Freeze-Frame effect is able to make your video still for a few seconds and allows you to edit that part according to your wish. Stay with us; you will also get to know the easy procedures on how to freeze a frame in Sony Vegas and iMyFone Filme.

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Step-by-Step Guide on Adding Freeze Frame with Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas is a professional video editing software and used by filmmakers, YouTubers, and professional videographers.

How to Add Freeze Frame Using Sony Vegas:

Step 1: Download and Import File

Download the software and install this software on your device. Open the software, create a new project and import your file by clicking on the Import Media button at the left top corner of the screen.

vegas pro import media

Step 2: Copy and Paste Video Parts

Now, drag and drop the imported file to the timeline and stretch it or zoom it there. Now play the video or simply move and stop the timeline marker at the moment where you want to freeze the frame. After setting the marker, press S from the keyboard, and the video will be split into two parts. Now drag the second or last part a bit away and select the edge of the second part, then copy it by pressing Ctrl+C. Click on the end of the first part of the video and paste this copied portion there by pressing Ctrl+V.

vegas pro split video

Step 3: Set to 0% Velocity

Now, right-click on the pasted part of the video and select Insert/Remove Envelope>Velocity. It will create a light green boundary around the pasted portion of the video. Right-click on that green box and select Set to 0% Velocity. It will make the additional part still like a frozen frame.

vegas pro zero velocity

Step 4: Detach Audio

You can also use Sony Vegas to detach audio. To cut the background audio of the frozen part, select the frozen frame and press U on the keyboard. Now, click on the audio portion from the timeline and delete it. You can use the Delete button on the keyboard or also use the right-click drop-down menu to select Delete.

Step 5: Attach the Second Part

Now, it's time to drag the last part and attach it with the frozen frame to complete the video clip.

vegas pro freeze frame

Step 6: Edit and Save

In the last, click on the frozen frame and edit it by adding text, effects, and many more things. You can also drag the edges of the frozen frame to change the time duration. After all, save the final file on your device at the desired location.

Easier Video Editor to Freeze Frame Video - Filme

Vegas Pro allows the use of Freeze-Frame professionally, which requires a learning curve, especially for beginners. Its Freeze-Frame effect is applied after following multiple steps, so it is considered a bit time-consuming software to Freeze-Frame videos. For such reasons, we are going to introduce its best alternative, Filme, with all features and methods of using the Freeze Frame effect.

iMyFone Filme is an extraordinary desktop-based video editing software for multiple tasks of the video editing world. It is stuffed with a lot of exceptional tools and features to provide marvelous results for multiple video editing tasks. It has a very clean and well-designed interface that makes it suitable for beginners as well as for professionals. This software has a free version, but it is very pocket-friendly.

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Freeze Frame Features:

  • It allows you to make videos still at different moments without any blur.

  • Filme enables users to add a frozen frame in a single click.

  • Users can also change the time duration of the frozen frame according to their wishes.

  • It also allows adding text, titles, effects, transitions, and many more things to the still part of the video.

Steps on How to Add Freeze Frame Using Filme:

Step 1: Download and Install

The very first step is downloading Filme from the website. So simply follow this link and download the software from the website. After it, install Filme on your device. The installation process is very simple and easy.

Step 2: Open Filme

In the next step, after installing Filme, open it and click on the File option and select New Project. Filme will show you some options to select the aspect ratio of the new project according to your wish.

Step 3: Import Media File

Now, go to the Media menu, and you will see a panel with the statement "Import media here and apply it to multiple projects". Click on the downward arrow to select your file from your device.

filme import media

Step 4: Apply Freeze Frame Effect

In this step, drag and drop the selected file to the timeline. Now, move the timeline marker to the point where you want to apply the Freeze Frame effect. Set the marker and click on the small ice icon on the upper side of the timeline.

filme freeze frame

Step 5: Edit the Frozen Frame

Clicking on the ice icon will instantly add a frozen frame to your video with a yellow boundary. If you want to increase the duration of a frozen frame, then simply drag its edges. Furthermore, you can also add text, effects, transitions, and different things to the frozen frame.

filme frozen frame

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Final Words

The Freeze-Frame effect is very common and useful in video editing tasks because it makes the work easier, explanatory, clear, and lengthy enough for adding or editing videos with full satisfaction. We have shared the best editing software with two different methods of applying the Freeze-Frame effect. iMyFone Filme is more suitable for this purpose because it is not time-consuming and shows good results quickly. You can go with any method of your choice.