Are you looking for a YouTube to MP3 iTunes converter? If yes, then we'll guide you to acquire that tool. To play your YouTube videos on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other iOS devices, you'll need to convert those videos to formats such as M4V that are supported to iTunes. You can serve your purpose if you acquire the services of a YouTube to iTunes converter. Read this writing to know about some of the best YouTube to iTunes converters.

Best YouTube to MP3 iTunes Converters Free and Online

Let's talk about the top six YouTube to MP3 iTunes converters.

1. FreeMake Video Downloader

If you're looking for YouTube to MP3 iTunes converter, Freemake YouTube Downloader can be an appropriate option for you. Freemake YouTube Downloader is nothing but windows based freeware software that can help you to convert your YouTube videos to iTunes formats like MP4, MP3, M4V, MOV, and others.

freemake youtube downloader


  • Free Make Video Downloader is arguably the best YouTube to iTunes downloader to download embedded video files from many streaming websites like Metacafe, DailyMotion, Youtube, and Facebook.

  • It also allows you to upload the video or audio file directly to iTunes and iOS immediately after the conversion.

  • Free Video Downloader also supports many audio files and image formats that can help you make photo slideshows and video clips.

  • Its user interface is simple, and you'll only need to paste the video's link to its search box for downloading a video.

  • Freemake also comes with a resume and pause download feature, meaning you can stop or run the downloading process any time you want.

  • It possesses support portal logins that will guide beginners about its work.

  • This tool is unbelievably fast and can save your file pretty quickly.

Sometimes it works pretty slowly.

Steps of using Freemake YouTube to MP3 iTunes converter

Step 1: Copy the YouTube video's link

You'll need to copy the URL of a particular video you want to download. After doing that, you'll need to open the Freemake YouTube downloader.

Step 2: Paste the Link

Now, press the Paste URL option in front of your screen. This process will paste your copied link there. Now, you're supposed to select '' Convert to iPad/iPad2 or iPod/iPhone option.

Step 3: Click the Download button.

You need to press the Convert and Download button to start converting and downloading the YouTube file to iTunes format.

2. YouTube Converter and Downloader

If you want to know how to make YouTube videos into MP3 for iTunes, YouTube Converter and Downloader is probably the best answer for you.

It is a popular YouTube to MP3 iTunes converter that allows you to download videos to iTunes format. It possesses a pretty simple interface, meaning you don't have to face difficulty using this tool.

Also, it doesn't ask you for any registration or signs up requirements. Even beginners can fully understand it without any fuss.

youtube converter and downloader


  • This tool lets you convert and download files into multiple formats like MP4, MP3, MOV, WMV, 3GP, FLV, and AVI.

  • It possesses an advanced panel feature that allows you to keep a close look at your activities and also allows you to download many videos simultaneously.

  • YouTube Converter allows you to download files from many streaming websites like YouTube and DailyMotion.

  • It also enables you to resume and pause downloads.

  • You'll not see any advertising ads in the tool.

  • It'll provide you with free email support.

  • Its premium version offers batch downloading.

We did not see any downside of it.

Steps of using YouTube Converter and Downloader

Step 1: Download the application

Run the program after installing it on your system. Choose the convert tab option from the primary interface.

Step 2: Paste the YouTube URL

You'll need to copy the link from YouTube's video and paste it there.

Step 3: Choose Format

Now press the convert menu button, and choose your desired format.

Step 4: Convert the file

Now, you'll need to hit on the Convert option to process the file. You'll also see the conversion percentage at the bottom.


FLVTO is another helpful tool that helps in converting YouTube video files to MP4 and MP3 formats. This program possesses an easy interface and allows the user to download files from multiple streaming websites.

Since it's a web application, you don't need to sign up for your account in it. It allows you to download files from its interface or download files on your mail or Dropbox account. FLVTO is compatible with Mac, Linux, Windows, and other systems.

flvto youtube video converter


  • FLVTO provides its users with a browser extension that helps this tool convert the video files directly to MP3.

  • It also enables you to convert a YouTube playlist to MP3 format at one time.

  • With this tool, users will download videos from multiple formats like MP4, AVI, MOV.

  • This online site is ad-free, and you'd not face any difficulty using it.

  • You can download a video from multiple websites like YouTube, DailyMotion, and Facebook, etc.

  • Besides being a free YouTube to MP3 converter, it also possesses a mobile that will make sure you quickly download the files in MP3.

This tool does not support an offline environment. You'll have to acquire an internet connection to use it.

Steps of using FLVTO

Step 1: Get a YouTube URL

In the first place, you need to select a particular YouTube video and copy its link.

Step 2: Run the program

In this phase, all you need to do is write the FLVTO URL address to your browser and run it. After opening the program, you'll need to paste the link you've copied from YouTube.

Step 3: Select a format

Now, there will be options for you to choose an appropriate format. You can select any format you like the most.

Step 4: Click on the Convert button

After deciding all the necessary things, you'll need to press the convert button to start the downloading process.

4. iTubeGo Free YouTube Converter

iTubeGo YouTube converter allows you to convert YouTube videos to iTunes format. It's a prolific YouTube to MP3 iTunes converter that serves your purpose better than you expect.

It allows you to either paste the desired video link or search the video from its interface. Moreover, using this tool, you can download your files into multiple formats.

The facility to download videos from multiple streaming websites makes this tool the best YouTube MP3 music converter to iTunes.

itubego youtube to mp3 itunes converter


  • iTubeGo YouTube converter possesses a simple interface, meaning you don't have to make much of your efforts to download videos file in MP3 format.

  • It's a great YouTube to MP3 converter that works faster than you think.

  • It allows you to download files in multiple formats.

  • iTubeGo is pretty good at downloading files from multiple websites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

  • Using this prolific site, you can download a YouTube Playlist in iTunes format pretty easily.

Its free version is limited.

Steps of using iTubeGo Free YouTube Converter

Step 1: Launch the browser

Launch the program on your browser by pasting its URL link.

Step 2: Search for a video

After opening the program, you can now search for a video you want to download. It also allows you to copy a link from a website like YouTube and paste it to iTubeGo's interface.

Step 3: Select the format

The site will show some format options for you to choose from. After selecting your desired format, right press the Download button.

5. 2CONV

2CONV online tool is one of those programs that can convert your files into multiple formats pretty quickly.

Despite being so practical and extremely helpful, this site possesses a user-friendly interface. You only need to paste the link to this site to convert the particular file into iTunes format.

Its ability to download a file from websites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Facebook, Vimeo, and Twitter makes it worth remembering.

Although it possesses brilliant features, it's available for free. It's pretty surprising to note that this tool doesn't have any ads on its interface, which is quite rare.

Due to its breathtaking and undeniable qualities, this tool is arguably the best YouTube to MP3 converter.

2conv online video converter and downloader


  • Its compatibility with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox makes it a notch higher than any other online site.

  • 2CONV's conversion rate is pretty fast can take few seconds to complete the downloading process.

  • It doesn't ask you for a sign-up or registration because it's a web application.

  • You can convert a file any time you as it doesn't contain any limitations.

  • It supports 20 different languages to make the user experience better.

  • 2CONV supports links from multiple websites like SoundCloud, Tumbler, Flicker, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc.

Sometimes ads might appear your way.

Steps of using 2CONV

Step 1: Copy the link from YouTube

In the first phase, a user needs to select a particular YouTube video. After selecting it, he will need to copy the URL of that video.

Step 2: Run the 2CONV

Now, a user will need to open a browser and search for 2CONV after entering its URL address.

Step 3: Paste the URL link

After opening the program, the next phase will be to paste the URL link he copied from YouTube.

Step 4: Select Format

After the program analyzes your link, it will show the options to select a file you want. Choose any format that seems appropriate to you.

Step 5: Convert the file

After selecting a format, a user will need to press on convert button option to start the proceedings.

6. Online video converter

Online Video Converter is a free YouTube to MP3 converter online that helps you download YouTube files in multiple formats. In addition, this site allows its users to download files from many sites like VK, Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, and DailyMotion.

Online Video Converter has all the attributes needed to become one of the most online video downloaders.

Using the site, you can also download a complete playlist in MP3 format without any fuss. This tool also provides you with the opportunity to choose the format in which you want to download the video.

online video converter


  • Online Video Converter is a web-based site that can convert files into multiple formats.

  • It's pretty simple and easy to use the site and doesn't contain any hectic formula.

  • You'll find no limit to converting files to your preferred formats.

  • It's free and doesn't ask you for any premium.

  • The online video converter is entirely safe and will not cause any damage to your system.

It needs a pretty fast internet connection all the time.

Steps of using Online Video Converter

Step 1: Search the site

In the first step, you'll need to open your chrome browser or any browser you're using. After opening it, search for an Online Video converter site after entering its URL.

Step 2: Copy URL

In this phase, you won't have to do much. You only need to find a YouTube video and copy its link from there.

Step 3: Paste the link

After copying YouTube's video link, move back to the Online Video converter. Now, you'll need to paste the URL you have copied.

Step 4: Choose a format

After pasting the link, the site will ask you to select a preferred format in which you want to download the video.

Step 5: Click on Start

After choosing a format, you only need to click on the start button option at the bottom to start the downloading process.

Most Recommended Tool to Convert YouTube to MP3 And Put on iTunes

No other tool has seen as much success recently as iMyFone Filme. It's prolific capable of editing a video appropriately.

Besides being a solid player for editing a video, it can also serve you as a YouTube to MP3 iTunes converter. With its stable features and simple interface, you can quickly convert a YouTube video into MP3.

YouTube Video

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Key Features

You'll get some breathtaking features iMyFone Filme. Let's explore some of the prolific features of this tool.

  • The simplicity

iMyFone Filme is a pretty elegant and simple tool that makes things happen effortlessly. It can create professional videos with each. Even a beginner can make and edit videos using iMyFone due to its sleek interface.

  • Basic Toolset

iMyFone Filme is pretty efficient at providing its users some breathtaking editing tools. You'll get features including cut/trim, crop, rotate, adjust speed, pictures in pictures, and transitions.

Moreover, you can also acquire various of video templates and resources to make your editing look lovely.

  • Slideshow creation

With iMyFone Filme, you can also create eye-catching slide show videos. You only need to import some beautiful pictures and add an appropriate sound to them, and you'll be able to create appealing content.


  • iMyFone Filme helps you know how to make YouTube videos into MP3 for iTunes. You can convert multiple MP3 files on iTunes using iMyFone Filme.

  • You can convert high-quality videos LIKE HD and standard videos to the MP3 format of iTunes output.

  • Using iMyFone Filme, you can add layouts, effects and adjust color, volume, saturation, and brightness.

  • It also allows you to transfer your converted audio and videos to iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Android devices.

  • IMyFone Filme is available for Mac and Win.

Steps of Converting YouTube Video to MP3

Step 1: Import a YouTube video

After installing iMyFone Filme on your system, open it. Now you'll need a YouTube video from your gallery. After going into the '' File'' tab, choose the import media option.

You can choose one of the following options: Import File Folder, Import File Folder, and Import Files.

import a youtube video

Step 2: Move your media file towards the timeline

After importing the media file, move it towards your Filme's timeline. After pushing it towards the timeline, you'll see a lot of formats below the video option. You'll need to move on towards the music option and select MP3 design from there.

move the video file towards the timeline

Step 3: Export the file

After selecting its format from the Export tab, you can save the video to your device. You can also change the name of that file. After making all the changes press the Export option to hold it in your device.

export the video select mp3

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Bonus Tip: iTunes Supported Formats

iTunes player is nothing but a media player that facilitates playing, organizing, downloading media files on your Apple devices.

Following are some video and audio formats supported by iTunes.

  • AAC

  • MP3

  • WAV

  • AIFF

  • Audible. aa files

  • Video formats

Whichever format works with QuickTime player is most likely supported by iTunes.

Here are some video formats

  • MP4

  • MOV

  • M4V


By using a YouTube to MP3 iTunes converter, you'll be able to enjoy your favorite music on iOS devices. We've explored some of the best tools that can help you convert YouTube videos to iTunes-supported formats.

All the tools are worth acquiring, but iMyFone Filme is better than all. Due to its professional features, it serves your purpose better than any other tool.

Another thing that might fascinate you is Filme's interface that is pretty user-friendly. You can understand it's working pretty quickly.

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