Have you ever seen the interesting blur faces on the iPhone video? Here comes the role of the blur video app in the picture. The best part is that by using this app you can easily proceed with censoring faces without even previous expertise. So if you're looking for an app to blur faces in videos you should proceed with the blurred background video app.

Today we have compiled a list of the 10 best blur video apps for you to choose from. And we will also recommend another desktop tool - iMyFone Filme to blur a video easily. You can directly skip to the "blur video on desktop" part if you are interested in.

1. Blur Video [For Android]

It is one of the great video editing apps that provides you with easy blur video options that you can use for creating videos for social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

It is designed for social networks. For this reason, you can find various features such as Instagram crop options and other fun blur options.

blur video for android


yesComes up with a wide variety of blur features such as fun blur, freestyle plan, and Instagram crop blur feature.

yesVarious blur features are free,such as the freestyle feature which is often available only in the premium versions of other apps.

yesYou can also enjoy the free trial version to check whether this works for you or not.

yesAllows you to edit videos of different formats including MP4 3GP and WMV for Instagram and other social media platforms.


noNot good for any other device except Android.

2. Square Video [For Android]

It is another easy-to-use blur video app for Android. By using this app you can also get access to tons of free music that you can integrate into your blur background video. This app also has various options to change the color of the background and customize it in a variety of ways.

square video


yesVery simple and easy-to-use interface.

yesWell equipped with various cutting tools.

yesAllows live video editing.

yesAllows you to export the music from your device and use it in the video.

yesComes up with background customization options.

3. Blur Video & Image [For Android]

If you are looking for an all-in-one app that allows you to proceed with blur effect videos and images, you should immediately download this app which makes it possible for you to blur multiple areas of the video.

blur video image android


yesAllows you to modify and customize the video background.

yesComes up with various blur mode adjustments and intensity settings.

yesAvailability of various freeform, fun, circular, and rectangular shapes.

yesThe best feature of this app is that you can proceed with variable blurring or blur multiple areas of video differently and also set the duration of each blurring.


noThe videos take much longer to save.

4. MegoVideo [For Android]

This app allows you to create blur GIF videos. it would be right to say that this app comes up with multiple features that can make you a more professional and attractive video maker. So if you are looking for a tool that contains a huge variety of features you should proceed with Megavideo. The best part is that no prior experience is required and you can easily become proficient in blur video making.



yesMakes it possible for you to add music to the slide shows.

yesCome up with various options such as effects magic touch with your friend's stickers and text.

yesAlso has various video editing tools including trimming and cutting tools.

yesComes up with fantastic background options for blur videos.

yesPerfect for preparing GIF stickers and videos with various effects for social media apps.

5. Video Toolbox Movie Maker [For iOS]

If you have ever used this application, you must know that you can combine various videos to create a single clip along with the blur video background. You can also use this application to cut the long video into short clips and attach the different clips in the way you want.

video toolbox movie maker app


yesAllows quick cutting and trimming of the videos.

yesThe reverse video option is also available which means that you can play video in the reverse direction.

yesThe videos that you can create with this app come up not only with the blur features but you can also use cut-out coloured pixels.

yesIt is an advanced video editor which is suitable for static blurring.

yesCan be regarded as one of the most powerful green screen apps.


noDoes not allow you to save the videos for free.

noNot suitable for blurring the moving objects.

6. MovStash [For iOS]

This is an amazing app that is perfectly designed for iOS where you can access different types of blur options. iOS users can perfectly take advantage of this app which is used to create mosaics as well as videos with blurred backgrounds.



yesCome up with a customizable blur level option so you can set your desired one.

yesMakes it possible for you to create a video mosaic.

yesAvailability of a huge variety of types of video blur.

yesCome up with a Timeline and Simple modes for detailed experimentation.

yesmakes it possible for you to choose the blur area manually and make the adjustments accordingly.

yesavailability of a slider that allows you to adjust the blur intensity.

yesCan perfectly blur different parts of the image as well as multiple faces in the videos.


noHas very limited video editing options.

7. Video Mosaic App [For iOS]

If you are an iPhone user and looking for a specialized app to help you with the blur effect video creation, you should confidently download this app. It allows you to create videos and record them using a variety of editing options from choosing shapes for the blur effects to utilizing the video frames.

video mosaic app


yesEasy to use with a simple interface.

yesThe quality of the blurred video that you receive is extraordinary and stunningly amazing.

yesAlong with the blur effect, it comes up in various shapes such as geometric shapes, abstract and hearts.

yesAllows you to add video frames to faces, objects, and even to the whole video.


noIn-app purchases can distract you a lot while using this application.

8. VideoShow [For iOS | Android]

VideoShow is a very professional video editing tool that has various toolkit options and features. With this app, you can use a variety of applications and various features. It not only makes it possible to take selfies and adorn videos with stickers, effects, and text but also allows you to proceed with slow-motion effects and much more.

videoshow app


yesHas facial recognition function.

yesAllows using various face effects and motion stickers.

yesAfter making a video with this app, you can easily share it on social media platforms.

yesAvailability of the video dubbing picture.

yesAllows you to create slideshows, motion stickers, face effects, and videos with pictures.

yesExtremely easy to use the app with a simple and convenient interface.


noLots of in-app purchases distract you during the video creation process.

9. Video Mosaic [For iOS | Android]

Video mosaic is another important tool that allows you to add mosaic to your videos. If you want to add music to your video then this app is perfect for you. This is an amazing app that allows you to blur the video even during the shooting. although it will take a bit of time to download the video you can perfectly proceed with creating automatic face mosaics.

video mosaic


yesCome up with a wide variety of types of video blur options.

yesAllows using the blur option during the shooting process.

yesThe videos that you create with this app are sharable to social media platforms and can easily be downloaded as well.

yesHas various customization options so that you can easily proceed with the blurring of a specific part of the image, the entire image, some portion of the video, or the complete video.

yesHas various beautiful mosaics.


noIt takes longer to save the videos to your phone.

noThe free version has various advertisements and in-app purchases that may disturb you.

10. Snapseed [For iOS | Android]

Last but not least it is a recognized tool that Google has created to make it possible for the users to proceed with blur faces and objects. This application was perfect both for images as well as videos and is frequently used to utilize special effects to enhance the videos. more about the addition of integers is also possible. Here it is worth mentioning that this app is not suitable for newbies and beginners and it requires some good background knowledge of photography.


yesSuitable for professional users who are looking for an awesome app with professional video and photo editing tools.

yesAllows various filter special effects and video enhancement options.

yescomes up without advertisements.


noNot suitable for beginners.

noRequires good background knowledge of photography.

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[Bonus Recommendation] Filme Video Editor - Blur A Video within Simple Clicks

iMyFone Filme is a great video editing tool that comes up with a video blurring function as well. Let's have a look at some of the key features of video blurring.

Filme guide video

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Notable video blurring features of iMyFone Filme

  • Effectively blur faces, copyrighted text and other unwanted elements from recorded videos.

  • Blur an object of a video in just simple clicks.

  • A plethora of blur effects can be easily applied to blur a video.

  • You don't need a considerable amount of video editing skills for using this tool.

  • In addition to blur effects, this program can also apply over 200+ video effects, transitions, and special filters to help users create the perfect video.

  • Super easy and convenient video editing tool for beginners.

  • Availability of Mosaic effect for the static videos

  • Perfectly compatible with various photo, audio and video formats including GIF, WMV, AVI, MP3, and MP4.

Practical steps to blur a video using iMyFone Filme

Step 1:

First of all, we have to download and install the iMyFone Filme and open the main editing interface. After successful installation of this application, its icon in your device will be shown.

Step 2:

After opening the editing interface you will see the option to Import the videos to your Media library. So let the file load to the app. Any video format is suitable because this application supports all kinds of video and audio formats.

import media in filme

Step 3:

Then click Edit option on the menu bar and change blurriness properties of your video like the picture below. You can change blurriness properties with ease.

filme blur video

Step 4:

After successfully blurring the video and saving it to your application, it is time to export the finished video. By utilizing the export option you can not only save this video to the desktop but also share it to social media and video sharing platforms such as Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

filme export video


All of us have seen various videos with blur effects. Whenever someone sees the blur images and videos, he immediately starts thinking about the right blur video app to blur faces in the video using Android devices, iPhone or Windows devices.

After the detailed research we have come to know that iMyFone Filme is the best tool for video editing and blurring. We can confidently call it the best tool for video blurring because it comes up with various background customisation, photo editing as well as video blurring options. The best part about this tool is that it does not demand you to be very proficient in video editing. Even if you do not have any previous knowledge of photography, you can still proceed with this tool.

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