Sharing and creating videos for content or marketing on different social media platforms has become a new trend. Billions of users of different accounts such as YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram are posting their content in video format. It has become the new digital marketing strategy to attract followers.  Watching content of different creators might make you think that it’s done by a professional videographer, but that’s not always true. There are a number of websites which provide easy and step by step guides for using video creating software with free download. Content creators usually prefer using background video free download software which can give the best results without copyright claims and spending extra money for purchasing an editing software. Without breaking the bank and budget, marketers and bloggers can create high-quality video content using the free stock video background sites. Below is a list of a few top rated websites which provide a free download version of background video free download. 

Part 1. Top 10 Websites for Download Background Video

1.iMyFone Filme

The top most used free video background editing software which converts your imagination into reality. It has a free download of the editor, which makes it easy and convenient to use. The editor has multiple templates from which the creator can choose from according to his requirement. It also has advanced features to select from which makes the video creating experience more hassle free.You can find many free background video free templates in filme.Imyfone have a good feature that support remove video background without screen.


2.Clip Canvas

Clip Canvas is a huge storage of free background videos, which provides royalty free access to all kinds of videos and has no hidden charges for any feature to be used. The download of the high quality background videos is super easy and fast, with any watermark or attribution.



It is a community based free stock video providing website which has videos with variable in quality. Majority of the videos are well shot and can be used for commercial use, whereas some videos are in QuickTime format and cannot be used in MP4 format.



This free video background website is different in terms of providing a wide range of footage with a variety of resolutions a person can select from. Creator can select the video resolution of his choice by clicking the links provided with each video.


5.Story blocks

It is an easy to use video editor that has an integrated full stock of free video background library, with an in-browser editing feature. From this editor you can export and download background videos to any social platform.



It provides a range of over one million free video stock that can be used for commercial use but has a license that one needs to read in order to avoid any ambiguity.


7.Life of Vids

This site provides high SD and HD quality videos for free, but it has a 10 video redistribution limit. The video backgrounds are watermark free, therefore require no attribution.



Another completely free video background site which has a huge range of footage. The feature which makes it different from other sites is that here videos can be downloaded in a compressed ZIP file, which will also include the JPG image thumbnail.



Mazwai is a one of its kind free video stock site, which values its artists who provide their work to be used by other content creators.  The videos with the best quality are free, but when used, the author of those videos need to be given credit.



 This is a royalty free footage providing site for both personal and commercial use. The quality is not compromised as the videos here have HD resolution and MP4 format. Free videos can be used with attribution and there is a paid Videezy pro version for selecting credited videos.


These websites can be used by content creators, but always comply with the terms and conditions of these sites before initiating your work, to avoid any discrepancy in our work on any platform.

Part 2. The Tips When Using Free Video Background

To get the best quality free video background from the above mentioned websites, one needs to keep in mind basic tips. These suggestions will help in overcoming any loophole that can affect conversion of your video or its quality.

1.Video Length

An area of concern when watching a video on a website is the time it takes in buffering. The more time a video takes to buffer hampers the traffic to stay on your website or page. Loading time of the video impacts the conversion of traffic, and people usually scroll up or move to another website if the video takes more time to load or when the length of the video background is too long. Therefore, the video background should be 2MB or less and also be around 5 to 10 seconds. Using short length videos has an advantage as people want to see something which is precise, less time consuming, yet interesting and engaging. Adjusting the video length to less than 30 seconds can be a task, but it will eventually serve the purpose of engaging and connecting your audience.


The quality of video is also a major factor which attracts the traffic to your website, page or account. Low resolution or poor video quality can be a big miss, no matter how much effort, time and resources you have put in to create that video. Quality should never be compromised, therefore the video needs to be created in high resolution of 720p or HD


The video footage should never be under or over exposed therefore the color grading, lighting and filters need to be selected wisely, which can enhance the quality of the video rather than making it a work of poor color selection and contrast.


Sometimes the video quality doesn’t turn out to be that great even after compressing it or making it to short length, then try to use the technique of overlaying the background video to hide the artifacts. A semi-transparent overlay can be of help when tweaking the quality of your video.

Part 3. Best Video Background Edit Software-iMyFone Filme

iMyFone Filme is one of the top websites which can up your game if you are a beginner in content creation. Its user-friendly interface and smooth process makes it very convenient for the users to create free background videos. This editing software can be used for creating videos of all kinds, whether it’s a business related marketing video or personal blog post. The step by step guide to create a new project on Filme is mentioned below for your help. You can use filme to remove background noise from video easily,it will be your top1 video editor software.

Step 1. Select the “Fast Video” option from the media library at the top right corner, which will open a new project creation page for you.


Step 2. Go to the select a template option to choose a video template from the seven different theme based templates given, and then click the “Add your media” icon.


Step 3. Click the “Import” button to either select an individual file or whole folder from your browser that you want to add to your video.


Step 4. Once the files are imported to the editor from your computer or device then you can change the sequence and order of the files according to your requirement by simply “Drag and drop”


Step 5. Audio settings can also be adjusted by selecting the audio icon on the right corner below, which can help in adjusting the speed, limit and duration of the audio being used in the video as per your choice.


Step 6. Click the “Preview” icon to see the final results, and once satisfied click the “Export” button at the extreme right corner in the end.



iMyFone Filme can be the first choice for any content creator who wants to edit his videos in the simplest ways. It has a lot of features that one can use to fulfill different purposes of their content. It not only keeps the resolution of the video perfect but also gives multiple editing options to the user. Slideshows, filters, animations, effects, transitions, cinematic titles/texts, audio trim and cut and much more is what Filme has to offer its users without compromising on the quality of the video. It is one the very few free video background downloads which provides a plethora of options to its user and eventually transforms your content into a professional cinematic experience. It has a very amazing feature of mixing multiple audios simultaneously to give a real feel of working in an audio mixing studio. Filme can remove background music from video very fast.Filme has no hidden subscription fee, or any special features that require watermark or royalty to be used. Any background video content can be created and downloaded without much hassle.