Making videos from photos have become extensively familiar these days. It may be your friend's birthday, or some other days you would like to remember them. Everyone likes to make videos with their pictures and a favorite sound as a piece of background music.

How do you make such videos? Is there any app to do it? We'll show you 10 best free video makers from photos including those with free music and online tools.

Part 1: 5 Best Free Photo Video Makers with Free Music

A lot of people would like to save all their best days in the videos together with their favourite songs in the background to match the vibe. It lets you live those moments in the same as before. Here are 5 video makers from video with free music you can get.

1 iMyFone Filme - Full-featured Free Photo Video Maker


Filme is one of the latest programs for making videos from photos, and it helps you to finish your editing much quickly with a perfect finishing look. Filme helps tell your story perfectly with the ideal blend of emotions pulled out while romantic background music plays at the back. 

If you have little tech knowledge, you can still very easily alter and edit its settings because it is very convenient to use. Therefore, are you ready to use this video maker and experience it is it claims to be the quickest video makers? Following are few of its features:


    yesIt permits you to create your videos in the fastest way with its fast video mode.

    yesMultiple templates are available to make your stunning photo videos.

    yesIt allows you to add videos and images at the same time to your photo video.

    yesPlenty of free music are offered. You can also add your custom music.

    yesYou can also add different effects to the photo video with Filme.

iMyFone Filme

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yesEasy to use for both beginners and professionals.

yesFree tool with tons of powerful video editing features.

yesYou can both make photo videos with templates or customize with your favourite effects.


noIt is a very new product and currently not quite well-known.

2 Windows Movie Maker

windows movie maker

It is a software, made explicitly by Microsoft to work as a video editing tool in a Windows PC. You can very conveniently create your videos with free music and publish it on any social media platform, and you'd like to. The following are some of its features, pros, and cons.


yesIt is easy-to-use with user-friendly interface.

yesAdd free music you want to create your personalized photo videos.

yesIt offers different kinds of themes and transitions for photo videos.


yesAbsolutely free for Windows, XP, Vista, etc.

yesIt is specially designed for beginners.


noIt is often known to freeze and crash regularly.

noYou cannot do complex editing using a windows movie maker.

noThe effects in Windows Movie Maker are not adjustable.



It is a beginner-friendly software for editing photo videos as another best free video maker from photos with free music. Following are its features:


yesIt consists of multiple built-in sound effects.

yesIt has a vast number of transitions by default.

yesAudio editing can be done effortlessly in Movavi.


yesIts latest interface is entirely new and intuitive.

yesThe drag and drop option for transitions and filter etc, is perfect for users.

yesThe operation is smooth with high running speed.


noThe templates for text and transition are quite limited.

noFree trial is not that good for user experience.

noNot available for Mac system.



This video editing tool iMovie has been mainly developed for iOS and macOS. You can easily create storytelling videos by using your favourite photos and videos stored on your devices. Following are few of its features:


yesIt supports HD and 4K videos.

yesIt allows users to do audio and music editing.

yesYou can very quickly open multiple projects at the same time.


yesIt can fix a shaken video.

yesYou can easily add texts and credits.

yesYou are allowed to change the audio over a particular music trip.


noOnly available for Mac and iOS.

noIt cannot be used for professional editing.

5 Slidely


As another free photo video maker, Slidely has a service for video production dedicated to launching marketing videos in the market for promotions of certain products. Here are some of the features of Slidely.


yesThey are mainly designed for business and personal use.

yesIts creative applications allow you to create fantastic video slideshows.

yesBeautiful collages can be made with it.


yesIt allows you to make videos at a professional and business level.

yesIt captures memorable pictures.


noIt needs more options for better customization.

noIt freezes from time to time, so you may to save the project more often.

Part 2: 5 Best Online Video Makers from Photos

You may don’t want to download any software onto your computer or laptop. Then here are 5 free online photo video makers you can directly enjoy without downloading and installing. Some don’t even require you to get an account for the website. However, one of the obvious disadvantages that you can see for online tools is, you can’t do the editing offline when you are disconnected.



It is a video slideshow maker where you can create stuff for your marketing and personal slideshows. Following are some of its features:


yesThe video it export is high quality.

yesIt consists of a font library that would be useful to your photo video.

yesIt possesses about 3000 licensed music tracks.


yesIt is an online editor. Therefore you do not need to download it.

yesIt consists of a user-friendly interface.

yesIt also has a music library where you can add sound to your video.


noTemplates are minimal.

noNot every editing feature is accessible.

noYou get to see a watermark that appears on a free version.

2 Kizoa


To begin create photo video on Kizoa, you do not even require an account or downloading because it is an easily accessible online editor. Following are some of its features:


yesIt consists of pre-made video templates.

yesIt consists of a large number of texts and transition options.

yesYou can also play with editing tools such as Editing by cropping, rotating and straightening, etc.


yesPretty easy and friendly to beginners for video editing.

yesIt offer pre-made templates for photo video making.

yesEasy to share your editing work on social media.


noThe free version does not have much to offer.

noThe video quality is not satisfying HD and 4K resolution support are available on $299 plan.

3 Clideo


As another free online photo video maker, Clideo is the best for those needs no complicated video editing, as it mainly provides basic features, including:


yesIt merges video clips into one single video.

yesIt can compress videos for reducing file size.

yesIt enables you to resize your photo video easily for YouTube, Facebook, etc.

yesYou can add free music or your favourite music to your photo video.


yesNo need to sign up.

yesIt has a wide range of format support.


noYou cannot add videos of more than 500mb for free.

4 Kapwing


Creating high-quality photo videos is one of the best feature Kapwing is dedicated to offer for users. Same as most online video tools, Kapwing is relatively simple for video editing. You can make use of the following features to create your customized photo video:


yesBasic features including cutting, trimming, rotating, joining, etc.

yesAdd audio or music to the original video file.

yesYou can share the work directly on social media once it is finished.


yesIt is quite friendly to social media content creation.


noUsers are not happy with its interface.

noIt costs money to keep your video private.

5 Renderforest


Renderforest is an online platform where you can create photo videos with free music. It is created for both professionals and beginners. You can boost your skills by practicing on it and creating quality videos with utmost ease in very little time.


yesIt can create photo videos with music and effects.

yesAdd text to make it more meaningful.

yesThe photo video is smooth after it is finished.


yesIts user interface is straightforward and can be understood quickly.

yesA massive number of templates and toolkits are available for you to use them.


noIt can’t create square videos.

noIt  can’t fine tune videos like advanced software.

Part 3: 5 Tips for Creating Video from Photos

Apart from finding a good free video maker from photos, you might also want to know some tips for creating photo videos and make them look amazing. Well, here are 5 tips for you:

5 Tips for Creating Video from Photos

1. Photos are the most important.

Select the photos that are related the most to the video them you want for the photo video. Photos of higher resolution are recommended.  

2. Take right amount of photos.

A photo video which is too long to watch can lose the interest of your audience.  

3. Think about the duration.

If you show every photo too quickly, you are showing it well and the audience may not even know what your photos are. But too much duration can also ruin the video. 3 seconds for each photo is recommended.  

4. Don’t overuse effect.

Adding transitions and effects can enhance the beauty of your video, but too much will lose the main value of the photo video.

5. Proper music helps.

It can also improve your photo video by adding a suitable song which can help convey the mood you want the audience can feel.