Nowadays, the video you capture may arrive in a variety of forms and sizes. You can shoot vertically or horizontally with most phone cameras, and some even allow for various frame shapes.

However, the camera may not "flag" vertically shot video as vertical video, requiring you to rotate it afterward to get the desired orientation.

In this post, we will discuss Sony Vegas and its alternative to assist you in understanding the pro methods of flipping videos.

How to Flip a Video Using Sony Vegas Pro – 2 Methods

Sony Vegas Pro offers two distinct options for rotating a video to the proper orientation. There are simple and sophisticated editing tools available, so you may choose the one you want.

Method #1 – Manual Method

The first method for rotating a movie in Sony Vegas Pro, such as Vegas Pro 18, is fast and straightforward.

Step#1: Bring the Video to the Timeline.

You may drag your video to the timeline after importing it from the media files.

Step#2: Open the Editing Window.

Then press and hold to select it, then right-click to reveal the drop-down editing box.

Step#3: Flip your video like a pro.

You may do this by going to "Properties" > "Media" > "Rotation." Simply choose "90° clockwise," "90° counterclockwise," "180° (inverted)," or "0° (original)" from the drop-down menu.

rotate clips in sony vegas

If the video does not seem to be what you anticipated, you may adjust the height and width of your video file by clicking the gear icon "Project Video Properties."

After you flipped your images in Vegas, if you want to make a slideshow video for all your flipped photos, or if you want to add splendid filters to your images and share them to other website like facebook, vimeo, youtube with single click. You can download iMyFone Filme on PC to flip your images and edit them together, even create a video, after you flip and edit your images, you can upload to Tik Tok, Youtube, Instagram and amaze your friends and fans.

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Method #2 – Pan/Crop Tool

The sophisticated and customizable method to rotate a video in Sony Vegas Pro allows you to flip the clip to any desired angle. You may also add effects to just a portion of a video clip.

Step 1: Run the program and add a video to the timeline.

Download the software, launch it on your pc and add the video to the timeline.

Step 2: Tap on the "Event Pan/Crop" icon.

rotate clips in sony vegas 2

After clicking the Pan/Crop tool, click on "Rotation." Specify the definite value to "Angle," like "90.0," to rotate your video by 90 degrees automatically.

Step 3: Save your Changes.

As soon as you are done with flipping, Press the "X" icon to close the pop-up window and save your edited video.

If you just want to rotate a portion of your imported video, only put the slider on that area. Place the slide in the video's starting position for a full video rotation.
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How to Flip Videos with iMyFone Filme within 3 Clicks – 2 Methods

If you're unable to understand how to flip a video in Vegas, I've listed an alternative that is much more user-friendly than Sony Vegas Pro. Examine all of its features, differentiate, and then choose the approach that you believe is most convenient for you.

iMyFone Filme

To edit videos, Filme is the first optimal choice for generation Z or millennials. Because of its flexibility and elegant user interface, Filme has become everyone's favorite. Filme may be used for various tasks, including simple and professional video editing, video rotation, and video flipping, among others.

Because of its unique and exciting features like free music to add in clips, numerous picture video templates, and distinctive video effects, Filme is an excellent alternative to Sony Vegas Pro for flipping a video. The tool works best on Windows and Mac PC.

Method #1 – Manual Method

Step#1: Launch the Video Editor.

iMyFone Filme needs to be downloaded and installed on your PC.

Step#2: Add the File to the Interface.

Tap the 'Import media here and apply it to numerous projects' option on the Filme home page.

After that, you must upload the video file you wish to rotate. Navigate to the appropriate folder and look for the file. To add a file to Filme, double-click it.

Step#3: Modify Video.

You may modify the video by tapping the '+' symbol on the video. The video track will then be included in the final compilation.

Select 'Edit' from the context menu when you right-click on the newly inserted track.

Click 'Rotate' in the editing menu, and then input the degrees by which you need to rotate the video to get the proper orientation.

how to rotate video in filme

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Step#4: Click 'OK' to Complete the Task.

Tap 'Export' from the top menu and choose 'Export Video' to make the rotation permanent.

Method #2 – Mirror Technique

Step#1: Launch the Video Editor.

iMyFone Filme needs to be downloaded and installed on your PC.

flip image in filme

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Step#2: Add the File to the Timeline.

Tap the + sign on the interface or Import button to open the media files. Navigate to the appropriate folder and look for the file. Then to add a file to Filme, double-click it.

Step#3: Flip the Video.

flip image in filme2

Through the 'drag and drop' method, bring the video on the timeline. Then simply click on the "Mirror" tab to flip the video within seconds.

Step#4: Click 'OK' to Complete the Task.

Tap "Export" from the top menu and choose "Export Video" to make the rotation permanent.


With just a few simple steps, you can effectively utilize the Sony Vegas Pro video rotation function and adjust the orientation of your video in a matter of seconds with its manual or "Event Pan/Crop" functions.

However, I suggest giving iMyFone Filme a try if you're looking for the best and easiest video editing software that can handle all of your editing needs. Filme is a full-featured video editing programme that allows you to accomplish your goals with little effort. It can quickly rotate all of your Social Media videos, as well as a variety of other clips.

By using Filme, you can also edit images. You can turn dull and plain images into vibrant and artistic canvases from Filme's various essential to advanced pro-editing tools.

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