Final Cut Pro is a fantastic video editor for macOS. It is a complete video editing tool perfect for basic video editing. You can use it to freeze frames in a video. In this article, we will explain the step-by-step method to do that. For your ease, we will also introduce a beginner-friendly video editor Filme that can make your videos more appealing.

Steps for Adding Freeze Frame with Final Cut Pro

If you use a Mac and want to add freeze frames in a video using Final Cut Pro, then you can do it by following simple steps.

Step 1: Create a New Project

Download and install Final Cut Pro on your Mac. Open the app and create a new project. Browse the video that you want to edit and add a freeze-frame too.

final cut pro new project

Step 2: Select the Frame

Drag the video down to the timeline, where you will see plenty of options to edit the video. Adding a freeze-frame to a video means pausing the video in a specific frame. So, select the frame that you want to freeze. Pause the video at that instant by manoeuvring the playhead.

Step 3: Freeze Frame

If the specific frame is selected, go to the top menu bar and click on "Edit" and go to the option of "Add Freeze Frame" (Edit > Add Freeze Frame). Or you can also freeze the frame by pressing the shortcut key, which is "Option + F".

final cut pro freeze frame

Step 4: Edit the Frame

You can edit the time of the frame. You can either click on the frame and enter the time just above the timeline. Or you can drag the ends of the freeze-frame to increase or decrease the duration.

Step 5: Save Video

Finally, you can save the video by going to File >Share > Export File. Choose the destination where you want to save the edited video.

final cut pro export video

Can't Freeze Frame on Final Cut Pro?

There are several problems and complaints from people that are finding it difficult to add a freeze frame to a video. Some of the problems can be solved after restarting the computer. Let's have a look at the most common problems.

1- Freeze Frame Not Working

One of the issues that the user faces is that the freeze-frame does not work. Adding a freeze-frame just adds a cut in the video. People have tried it on different clips, even with different libraries, yet they receive the same result. Some people address that this issue only arises with 4k clips and not with 1080p clips.


The solution to this problem is pretty simple. You can position the play head with the specific frame and perform a share with "Save Current Frame". Name this frame as you like. Now, when you are editing, upload the frame and then apply a freeze-frame on it. It will work as you expect.

2- No Freeze Frame Option

People that are using Final Cut Pro's latest version are complaining that freeze-frame is not available in Final Cut Pro anymore. It is correct up to some point. The option of freeze-frame is now replaced with another option.


Final Cut Pro has introduced a hold frame feature to replace the freeze-frame. It holds your frame up to a certain time frame as you like. You can go to the "Retime" menu in the toolbar and select "Hold". Or you can press "Option + H" to perform the same function.

Use Filme to Add Freeze Frame Effect Easily

iMyFone Filme is a video editing tool that is available for both Windows and Mac. It is a beginner-friendly video editor that anyone can use. It has some exceptional features, such as templates, effects, filters, sound effects, voice effects, and stickers, that can help you make your videos more interesting and engaging.

With Filme, a freeze-frame is easily added to the video without any hassle. Let us see how we can add a freeze-frame to a video using Filme.

Step 1: Open Filme

iMyFone Filme can be downloaded through this link. Install the tool and open it. There are multiple options on the home screen, but as we want to edit a video, click on "Editing Mode".

filme editing mode

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Step 2: Create a New Project

The editing window will open. Create a new project from the file menu and select the aspect ratio of the video that you want.

filme new project

Step 3: Import Media

The third step is to import media files to Filme. You can add different videos and audio files to iMyFone Filme. Moreover, you can add multiple freeze frames to the video as you like.

filme media

Step 4: Select Frame

Drag the video down to the timeline where the video playhead appears. Just above the play head, you will see different options for editing. Select the frame that you want to freeze. Click on the snow icon, which is for freeze-frame. The selected frame will be frozen.

filme select frame

Step 5: Export the Video

You can edit the duration of the freeze-frame by sliding the ends of the frame on the timeline. Click on "Export" if you are fully satisfied with it. Select the resolution and format of the video in which you want to save.

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Tips for Creating Better Freeze Frame Effect

There are multiple ways in which you can add freeze frame to the video. Here are some tips for creating some creative freeze-frame effects.

1- Select the Perfect Frame

One of the most important tips for creating a better freeze-frame effect is to select the perfect frame. The instant or frame where you want to freeze the frame should be fascinating. People should take a moment to appreciate the frame, and it should be worth the pause.

2- Add Transitions

The freeze frame of the video looks a lot better with transitions. You can add transitions using Filme. There are 110+ transitions available.

3- Vary Speed of The Video

The variation of the speed of the video or speed ramp can be applied to the start or end of the video. You can blend in slow-motion clips with freeze frames. You can either end a slow-motion clip with a freeze-frame. Or you can start with a still frame and increase the speed of the video accordingly. Starting or ending the video with a freeze frame can be ideal.


Final Cut Pro is a splendid video editing tool for Mac. It has plenty of features, transitions, detach audio, and effects. You can use this tool to add a freeze frame to a video. But iMyFone Filme is a simple and easy tool compared to Final Cut Pro. It has multiple editing tools that are just a click away. It has a friendly user interface that you can use without any hassle.

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