We all can relate to how annoying it can be when you want to share a post on your social media handle, but it won't allow you to do so because of the file format, for example, wanting to post a GIF and Instagram not allowing it.

Well, not anymore! The video converters online can easily convert your GIF into a video format enabling you to post it on Instagram or any other social media handle of your choice. Let's walk through various converters that you can use to convert GIF to video format.

Part 1: 4 Software for turning gif to Instagram video on desktop

GIFs are short and fun types of video to attract and give the audience a message in a shorter time. In today's fast-paced world, people are busy and do not have time to watch lengthy videos. Thus, GIFs can be a perfect format to share a message or promote something. These GIFs are not always supported by social media handles. Here is how you can convert GIFs to Instagram video on the desktop.

1 The Best choice to convert Instagram videos to GIFs

iMyFone Filme is a robust tool with comprehensive edit, effects, audio, and other functions, it can be used to easily Covert GIF to Instagram video. The intuitive program is available on multiple platforms such as Windows and iOS. Moreover, it offers a free 1-month license for new users. Let's have a look at Filmes' features.


yes Abundant built-in effects and resources to make your videos more special.

yes Import media from the folder and your phone.

yes Add different audios (8 or more audio tracks) to your videos.

yes Do basic editing like cropping, zooming, trimming, picture-in-picture effect.

yes Offer an instant preview feature while editing videos.

yes Directly upload it to your social media such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Let's walk through in detail how you can convert your GIF to an Instagram video on desktop using Filme.

Steps of turning GIF into Instagram video with Filme

Step 1: Download and run Filme.

Step 2: Import your media. Users can drag media files directly to Filme or import files from a computer or phone.

import media files on filme

Step 3: Edit your video. There are various effects, transitions, Texts, and audios to make your gif more interesting and attractive.

edit your videos on filme

Step 4: Before exporting, please set the best aspect ratio of Instagram video(1:1)

adjust aspect ratio to instagram video

Step 5: Export your video. Please choose the "GIF" format, name your video and select the location.

export youtube videos to gifs

2 VideoProc (for Windows and Mac)

VideoProc is another converting tool for Windows and Mac. It allows conversion to various formats and basic video editing. It has a limited trial version, after which it has to be purchased to continue its use. It has features that are purely unique to it. Numerous file formats and editing options is what make it more than just a regular video conversion tool. With VideoProc, you can convert your GIF to video or other formats in only three steps. They are shown below:

Step 1: Download and Launch 'VideoProc'

Step 2: Pick "Video"

video proc pick video

Step 3: Drag your media to VideoProc or click "video" on the top

import media in video proc

Step 4: Choose "MP4" format. Click "Target Format" to choose others.

choose mp4 format in video proc

Step 5: Click "Run", and the conversion starts.

click run in video proc

Step 6: Check your video on your computer.


yes Quick and Easy

yes Simple user interface- no prior knowledge needed

yes Allows high-quality editing/conversion


no Costly

no Has technical hardware requirements for best results

3 Aimersoft (for Mac)

Aimersoft is yet another video converting software for desktop. It is simple yet allows you to convert your video into up to 500 audio and video formats. Its basic version is free and provides access to basic features, while the paid version offers much more extensive features. Let's walk through the simple steps to convert GIF to video using Aimersoft.

Step 1: Import desired media.

import media in aimersoft

Step 2: Select the output format that you would like your GIF to be converted to.

Step 3: Select the location where you want to save it and click 'Convert', and your video will be ready in a short while.

convert format in aimersoft


yes Batch convert and edit

yes All in one software for top quality editing and conversion


no Cannot transfer converted videos directly to mobile phones

no Limited editing options

4 Freemake (for Windows)

As the name suggests, Freemake is a completely free and all-in-one software for video editing and conversion of file formats. It is also simple and easy and has similar steps to the aforementioned software. Here's all you have to do:

Step 1: Import desired media.

import media in freemake

Step 2: Edit your video such as adding watermark, cutting and rotating.

edit video in freemake

Step 3: Choose your desired format. Here please choose "to MP4"

choose firmat in freemake

Step 4: Click 'Convert', and your video will be converted and ready in a short while.

convert video in freemake


yes Supports more than 200 file formats

yes Large files and completely free of cost


no Cannot remove watermark in the output video

no Takes a lot of time to process the video

Part 2: 2 Tools for turning gif into Instagram video online

We talked about the methods to turn GIF into an Instagram video. People may not feel very comfortable having to download software just to convert a small video. In this case, they can use the following options by which you can turn GIF into an Instagram video online without having to download any software.

1 Online-convert

As the name suggests, you can convert your GIF to an Instagram video online without having to download any software. These online websites are similar to the software and function in a similar way in editing and conversion. It can also be added as an extension to your browser for your convenience. Let's walk through the steps to convert GIF to Instagram video using this online tool.

Step 1: Open the website and navigate to 'Video converter'.

Step 2: Select "Webservice converter"

select converter in online convert

Step 3: Locate at "Convert video for Instagram" and click "Read more"

convert video for instagram on online convert

Step 4: Drop your media or enter GIF URL directly

drop files on online converter

Step 5: Choose a suitable size of the video, cut the video and enter its name

conversion settings on online converter

Step 6: Click "Start conversion" and your video will be auto-saved on the computer

start convrtion on online converter


yes Fast

yes Flexible settings


no No editing options

no A decrease in output quality

2 Zamzar

Zamzar is yet another online tool specific to convert GIF to MP4 completely free without the need to download any software. It is a complete package and offers much more than just video editing and converting tools. It has a size limit of 50 MB; otherwise, it is simple and straightforward. The steps are similar to the aforementioned online tool.

Step 1: Search the website and open

Step 2: Drag or drop your files from your system, or select the link

add filme on zamzar

Step 3: Point to "Convert To" and choose the format

choose convert format on zamzar

Step 4: Click "Convert Now"

start convert on zamzar

Step 5: Download your video and check on the computer

download the filme on zamzar


yes Quick and free

yes Numerous file formats


no Limited file size

no No batch conversions

Part 3: 2 Apps for making gif to Instagram video on Android

Conversion of videos can be easy on desktop or online with the aforementioned methods and choices. If you don't have a computer available, there is still nothing to worry about. Here are the choices for making GIF to Instagram videos on Android.

1 VidCompact

VidCompact is an app to edit your video, such as trim and compress and convert your files to MP4 file format to upload it on any social media handle. Just like all of the rest software, converting with VidCompact is just as easy. It is easily downloadable for free from their website and Google Play Store. Let's walk through the steps to converting GIF to Instagram Video on Android.

Step 1: Install and run the app.

Step 2: Point to the option "Convert to MP4"

vidcompact video editor

Step 3: Select media from your album

select media on vidcompact

Step 4: Cut or compress your video

cut or compress video on vidcompact

Step 5: Click on the upper right corner and your video is saved in your gallery

save video on videompact


yes Ease of use

yes Conversion in large numbers


no Ad-supported

no Not all features are free

no No other effects

2 Video Format Factory

As the name suggests for this one as well, Video Format Factory is an app that helps you convert your videos into a different format for multiple uses. It is simple, easy, and available on its website and Google Play Store for free download. It is small in size but gets the job done just right. Here are the steps to convert your GIF to MP4 using this app.

Step 1: Download and Install the app.

Step 2: Select the media from your gallery.

select media on video format factory

Step 3: Many options for you to edit in the toolbar

video edit option on video format factory

Step 4: Set video details such as size, rotation, bitrate.

set video details on video format factory

Step 5: Pick "Covert Now" at the bottom and the video can be checked in your gallery

convert now bottom on video format factory


yes Free and simple to use

yes Advanced features


no Windows only

no Limited options of sharing the content

Part 4: 2 Ways for Making GIF to Instagram Video on iPhone

Here are the options for iPhone users to convert their GIF to Instagram video on their iPhone if they don't have access to a computer and want to convert their GIF to Instagram video on iPhone.

1 IConv

Another app that has made it so easier for iPhone users to convert their videos to different formats. Its unique feature is that with IConv, you can convert multiple videos at a given time. It supports all the major audio and video file formats, including GIF and MP4, to convert your GIFs to Instagram video. It is available for download from their website and AppStore. You can choose to directly share the converted video or save it to your device. Here are the steps to convert video using this app.

Step 1: Install the App from Store.