Do you have any idea about the film grain effect? To make your videos unique, you must add few features to enhance their attractiveness. You can adjust this film grain effect during the shooting mode by modifying the ISO values.

Here, in this article to enhance uniqueness in your video, you can include this film grain effect using applications and online tools. Surf the content below to obtain mind-blowing ideas on effective ways to add such features to your recorded videos.

add film grain

Best Way to Add Film Grain Effect - iMyFone Filme

The iMyFone Filme application is the best platform to work with videos. It is an incredible video editor that allows the users to include desired effects to add flavors to the existing captured file. This app brings massive changes to your memorable clicks professionally. You can edit multiple videos at a time and insert options like freezing the frames, mirror effect and zoom actions. The built-in resources add energy to your videos and give a realistic feel. Add texts, animate, and insert transitions to enhance the overall appearance of the videos. Create a story by using the auto-create features and showcase the best in videos by implementing the available edit functionalities using the iMyFone Filme editor.

filme fast mode

In the iMyFone Filme app, you can find a wide range of built-in filter options to add extra effects to the existing videos. This app helps you to work on every detail of the videos and convert them as impressive to the audience. It is enough if you make few clicks to bring the desired changes to the videos. Unleash your imaginations limitless and edit the videos beyond boundaries using the iMyFone Filme application. The easy export option is available in this platform to transfer the edited files on any external storage for quick retrieval in future.

The Mind-Blowing Features of the iMyFone Filme application

  • User-friendly interface tool that impresses the audience with its in-built options.

  • High-level compatibility with the imported videos to make further edits to obtain desired effects.

  • Customize the footage with unique effects, filters, and elements

  • Enhance the visual effects by adjusting the speed control.

  • Personalize the videos by extracting the audio track from the recorded content.

Additionally, you can add blur effects and mask a specific region on the video using the mosaic effect.

The stepwise process to add film grain effect on the videos using the iMyFone Filme editor application.

Step 1: Install the program

Visit the official webpage of the iMyFone Filme app and download the appropriate version of the program. You can either opt for Windows or Mac based on your needs and install it following the instruction wizard.

iMyFone Filme

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Launch the app by double-tapping the tool icon. On the home screen, choose the Editing Mode to proceed without edit tasks.

editing mode

Step 2: Add the files

In the iMyFone Filme editor window, select 'File -> New Project 'and choose the desired dimensions. Then add the media files by tapping the '+' icon. Drag the included file into the timeline to edit the content.

add file

Step 3: Set Effects and Elements

In the menu, select the 'Effects' option and choose 'VCR Distortion' from the displayed items. Right-click and press the 'Apply' to edit the imported videos precisely.

set effects

Next, add elements to the video by tapping 'Elements -> Old Film'. Apply it by dragging it to the timelines to obtain the desired effects on the imported videos.

set elements

By including these attributes in your videos, you can successfully implement the film grain effects in no time. These effects display a unique look on the videos. The iMyFone Filme app adds more value to your videos by embedding the built-in features on it. After completing all the edit activities, you can Export the file by hitting the 'Export' button. Share the edited videos on any storage location using the Export option at the iMyFone Filme application.

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Add Film Grain Effect in Premiere

Customize the videos by adding the Film Grain effect using the Premiere program. It is a simple app and you can work effectively to edit the videos. The built-in video effects are sufficient to add film grain to the uploaded videos. Few clicks bring an awesome impact on the videos. Follow the below instructions to implement the film grain effect precisely.

Step 1: Install the app from its official webpage and launch it. Then, import the videos into the working timeline. You can drag and drop the videos into the editing space of the Premiere application.

import video

Step 2: At the bottom of the screen, hit the 'Effects' menu and from the dropdown list choose 'Video Effects'. Then, select Noise and Grains from the expanded options. Adjust the amount of noise to add film grain effect to the video.

video effects

Thus, adding the film grain effect on the videos is simple with the Premiere app. Try the above steps for the successful completion of the procedure.

Add Film Grain Effect Online

In this section, you will learn how to insert the grain effect on the videos in an online mode. There are surplus online tools that assist in creating the desired effects on the videos. Choose a reliable platform to carry out the desired tasks efficiently.

Step 1: Go to the website, and upload the desired videos by tapping the 'Choose Videos' button. This online application allows you to select the videos either from the local drive or virtual storage space such as dropbox.

choose video

Step 2: After uploading the desired video on the editing timeline, click the 'Filters' option in the left pane of the screen and select the 'Effects' menu. From the displayed items tap 'VHS Overlay' to add film grains to the imported content. Based on your requirement, choose the effects, and apply them in no time.

add effects

Use the online editing tools to establish the desired edits on the video. Make the perfect clicks on the timeline to witness the changes on the videos.


Thus, you had an enlightening session on implementing the film grain effect on the memorable clicks. From the above discussion choose the perfect tool that meets your expectations without regrets. The iMyFone Filme app serves the best for your needs in the editing process. The excellent user interface assists you to perform complex modifications on the videos effortlessly. It is compatible with all file formats and drives towards the desired outcomes. Stay connected with this article to discover new horizons in video editing applications. Choose the perfect tools to resolve the essential edits on the videos.

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