Of lately, iMovie has gained a lot of traction in the world of video editing. For many users, it's a one-stop solution to make stellar videos via basic to professional editing. But sometimes, you want to get your hands on other stellar video editing software similar to iMovie to showcase your editing skills and create works of art.

Given this, we have handpicked the five best apps like iMovie for Windows users that you should try out - regardless of your PC specs.

Part 1. Why You Need an iMovie Alternative for Windows?

Developed by Apple Inc. iMovie is free, intuitive, and comes pre-installed on most Apple devices. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most video editing tools for both beginners and professionals. Using it, you can get into the nitty-gritty of editing and customization as easy as it can get.

But unfortunately, it works only on Mac and there's no way to install and use this amazing software on Windows. Before you ask, YES, Apple has no intention to release the Windows-compatible version of iMovie anytime soon. That is why users have to rely on other video editors similar to iMovie to express their creativity and edit videos like a pro.

So, if you're a Windows user and want a video editing software for Windows that offers the same stellar features and efficiency as what iMovie does to Mac, then you're lucky. There're are many video editing tools that meet the criterion of good iMovie alternatives.

Part 2. 5 Best iMovie Alternatives for Windows

This section is going to outline the 5 best iMovie alternatives along with their key features and pros and cons. Stick to reading and find out which tool is perfect for you.

1. iMyFone Filme

When it comes to the best iMovie alternative for Windows, iMyFone Filme leads the pack. Equipped with impeccable features and a simplistic interface, it makes video editing a piece of cake even for newbies.

Powered by iMyFone, it's an advanced and versatile video editing software that helps users turn clips or footage into marvelous videos with just a few clicks. It offers all the super-amazing video editing features - ranging from basic crop and trim to advanced overlaying and blending - that you expect from a top-notch premium video editor.

The only difference is that Filme is way cheaper and even more efficient than most of the premium tools that provide similar features. Simply put, it's an ideal choice to create mind-blowing videos using unlimited filters, themes, and video effects.

YouTube Video

Key Features

Here are the noteworthy features of iMyFone Filme:

  • Effortlessly edit audio, videos, and photos

  • All basic editing tools like crop, trim, resize, rotate, and so on

  • Dozens of unique transitions, filters, themes, and animations

  • Advanced features like Picture-in-Picture mode, multi-layer editing, play 8 or more audio tracks simultaneously, create cinematic titles, and more

  • Graceful templates for special effects

  • Add music and text easily

  • Create stunning slideshows easily

Try It FreeTry It Free


yesSimple and intuitive interface

yesTons of exciting features

yesAdd and refine music and voice to videos while editing

yesEasy to use even for not-so-tech-savvy users


noNone found

2. Avidemux

Developed by SourceForge, Avidemux is an open-source, video editing software that has established itself as a good iMovie alternative. Widely dubbed as a "simple tool for simple video processing tasks", Avidemux is a perfect option for simple video editing and video encoding tasks.

What distinguishes it from other players in the wide variety of export options it offers which plays a key role in controlling audio and video encoding.


Key Features

  • Many video and audio filters

  • Copy, remove or save specific portions of a long video

  • Cut and trim features

  • Video encoding

  • Rotate and flip


yesSupports many video formats such as AVI, DVD, MPEG

yesIntuitive interface

yes100% free

yesSupports Linux and Mac as well


noNo timeline for multiple editing tracks

noVery basic, good for only simple editing

3. Openshot

Developed with the objective of being a stable, simple, and free video editor, Openshot has won worldwide acclaim. It isn't the kind of video editor that'd impress you with a sophisticated and intuitive interface but has enough editing tools to be qualified as a good iMovie alternative for Windows.

Its in-front page allows users to access all the features, making it a go-to free video editing software for many users. Thanks to its basic interface, it has a minimal learning curve but if you dig a bit deeper and do a little tinkering, it bombards you with some of the powerful and advanced features.


Key Features

  • Offers powerful curve-based Key frame animations

  • Tons of filters, effects, and transitions

  • Easily merge videos using multiple tracks

  • Add audio tracks

  • Effortlessly create template-based titles


yesIncludes a built-in guide to walk you through the software.

yesAdd filters with simple drag and drop.

yesCustomize the properties to tweak with the final output product.

yesOffers ready-made options that you can apply with a single click.


noCrashes very often especially while editing long videos

noVideo rendering slows down your computer

noVideo effects are difficult to remove once applied

4. Kdenlive

Based on the MLT Framework, Kdenlive is yet another free and open-source video editing software. Its installation is a bit complicated but it's still a preferable choice for beginners - thanks to its straightforward interface. Since its lightweight, it runs smoothly on low-end computers.

Even the newbies can apply basic editing features without any technical hassles. Its batch mode supports an unlimited number of videos and soundtracks. Its biggest downside is it offers just two video tracks but it's enough for simple video editing.


Key Features

  • Basic video editing such as trim, cut, change speed and volume, and mute or remove audio.

  • Adds any color to the timeline

  • Audio and video scopes

  • Multiple video effects and transitions

  • Supports multi-track video editing

  • Built-in title editor

  • Add customs effects, themes, and transitions


yesSimple and intuitive user interface

yesEasy to understand and use

yesLight in weight

yesConfigurable interface and shortcuts


noNo built-in templates

noUnstable on Windows

noExtremely limited output options

noSlow response while editing

5. Shotcut

We are proud to feature Shotcut as a top iMovie alternative for Windows. It's a free, open-source, and cross-platform video editor that bombards the users with thousands of audio and video effects.

Apart from a simplistic and user-friendly interface, Shotcut offers some of the advanced video filters and themes that you can apply with just one click. In theory, it provides all the basic video features that you want from a video editor - and that too from a 100% free tool.


Key Features

  • Multiple audio and video effects

  • Codec independent

  • Auto-rotate and Deinterlacing

  • Dozens of blending modes

  • Wide variety of video wipe transitions

  • Automatic color correction and grading features


yesFree and open source

yesEasy to install and use

yesCustomize the filters

yesExport the completed video to the social media platforms directly


noOften crashes

noLimited video editing tools

noUsers cannot preview the filters while editing

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FAQs about iMovie for Windows

Here are the two most common questions of Windows users pertaining to the topic at hand.

1. Can you get iMovie on a Windows computer?

Well, many users wonder does iMovie work on Windows or not? Sadly, the answer is NO. There's no way you can get iMovie on a Windows PC. This software is built specifically for Mac users and comes preinstalled on most Apple devices and Apple hasn't announced any scheduled plan to do so.

The Windows users, on the other hand, have to rely on other video editing tools that come with a simple and intuitive interface and offer the same stellar features as does iMovie.

2. Is iMovie available for Windows 10?

NO, Windows 10, like any other Windows OS, doesn't have iMovie for Windows. However, Windows users can easily get iMovie equivalent, which is as good and efficient as iMovie when it comes to video editing.

Some of the most sought-after iMovie equivalent for Windows include:

  • iMyFone Filme

  • Avidemux

  • Openshot

  • Kdenlive

  • Shotcut

Which software you should use depends on your editing requirements and individual preferences.

Part 4. Final Words

To wrap it up, this article has summarized the most popular free iMovie alternatives for Windows that any user can install and use with no technical hassle. All these tools come with stellar features and an intuitive interface that make video editing a breeze and you can fall back on any of them to get the job done.

As far as our recommendation goes, iMyFone Filme is the best alternative to iMovie. It's easy, fast, efficient, and offers some of the most advanced and impeccable video editing features that anyone can use.

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