If you’re editing videos in premiere pro, you’ve likely run into the situation where you need to add motion blur effect to only one part of the video. You may need a motion blur premiere plugin for this purpose. If you add motion blur to video completely, it distracts from what your audience is looking at and can make it hard for them to watch. For instance, if we have a situation where we want motion blur for the golf ball as it flies through the sky. In order to make this more realistic, we need to add motion blur as it travels from right to left across the screen.

Unfortunately, if we try adding motion blur along with the rest of the footage, it doesn’t look right. In other words, the lines of motion blur on the rest of the video distract from what we’re actually looking at – which is just one golf ball flying through space. That’s why we put together this post all about how to blur part of the video in premiere pro. We’ll show you how to do so with photos and directions for doing so with ease.

Part 1. How to Add Motion Blur to Part of Video in Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro allows you to add motion blur to any part of your video without much effort. Enhance the cinematic impact of your footage by applying a directional blur to areas that show rapid motion in Adobe Premiere Pro.Adobe Premiere Pro is an excellent video editor, but i would recommend a better alternative iMyFone Filme, you can blur video perfectly in Filme. You can blur part of video with Filme in 5 seconds. Download Filme now.

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Steps to Add Motion Blur Effect Using Premiere Pro Motion Blur Plugin

Step 1Select the video you want to apply motion blur to in your project window.


Step 2Go to “Effects” and click on “Video Effects”

Step 3Click on Blur and Sharpen and then Select Gaussian Blur.


Step 4Now drag the Gaussian blur affect over your video.


Step 5Click on Effect Controls.


Step 6Now, click on the Gaussian Blur and Click on the Toggle Animation. It will show the starting point on the right side.


Step 7You can start playing your video or drag the orange line till the point you want to end the blur affect. Click on the Keyframe and increase the number on the left to increase the effect of blur.


You’re done. You can save the video. You can also preview it before finalizing it. You can also use motion blur premier plugin to have additional options available.

There are a few options using which you can add blur affects without using key frames, but if you want more control, you can add it with key frames. This gives you more control over exactly how much blurring occurs and where, but it requires a bit more work on your part.

Part 2. Better Alternative to Add Blur Effect to Video-iMyFone Filme

If you'd like to add motion blur to video in a better and more accurate way, we recommend upgrading to iMyFone Filme. Compared to Adobe Premiere Pro, Filme works almost the same way and adds much better-quality motion blur within seconds. You can drag keyframes for precise control of where and how much blur should be applied, customize the blur curve for not-so-perfect playback, add a specific amount of blur at a custom frame/time code for more precision, add frame by frame control over where you want the blurring to take place, choose from various different styles of blur effects (cube edge, linear or spline), and a lot more.

You can even adjust the speed of blur, making it so that the motion blur only affects the object moving at its natural speed. It doesn't matter if you want to slow down a bullet on an action movie or speed up a fast-moving video game character. Filme will handle it perfectly with minimal or no noticeable effect on your footage and in just seconds. First we are going to define how you can add blur effects on PC

Steps to Make Video Blurry with iMyFone Filme

Step 1. Open iMyFone Filme and import the video. Drag the video on the timeline.


Step 2. Click on Effect and then click on “Square Blur” and Drag it over the video where you want to add the blur effect.


You’re done. You can click on Export button to save your video.

Following steps to add blur affect using Filme Lite App

Step 1. Get started by downloading Filme for android or iOS.

Step 2. Once you have the app downloaded, open it up and click on "Add Effect"

Step 3. You can then choose which effect you want to add by clicking on "Set Effect Type". Then just drag your desired effect to your video in the timeline just like you would normally drag a clip onto the track with auto-drop enabled. Make sure that instances are selected where you want motion blur added to instead of all instances or else you won't see any change when previewing it in full-screen mode with blurred clips selected.

Step 4. Once you've added the effect, you can customize it as much as you want by clicking on the small cog icon next to it. You can adjust blur style, angle, amount, and length of blur. You can also adjust how much the motion blurring effects playback speed and how it looks when applied to specific effects like shadows and opacity change.

Step 5. The app provides an additional option of adding video blur with keyframes which gives you extra control over specific frame/time code blurring. You can drag keyframes to adjust the length and amount of blur effect on specific frames or on the entire clip.

Step 6. Once you're done with your settings, just save your video project and hit "Export" to export it back onto your computer as usual.

Part 3. Why Do You Need Motion Blur in Premiere Pro?

You've seen the effects of motion blur on some of the best movies ever made. Action movies, fantasy movies, sports movies – they all use some form of motion blur to make things seem more realistic. Even if you didn't know what it was, show a movie with a fast-paced action scene and you'll notice that the image is blurry whenever the camera moves quickly. Now you might wonder why you'd need to do that or how to do it yourself? As we mentioned earlier, Adobe Premiere Pro doesn't have any built-in programmable function for applying motion blur settings such as most non-linear video programs such as Final Cut Studio or Avid Media Composer. You can add motion blur to your videos using a third-party app if you do it manually. Alternatively, you can use iMyFone Filme which we highly recommend. You can also learn how to blur background in Lightroom.


iMyFone Filme is truly an amazing way to add professional-looking motion blurs without having to spend thousands of dollars on expensive editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro. If you're looking for an affordable solution that will significantly enhance the realism of your videos without having to learn complicated effects like keying, then iMyFone Filme is highly recommended. We also recommend giving it a try. You can download it for free on either iOS or Android. It also works easily on both Windows and Apple systems.

Benefits of Using iMyFone Filme

  • iMyFone Filme is much more efficient than Adobe Premiere Pro in terms of time spent working on the video to achieve the same results.

  • iMyFone Filme's motion blur is capable of creating astonishing effects, especially when applied to slow-motion video footage. It gives videos that look like they're made with camera effects, but actually, all it takes is just a mouse click or two away.

  • Unlike the other options available for adding motion blur, iMyFone Filme can be used with virtually any PC, Android, or iOS device without any issues to begin with.

  • It gives you absolute control over when the motion blur should be applied and how much of it should be used in each section of your video clip.

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