HitFilm is a splendid video editing tool for professionals and experts. It has exceptional features that you might not find in other tools. You can also freeze frames using it, but it is a bit tricky. We are here to explain how you can freeze a frame in HitFilm Express. We will also introduce a beginner-friendly and simple video editor iMyFone Filme that can save you time to freeze frame.

How to Freeze Frame on HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is a professional video editor available for free. Yes! You can enjoy all features without paying a penny. You can edit videos without any limitations and export high-quality videos without any hassle.

Steps to Freeze Frame in HitFilm Express

Step 1: Open HitFilm Express

Open HitFilm Express and click on New. Select the desired settings and click on OK.

Step 2: Import Video

After creating a new project, import the video. Find the Media tab and click on Import to select the video from your computer. Drag the video to the timeline.

Step 3: Select the Frame

Move the playhead to the frame that you want to freeze. Press the ">" button on the keyboard to move frame by frame.

Step 4: Cut the Video

When the playhead is on the frame you want to freeze, click on the Slice Tool on the left of the timeline. The cursor will change to a blade. Move the cursor over the timeline and place it over the playhead. Click to cut the video.

hitfilm slice tool

Step 5: Freeze the Frame

Press the ">" button to go one frame forward and use the Splice tool again to cut the video. This will separate a single frame from the video. It will be difficult to see the frame on the timeline, so zoom in by pressing the Ctrl button and using the scroll button of your mouse. You will see the frame. Now, you can adjust the duration of the frame by dragging its corners.

hitfilm freeze frame

Step 6: Save the Video

Go to the Export menu and click on To File.

HitFilm Express Alternative to Freeze Frame Video – Filme

iMyFone Filmeis a professional yet simple video editor. You can easily edit your videos with it even if you have no experience in video editing. It makes video editing simpler than ever, and you can freeze frames in videos with one click.

Filme is a complete video editing that can be used for any purpose. From social media posts to business presentations, you can make any type of video by using it.

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  • There are basic tools to edit your frozen frame. You can adjust its duration, add images to it, change color, and add music.

  • Filme has its own library for effects, transitions, backgrounds, filters, music, stickers, and text styles to make the freeze frame even cooler.

  • You can edit audio or detach audio from video with Filme. You can adjust the duration, volume, and effects. It also has a voice changer to change the voice.

Steps to Freeze Frame Using Filme

Step 1: Create a New Project

Open Filme and click on Editing Mode. Go to the File menu and create a new project.

Step 2: Import Media

From Media, click to import the video from your computer. You can also import the video from your mobile. You will have all the files in the project. Drag the video to the timeline.

filme import

Step 3: Select the Frame

Move the playhead to the frame that you want to freeze. Once you have selected the frame, click on the Freeze button above the timeline. After clicking it, the frame will be separated from the video.

filme freeze frame tool

Step 4: Edit the Frame

Now, you can edit the frame by double clicking the frame, and there will be editing panel popping up. You can adjust its duration by moving the ends of the frame. You can add effects, filters, music, transitions, or anything you like.

filme freeze frame

Step 5: Export the Video

Click on the Export button. You will see the export window. Select the desired settings and export the video.

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Comparison Between HitFilm Express and Filme

Filme HitFilm Express
Ease of Use Very user-friendly tool. It is perfect for beginners. HitFilm is an advanced tool, so it is a bit complicated.
Features Ttons of features and extra tools, like video recorder and voice changer. It also has almost every tool you can expect. But Filme is more versatile.
Compatibility Available for Windows and macOS Available for Windows and macOS
Price Available at a very reasonable price. It has a free version with limited features.

Final Words

You can freeze frames using HitFilm Express by following the steps we have mentioned. But if you want a simple and user-friendly tool, you can use Filme. It has expectational features, and it is perfect for beginners. You can make your videos appealing without any hassle.

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