Aatrox, also called The Darkin Blade, is a malevolent playable character you can play in the game League of Legends. He's the main enemy of Pantheon and Tryndamere.

Many players are fascinated with his unique voice. Do you want to get Aatrox AI voice during gaming, live streaming, or real-time chatting? Keep reading! In this article, we will show you the Aatrox voice actor and how to make your voice sound like Aatrox using Aatrox voice changer.

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Part 1. League of Legends Aatrox Voice Actor

Ramon Tikaram plays the voice actor behind Aatrox. Born in 1967, Ramon Tikaram is a British actor, famous for Jupiter Ascending (2015), Vampire Academy (2014), and Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love (1996).

In 2018, he took on the role of voicing Aatrox in the video game League of Legends, as well as its auto battler counterpart, Team Fight Tactics. Tikaram continued this role when Aatrox was released in the card game Legends of Runeterra.

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Part 2. How to Sound like Aatrox using Aatrox Voice Changer

Looking to add the attractive Aatrox AI voice to your online interactions or gaming sessions? Look no further than MagicMic AI voice changer. With advanced AI voice generation technology, it can effortlessly transforms your voice into Aatrox's voice in real-time.

With the help of Magicmic, you can also change your voice to Aatrox's on various platforms, such as Discord, Twitch, Zoom and more.

As an excellent AI voice generator, except for Aatrox's voice, MagicMic can change into other character voice from League of Legends, such as Garen, Teemo, Ahri, and more.

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Change into Aatrox AI voice using MagicMic - Aatrox voice changer!

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How to make your voice sound like Aatrox using Magicmic

Step 1. Download and launch the MagicMic Aatrox Voice Change on PC.

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Step 2. Choose your microphone and headphones so you can hear your own voice clearly.

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Step 3. Pick the Voice Changer Virtual Audio Device as your input for smooth voice changes.

Step 4. Press "Customization" then "Import Sounds" to add an audio file containing Aatrox's voice.

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Step 5. Click on the Aatrox AI voice you imported to change your voice in real-time. You can also set up keybind to make it easier to use.

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Part 3. What is the famous Aatrox Voice Lines

"I am Aatrox, I am the World-Ender!"

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"I touched the stars, and saw the glorious light of a thousand suns! Now, blinded by this elegance, how could my purpose be anything... but dark..."

    0:00 /0:18

"Now, hear the silence of annihilation!"

    0:00 /0:05

"Do I resemble you, abomination? Your form isn't my destiny... is it? You don't know how to talk, do you?"

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Part 4. FAQs about Aatrox Voice

Who is Aatrox Japanese voice actor?

LoL Aatrox's Japanese voice actor is Masaaki Ihara, known for Gantz: O (2016), Pluto (2023) and Beatless (2018).

What is Aatrox Ai voice changer?

Aatrox AI voice changer is a software used by artificial intelligence (AI) technology that can modify or manipulate your voice in various ways.


In this article, we introduce the voice actor behind the LoL Aatrox character and how to get his Ai voice. If you want to make your voice more interesting and sound like Aatrox's, give MagicMic a try. You can transform into Aatrox's voice in real-time while gaming, streaming, online chatting, or during a phone call. Start creating your Aatrox AI to add more fun to your gaming experience! Get started today!

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