Thinking about adding the VHS effect Premiere? This guide will take you through the process step by step. But why do we need to add the VHS video effect premiere? Even though we have evolved in terms of videography and photography, adding a VHS effect to the image or video concludes into a great attraction. It brings back the nostalgia of the olden days.

Adding the VHS effect means giving an overlay layer that provides the video with an 80's or 90's look. The benefit of doing this with VHS is that you won't be simply placing an old shot over the current image or video, but it lets you manipulate the entire frame, which gives more room for editing and tweaking.

How to Make a Retro VHS Effect in Premiere?

Adding the VHS effect Premiere follows a simple process. The benefit of using this software is that you can tweak the settings according to your requirements. In other words, we will explain the standard process for adding the VHS effect in Premiere; you can set the values according to the requirements.

Step 1: Adjusting the Colors

Open Premiere Pro and add the image or video you want to tweak and add the VHS effect. Add the project to the timeline and add a "New adjustment layer" on top of the media in the project timeline.

add adjustment layer

With the Adjustment Layer added, click on it to open the Color (Lumetri) control panel and select Creative and adjust the following values;

  • Faded Film to 50.0

  • Sharpen to -50.0

change color settings

Leave the rest as it is and move forward.

Step 2: Adjust the Color Curves

Here you can further fine-tune the color settings to make the video look even more realistic and nostalgic. For this, you need to select "Curves" in the Lumetri Color panel and adjust the diagonal line to filter out the black and whites from the frame.

change rgb settings

This must be followed by adding a Blur effect to further adjust the color bleeding in the shot. For this, you can go to the Effect menu and find Channel Blur only to drop in above the Adjustment Layer and adjusting the Red Blurriness value to 30. Lastly, the Blur Dimension value must be set to Vertical.

change channel blur settings

Step 3: Change Blur Settings in Original Layer

To cement the Blur effect in the adjustment layer and authenticate the VHS distortion effect Premiere, you need to adjust the same settings in the original image or video layer.

change blur settings original layer

Repeat the same process as shown in Step 2 with a few changes, including changing the Red blurriness value to zero and adjusting the Blue Blurriness levels to 30. Further, select Horizontal from the Blur Dimensions drop-down options list.

With these steps, we have successfully turned the original video to an old one with the VHS effect Premiere. However, there are a few other aspects you can change to make it even better.

These include;

  • Adding a Glitch effect with Wave Warp Effect accessible from the Effects Panel.

  • Add a Noise and Gran effect to the footage from the Effect Menu.

  • Inserting VHS-style text to match the video or image look.

Adding VHS effect in Premiere can be adjusted to an amazing level to make it look authentic and stunning. But to prevent overdoing it, we would recommend sticking to basic editing, especially if you are not experienced with the tool.

Another option to ensure the best results without putting in too much work is using iMyFone Filme for the same effect. Let's see how Filme can help you achieve a similar VHS effect Premiere with easy steps.

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Free Download and Create VHS Effect with iMyFone Filme

iMyFone Filme is a smart solution to edit videos and images and beautify them with bespoke effects. The best part about using Filme is that you will get ready-to-use editing effects with the option to adjust their values to an extent and get the required results.

You can start using Filme by simply adding a project to the time and start adding the required effects. In Filme, instead of working on the VHS effect as we did with Premiere, you need to work with the VCR Restoration, but with a simple process.

iMyFone Filme

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Here's how to edit your media to make it look like something shot in the 90s.

Step 1: Add the Media

You can add a video or images to Filme by either dragging them into the software window or inserting them by clicking on the Plus (+) sign.

add project filme

Step 2: Add the Effect

To add the VHS effect on Filme, go Filters and select Retro. Filme provides you with 19 different Retro effects (in the Free version) to choose from. Select VHS I, II, or III from the list.

adding vhs effect filme

Exploring Filme for Other Tweaks

Besides adding the VHS effect, you can do a lot more with iMyFone Filme. The kind of detailing you can achieve with VHS effect Premiere can also be achieved with Filme.

For this to happen, you must learn more about the software how to use it for creating stellar editing outcomes.

With Filme, besides adding Filters to make the image or video look Retro, you can also tweak with other effects like Nature, Seasons, Foggy, Movie effects, Vignette, Saturated, Embossed, etc.

add other filme effects

In addition to the Filters, you can check out the different transitions, Effects and add Elements to the same. By using these effects and transitions, you can manipulate the footage's or image's outcome according to the requirements.

Filme also lets you fine-tune these effects by accessing the frame settings and settings for the added effects (shown in the images below). Filme is your one-stop solution to edit and improve videos and images.

editing settings filme

adjust project settings filme

The options to add effects and transitions are at part with other premium tools like Adobe, Premiere, etc. Once you start editing with Filme, you can also add the required audio and text effects. For our VHS-style video requirements, Filme offers the appropriate font of those days to give an authentic look to the video.


1. Is it necessary to add a retro style timestamp?

No, it is not necessary, but adding one can surely make your video or image look better and more authentic. Even though the characters in the media might be from the 21st Century, overlaying a VHS effect Premiere or with Filme will give them a new look.

2. How much time will it take to add the VHS effect in Premiere and Filme?

While working on Premiere Pro will take some time as there you have to tweak different settings. But doing the same process will take less time with Filme as the majority of the settings you must do are already completed.

3. Do I need to have a specially assembled system for editing?

Not necessarily. As long as your system has at least 4 GB of RAM and enough memory to download the software, you can keep on editing with each of these software.


Editing videos and images has become an essential part of every artist's work culture. The end result of editing may vary according to your understanding of the process and the software you use.

Like in this guide, you have seen the process for adding VHS effect Premiere and how to add the same with Filme. Getting that retro look is all you need sometimes to make your video or project stand out and bring in a unique element.

Well, the good thing is that now you have learned how to add this effect in your videos with easy-to-use software easily accessible on the web.

iMyFone Filme

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