Lightroom is a professional image editing tool from Adobe, just like Photoshop. It provides users with multiple options to edit their photos. It is a professional and complex tool that people use for different purposes.

The purpose of this article is to illustrate how we can blur photos using Lightroom. Whether it is background blur, object blur, or whole image blur, we can perform all these tasks. There are many phone applications available for this work, but Lightroom is a professional tool and has a lot of other options that applications don't. Besides the blur effect, it also helps to add additional effects to the photo. You can adjust color, light, details, optics, geometry, and everything. It takes image editing to the next level. We will teach you everything in this article and tell you how to blur the background in Lightroom.

Part 1. How to Add Background Blur Effect in Lightroom

Sometimes, the blur effect is required for the background only. The front object of the image needs to be clear, while the background should be slightly blurred. It creates an effect that looks affectionate to the eye. For this sole reason, we add background blur to any image. There are many reasons to blur the video background, mostly it is to enhance the quality of the image, or sometimes you need to ignore an object that is ruining the beauty. After creating the blur effect, the primary object or person is focused. With the help of Lightroom and simple tools, we can perform background blur easily. 

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Steps to Add Background Blur to Video in Lightroom

Step 1: Download and install Adobe Lightroom on your computer or laptop. Open it and import the picture to blur its background.

lightroom import video

Step 2: On the top bar, you will see an option of "Develop", click on it. You will see the tools and options on the right. On top of this right panel, you will see an option of "Graduated Filter". Click on it and then click on the screen. Adjust the bars of the filter as per your desire.

lightroom graduated filter

Step 3: Press "O" to see the overlay of the filter. On the right side of the screen, among the mask options, you will see "Brush". Click on it and select the area by pressing "Alt key" and "left click". This specific area will be excluded from the filter overlay.

Step 4: Now that the object and background are clearly selected, it is time to add blur to the background of the image. On the right panel, you will see multiple options of effect. Drag "Texture" and "Clarity" to the left, depending on your preference. Moreover, slide "Sharpness" to the left and "Noise" to the right. It will add a blur effect to the background.

lightroom texture clarity sharpness

Step 5: But if you want a heavier blur, then you can right-click on the dot of "Graduated Filter" and select the option of Duplicate. You can press the "\" key to see the before and after view of this blur effect.

lightroom duplicate

Part 2. How to Blur License Plate in Lightroom Using Blur Tool

The blur tool is one of the most used tools for license plates and logos because of ownership and copyright issues. Whenever we capture photos of a car, it is mandatory to blur the license plate so that the owner of the car cannot be found or disturbed by anyone. In this part of the article, we will demonstrate below.

Steps to Blur License Plates in Lightroom

Step 1: Open Lightroom and import the photo of a car whose license plate you want to blur.

lightroom car license plate

Step 2: On top of the screen, you will see an option of "Develop". Click on it, and it will open a tab on the right side of your screen with different effects options. Among these options, you will see "Radial Filter" on top of the bar. Click on it and select the area of the license plate of the car.

lightroom radial filter

Step 3: Once the area of the license plate is selected, go to the right options panel and adjust the effects as follows to create a blur effect. Drag and slide these effects all the way to the left, including "Texture", "Clarity", "Noise", and "Sharpness".

lightroom adjust settings

Step 4: This is the most important step in blurring the license plate. From the above steps, you can clearly see that except for the selected area, the whole photo is blurred. Do not worry; it is supposed to happen. Below the effects, you will see an option of invert. Check the invert box to invert the settings. This will blur the license plate and clear the rest of the image.

lightroom car license plate blurred

Part 3. How to Blur Logo/Image/Photo in Lightroom

Among all these blur types, it is one of the easiest blur effects that one can do using Lightroom. The blur effect is added to the whole image/photo for multiple reasons. This blur effect is not completely blurred, but it is a kind of partial blur that adds to the beauty of the photo. Moreover, if you want to release a teaser, you can blur the whole photo. The intensity of the blur is completely in the hands of the user.

Step 1: Open Lightroom and import the image you want to blur.

lightroom upload image

Step 2: On top of your screen, you will see the option of "Develop". Click on it, and it will display different options of effects, colors, and presence.

lightroom develop

Step 3: If you want to blur the whole image, you can slide and drag "Texture" and "Clarity". Adjust these two settings and select the proper amount of blur that you want for your photo. It will create a blur effect for your whole image.

lightroom blur added

Part 4. Best Video Editor to Blur Part of Video – iMyFone Filme

Filme is an all-in-one video editor for professionals and beginners. Anyone can use it because of its simple and user-friendly interface. It is made according to new users, and there is no prerequisite for using it.

Filme has every tool you need to create an amazing video that can stand out from the crowd. It has a screen recorder, audio recorder, voice changer, audio editor, slideshow maker, video resizer, and video converter. It is a versatile tool that is more than enough to create a splendid video.

You can also add blur effects to your videos using Filme. Within a few clicks, you can add the effect. We will see the step-by-step method, but before that, let's see its features.


  • Filme has a vast range of effects, filters, transitions, text, and stickers. You can use them to make your videos more than amazing.

  • You can use the sound effects and music of Filme to make your videos more engaging. You can also edit the audio.

  • From the basic to advanced video editing tools, Filme has got everything. You just need to pick the tool and use it as you like.

  • You can export the video in any format. You can set its resolution, frame rate, codecs, file container, and many other settings. You can export the video according to any platform.

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Steps to Blur Part of Video Using Filme

Step 1: Open Filme on your PC and click on Editing Mode.

filme editing mode

Step 2: You will see the video editor. Go to File>New Project. Select an aspect ratio according to your video.

filme new project

Step 3: Import the video from the Media menu. You can import from your computer or mobile. Click to import the video and after import, drag the video to the timeline.

Step 4: Filme offers two blur effects. Click on the video on the timeline. Go to the Effects menu. You will see many effects. Find Gaussian Blur and Square Blur. You can use any of them. Click on the "+" in the center of the effect. The effect will be added to the video.

filme blur effect

Step 5: You can also double-click on the video. You will have some options on the right. The blur option can help you blur the video. You can adjust the intensity of the blur.

filme adjust blur

Step 6: You have applied the blur effect. At this stage, you can make other changes to the video. The basic tools are over the timeline. You can also add effects, text, filters, transitions, stickers, or anything you like.

Step 7: Add music to the video. You can add from Filme's library. Otherwise, you can import audio from your computer or record a voiceover.

filme music

Step 8: Finally, click on the Export button. You can select the video quality, file container, and other settings. Click on Export.


We have seen how to blur video background and objects in the Lightroom. It is also evident that Lightroom is a complex tool, and an amateur will find it difficult. It is a professional tool that needs experience. However, we have explained the step-by-step methods. You can easily blur your images by following the steps.

If you want to blur a video, then you should try iMyFone Filme. It is very easy to add effects to videos using this user-friendly video editor.

iMyFone Filme is not only used to add blur effects to videos, but it also has many other features such as different color gradients and effects to enhance your photos and videos. It is very simple, and one can easily use this software without any hassle. It has all the basic and advanced tools to make everything up to the mark. Filme will add new motion blur effect in the next version.

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