Videos are often recorded with different backgrounds, but these backgrounds may not fit into the desired theme of the video or how the owner wants the video to look. There are lots of tools you can use to remove background from video windows/mac/online/app and add transitions and effects to make the video more exciting. While some people choose to use a green screen to change the video's background, there are lots of other methods you can use that are even more effective.

In this article, you will be introduced to the best video background removers that can help you change video background online without a green screen, including a guide on how to effectively use each of these tools!

Part 1. Remove Background from Video without Green Screen with iMyFone Filme

For lots of video editors, the green screen and the tools that come with it are not easily accessible. This makes it hard for editors to successfully change or remove video backgrounds easily.

iMyFone Filme is a new, beginner-friendly video editing software that offers top-notch video editing tasks in a simple, easy-to-understand manner. With Filme, even people without good technological skills can edit their videos seamlessly and remove their backgrounds with just the click of a button. Filme can also blur video background. Download iMyFone Filme to remove or change video background now.

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Step By Step Guide with Filme

Step 1: Register for a free or paid Filme account.

Before you can get started with Filme, you first have to be a registered user. You can choose to register a free or paid account. Videos edited with a free account include the Filme watermark. However, all features available on the paid account are also available on the free account. Once you’ve registered, you can start editing.

Step 2Upload the video you want to edit.


Upload the video file you plan on editing. It could be an mp4 file, a gif, or any other video format.

Step 3Remove or change background from video.

Once you’ve finished uploading your video, you can finally edit the video and remove/change the background. Click the edit video options, there will be a background fill option. You can select blur background, solid background, picture background and then choose some background to change.


Click the apply button, your video background will automatically be changed or removed.


Step 4: Download the video.

You can download your video as soon as you remove the background. You could also decide to edit the video more, and add a new video background

iMyFone Filme

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Part 2. Remove Video Background with iMovie

Are you looking for an easy way to change or remove the background of your video clip? Luckily for you, the iMovie app allows you to easily remove background from video using the green screen effect. Here are the steps needed to remove background from video with iMovie;


Step 1: Record your video with a blue or green screen background.

Unfortunately, iMovie can only replace the backgrounds of videos with either a blue or a green background. So, ensure your video is consistently shot with a blue or green background to avoid mistakes when editing.

Step 2: Add your background video or image.

Select the video or image you want to replace the background of your video with. Then, upload it into the app.

Step 3: Upload your green or blue background video as an overlay video.

Once you’ve successfully uploaded your new background, click on the ‘video overlay settings’ button. Set the option to green or blue screen. This will ensure that your video background is fully removed and replaced. Once you’re done, upload your blue or green screen background video.

Step 4: Download your video.

Once your video background has been successfully removed, you can download your video from the app.

Part 3. Remove Background from Video with Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe premiere pro is one of the best video editing software you can find online. It offers a clean and simple video background removal service that is not complicated at all. You simply need to know the steps to follow to successfully remove the background of your video;


Step 1: Upload your video.

The first step is to upload your video to adobe premiere pro.

Step 2: Select the colors to remove.

While adobe premiere pro does not automatically remove video backgrounds, it allows you to select the colors used in the background to erase them. Ensure your subject is not wearing a similar color to the background color or they will also be erased.

Step 3: Save your changes.

Once you’ve selected the colors you want to remove, save your changes and the video background will be fully removed.

Step 4: Download your video.

Once your video background has been removed, you can download your video.

Part 4. Remove/Change Video Background Online

It may seem like it should be easy to remove video backgrounds online, but the truth is that it can be a major pain. Background removal techniques vary wildly - some are difficult and time-consuming, while others are easy but have less-than-stellar results. 

Online video background removers are simple and easy to access. There are lots of online websites where you can remove background from video for free and with little effort. Some of these sites even allow you to completely change the background with a new video or picture.


VEED.IO uses a Chroma key tool to help you remove your video backgrounds online. Once you upload your video to the site, click ‘edit’ and activate the Chroma key tool. Once you click on the background of your video, it will immediately disappear. You can choose to download the video like that or upload a new background.


2. Cutout Pro


With cutout pro, you can remove background from video easily without the use of a green screen or expensive equipment. The background removal process is automatic. You simply have to upload your video and the site does the rest of the work for you.

3. Kapwing


Kapwing offers an easy video background remover without the use of a green screen. Once you get to the site, click the ‘upload file’ button to upload your video to the site. Next, click ‘erase background’ and your video background will be removed. Kapwing offers its services for free!

4. Unscreen


Unscreen is another easy-to-use online video background remover. You simply have to upload your video in an mp4, gif, MOV, Ogg, or WebM format. Once you upload your video, click ‘erase background’, and the site will automatically remove background from video. You also have lots of cool new background choices you can put in your video!

Steps to Remove Video Background Online with Unscreen

Step 1Click on to start the process

Step 2: Now, you’ve 2 options, you can upload your desired video or you can select from the GIFs available online. You’ll have to upload from your PC if you select the “Upload Clip” option. There are a few options available if you don’t have your video available. There’re a few GIFs available on the website. You can also use those and edit them as per your requirements. 

Step 3: Once the video is selected. You’ll have an option to select different backgrounds or completely remove the current one.

Step 4: You can click on “Transparent” to remove the background.


That’s it. You’re done. You can save your video. You can go for a premium option if you want to have more editing options.

This process is quite easy and wouldn’t require you to pay a huge amount.

Part 5. Why Do People Need to Remove Background from a Video?

There are many reasons why people may need to remove the background from the video. The most common reasons are to protect their privacy, integrate it into a new video, or integrate it with other videos. Below are some examples of scenarios where people may have used our Post Production services to remove the background or replace the background in a video with something else.

1. Protect Your Privacy

You might have taken a selfie video at home and now want to be able to post it onto social media but don't want your house number showing in the background because thank goodness you live in this world now rather than what used to be considered "normal" even just 10 years ago.

2. Promote Your Business

Your business may have captured an important video from a documentary being made about you, your product, or your service but the background of the video is not ideal. It might have been captured in a restaurant or concert hall and you want to be able to use it in a new video without the distracting background. Regardless of whatever your reason might be, we will teach you some easy ways to blur the background.

This way you will be able to use this video for anything you want. You can also blur the background of videos that are already on YouTube or anywhere else on the web. Have you seen some of those cool videos that have text scrolling over the top of them? This is done very easily with video editing software. We will show you how to create one of these and guide you through the process.

Part 6. Best Video Background Remover/Changer

There are lots of video background remover/changer apps and softwares. However, if you want your video quality to be perfect and for the background to be neat and perfectly removed, you need to know the best video background remover that can help you to successfully remove background from video with no stress.

Luckily for you, we’ve helped research the best video background remover you can use. Filme video editor is the best video background remover you can find. Filme is very popular because of the variety of video editing options and high video quality. As mentioned earlier in the article, Filme is very simple to use and you can remove background from video flawlessly.


Some of its Best Features Include

  1. Remove and replace your video background easily with the click of a button: Filme is very user-friendly and ensures that you can remove your video background easily with no expert knowledge.

  2. Cut and trim videos to your satisfaction: with Filme video editor, you can easily edit your videos to your liking. Rotate, cut, trim, and adjust your videos as much as you want.

  3. Overlay multiple audio, pictures, text, and animations over your video.


Now you know how to remove background from video simply and easily! With these top-notch video background removers mentioned above, you can successfully remove the background from any video you want. Lots of these apps and sites have other fun editing features you can use on your video to ensure your video has the best quality possible.

iMyfone Filme remains the best video background remover out of all the sites and apps highlighted above. This is because of its amazing video editing features, and simple, but clean, video background removal. Effortlessly transform your videos by changing the background with Filme. You can use filme to remove background noise from video very fast,it is also very cheap.

With Filme, there are no limitations to how great your video can be. You can download Filme today for free and start using it to edit all your videos without a green screen. You can use the Filme app online and offline! The app is available on both the Google play store and the app store! Download Filme now and experience the best video background remover available.

iMyFone Filme

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