You might have been looking for the best and safe apps to use so that you can put virtual backgrounds in your video call meetings, right? Then your search ends on this article, as in this article you may find many useful apps, all of them different from the other, but still the best. Let's not indulge in these talks and see what the fuss is all about.

How to Add a Fake Background in Best Video Editor

1. iMyFone Filme

Filme is one of the best software a person can have for editing, be it a picture, or a video. It allows you to make slideshows, presentations, video edits, etc. And that too within minutes. All you need is to put the recorded video into filme, and then use its amazing editing tools for making a better video.

filme features

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Step 1. Set up your green screen background

The first thing you need to do is use any green fabric or other green material as background for your image/video. Of course, if your resources are limited, you can also use white or black color and use the technique of chroma key to remove the color, The professional green screens are usually a green cloth. You can easily buy a green cloth from any fabric store, and it won't cost you much. If not that then you can easily just paint any cardboard green, and tape it up with a green color tape. Just keep one thing in mind and that is to make the green material long enough so that the actor can stand and perform on it. 

Step 2. Shoot footage with the green screen background

Once done with the green screen, you can start shooting whatever that is you guys planned. Make sure that your camera has mp4 and MOV formats so that the video can come in HD resolution. 

Now that you have recorded as well, get composting editor software, especially that supports every format and has easy access. The software you selected should have a great blended ability. The things you need to do are:

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Step 3. Change video background by uploading video

Firstly export the recorded video into the app so that you can start your editing.

remove watermark for beauty using markgo

Now drag the recorded video into the timeline so that the background green screen becomes transparent and now you can easily add the desired background. Make sure that you cover every corner of the green screen, and edit yourself into the recorded video.

Now choose the chroma key so that you can easily transparent all the colors that you want, and easily adjust their tolerance level. This is present at the top left corner of your screen. Also, the settings can be adjusted in the composting tab.

Once done, click on the export option so that your editing can be saved in your gallery. 

remove watermark for beauty using markgo

Top 10 Video Background Removers to Fake Background

1. iMyFone Filme

filme features

Well, you might have by now read about this at the starting of the article. Filme is a great editing software for beginners as well as millennials and professionals. It has great features and amazing tools that are easy to access. One of the best features of filme is that it allows you to add fake backgrounds to your video call meetings. There are a lot of other features like it allows a user to edit any video they want, make slideshows or presentations, etc. Users can add filters, effects, texts, stickers, transitions, etc in their editing when using this app. These are just the basic features that help to enhance the beauty of your edits. Filme is much more capable than I can ever write.

imyfone filme



Wonderful Features of iMyFone Filme

  • User-friendly, without any technical knowedge required to edit your videos.

  • Easy to get multiple resources, with no extra fee at all.

  • Free to try the editor, during which you can check the compability.

  • Able to fake video background in video fast and easily.

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2. VSDC Video Editor

For all the users who are looking for powerful tools, and video editing apps, then this is the one for them. It contains heavy tools and great features. It allows the users to use the tools and customize their backgrounds with unique techniques, filters, and effects. It is a user-friendly program. If you don't have time to make a background you can easily just select one of the pre-prepared backgrounds.

3. Final Cut Pro

This app has been the talk of the world for a few years, and still, it is the hots nowadays. In the normal zoom meetings, people used this app a lot, and even now a lot of people use this app as its features are out of worldly and have a user-friendly persona. Users can have a lot of fun using this app, including the use of different features, tools, and techniques, and use them for their benefit.

4. Photoshop Premiere Pro

Users have used this alot since the covid’s start, and even now the rate has not gone below. People use this app to mostly put backgrounds on their meeting calls. This is a video editing software that makes editing easy, but then you can see people struggling with it. This app was first launched in the year 2003 as adobe premiere, but now this app is known as abode’s successor and that's why it is named premiere pro. This thing can also be seen from its name itself.

5. iMovie

As the name states, movies are only for ios devices. It includes the iPad, iPhone, and even apple watch. All the users who use apple can have access to this app. All they need to do is put their camera on the recording, and then select a background for the video. Or they can make their own background.

6. Adobe Premiere Pro

It is also a great app that can be used to put virtual backgrounds in the video call is specially made for creative people who are interested in their background settings, or arts. But that doesn't end its functions. There is a lot more it can do other than just these backgrounds, or the customized ones,  it has those motion graphics templates in it that add excellence to the background. It is a great app for virtual-reality editing and its rotate sphere. There is also VR audio editing, with great effects and filters. But the amazing thing is that it also has transitioned in it, and the videos can tilt. This app supports multiple formats and can be published directly.

7. Movavi Video Editor

This tool is used by people who are moreover the creative side and want to show the world this creativity that they hold in their minds. Those people use this app to customize their backgrounds with such great delicacies, and everything is just so unspotted that it makes looking at their backgrounds 100x better than delivering a lecture. There are just a lot of amazing features and tools that help to bring that creativity out of them. Users can make keyframe animations, or put the readymade intro on their background for fun too. Its tools are easy to understand and are present right in front of our eyes instead of being hidden here and there like some other apps. It doesn't slow down the user's working process and neither does it have complex settings/parameters. But it just takes a little time to get adjusted to.

8. Unscreen (Online)

This is also a widely used app for putting up fake backgrounds in virtual meetings. With the help of this software, users can easily record their videos anytime and anywhere they want and also change the backgrounds easily. Now, you don't have to go through all the hustle-bustle, to first select the colors, or pick pixels, or do other stuff, just simply select the background you want and apply it over your video. This app provides high-quality results, and it also analyzes the videos fast.

9. KineMaster

Editing a video background is always fun using KineMaster.  Editing with this app is easy, fast, and fun as it has many useful and powerful tools. There are alot of other features than this virtual background changer. It lets you download and then re-edit the projects that you can get from the get project menu, which is hot news. They can also be imported as well as exported. There are a lot of fun tools to explore and use, to cut from the video, splice them up, etc. You can add stickers, texts, filters, sound effects, voice-overs, music, images, animations, etc using this tool. 2500+ downloadable effects, texts, animations, fonts, stickers, etc are present in this app, which are for free. You can even speed up or reverse, or blend the videos and even add slow-mos. The videos saved are in the 4k 2160p at 30fps format. These can be saved as well as be shared with your social media friends

10. Chromavid

You can use this app to put a fake background over your virtual video meeting. Chromavid is such a great app that it is known worldwide for its functions like it provides users with custom-made backgrounds. It allows users to select any color from red, blue, yellow, and green as backgrounds. You can instantly share your edits with your friends if you want, and even save them in your library/gallery. 

All you need to do is use the chroma colors, to take photos and videos backgrounds in real-time. You can also choose a background of your choice instead of these plain colors. When you select a photo from your gallery it is instantly replaced as your background. You can even share this with your friends on any social media platform.

5 Virtual Background Apps during Call & How to Use Them

1. ManyCam

Manycam is the best and top virtual backgrounds app right now. It allows you to do a zoom meeting, online classes, or other video-making content with different cool backgrounds to add fun to your video. All you need to do is activate your ManyCam and then start using it. You can live-stream it with many other ManyCams without a problem.   

2. Snap Camera

Snap camera is also a great virtual background app, here is how to use it. When you are attending a meeting, there is a settings option, click on it and then choose the option snap camera, so that you can use it instead of your device’s camera. Now all the filters and effects will appear there that you have selected before. Now easily join others in your meeting.  

3. ChromaCam

Whenever you set a webcam for your video call meetings, there is an option in the drop-down menu that is ChromaCam. By clicking on it, you will see that your background has automatically been blurred, which can be controlled in the settings. You can even add filters or choose your desired backgrounds from the gallery.  

4. CamTwist

Camtwist is also a great app to add virtual background to your video meetings. It is easy to use too and has a diverse background menu, also you can customize your backgrounds too. But it is only available for mac users right now. It allows users to add various cool backgrounds that they can easily replace in between calls. You can customize your background by using filters, effects, texts, stickers, etc. It is the best tool for savvy users.  

5. XSplit VCam

This is also a good app for adding virtual backgrounds to your videos. In this app, all you need to do is apply it to your camera as a blurred background, or replace the background with other pictures, etc. But keep in mind that it is windows only software. It gives you various options to customize your background with privacy.  

How to Add a Fake Background in Best Video Editor

1. How do you make fake backgrounds for videos?

Easy! For this purpose, import your video into filme,and then use the background dimensions option to manually create a background for your video. You can select a background from your files and even add texts, filters, effects, stickers, etc. Then just click on the option upload and your background has been changed.

2. What app can I use to add a background to a video?

Filme is one of the best editing apps, especially for this purpose as I have mentionedabove. It is really easy to use, and you won't have a problem editing your video. See the above-mentioned steps to know the correct sequence to use Filme's tools for this purpose.

3. How to Create Virtual Backgrounds For Your Live Videos

You can do that in filme as well. For this purpose, add your live camera as the primary video source into filme. That can be done by right-clicking on the live window option and then selecting the camera you are using in the options. Then click on the option ‘virtual backgrounds tab’ and then flip the switch and select whatever background you want.

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