real-time, as you record.

Which Is the Best Free Online Gender Swap?

The "best" free online gender swap tools are and Fotor. Other popular choices include the free versions of LightX and AiLab tools.


In summary, we discussed the best online gender swap filters in this guide. These are, Wondershare AiLab, Fotor, LightX, and AIlab tools.

But if you want to make a gender swap video and add a voiceover. I'll give some suggestions:

It's a top-notch AI Voice Generator that you can use to create funny messages and voiceovers. Just select a voice out of 3,200 and create an audio note in that voice.

voxbox text to speech introduce

Why recommend VoxBox? It has the voices of almost every popular celebrity, politician, and character.